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Apps & Games About half way through the movie it shows him realizing he is gay. . We told our kids ahead of time they would see some more adult themes than they had before, Yes sex is implied and alcohol and flirting a little bit there's no cviolence nor diminishing women. .. Informizely customer feedback surveys.

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Air NZ flight turned around Passengers awoken mid-flight by pilot announcing plane couldn't land in China. Four-car crash closes highway. Building fire in south Auckland.

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Wine millionaire delivers new restaurant. Shakeup due for tourism sector. Am i gay surveys reveals loan gat Budget agency survey highlights the misery caused by high-interest loans on eve of Government reforms. Doom and gloom misguided.

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What next for Neeson's career? Fire evacuees face agonising wait.

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Tui Flower's home 'a gift'. Weird, wonderful Ikea bag hacks Not just a shopping bag - there are many uses for the ubiquitous blue Ikea tote.

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How to be a smoothie operator. Altered nature The heat was already ratcheting up the tension, but there was more uncertainty to come. am i gay surveys

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Sex toys with my husband? What to do with kennel cough. Rocky road icecream cups Rocky road isn't just for kids, you know.

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NZ's first HIV-positive cafe. The lady who walks the hill. You've no excuse for not moving Using your muscles gau whichever way you can helps slow down the ageing process.

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Simon Wright's best summer salads A salad can be so much more than just lettuce. Apple-picking season beckons Keep both yourself and your cider cool.

Three ways to enjoy am i gay surveys. Salmon at Hippopotamus, Gayy. Save 'industry' for the farm workers.

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Previous Article There are A hammerhead shark locates a stingray hiding beneath the ocean floor. Unnerved, the stingray makes a dash for freedom but is it too late?

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gwy Comment on this Story. Parent Written by Lisa H. Need to be 14 or older We went to preview the am i gay surveys for our 9 yo daughter who performs Queen songs and has been counting the days until the release of this movie. First, let me say that we loved the movie!!!

Sexual Attraction and Orientation (for Teens)

But the themes are way too mature for most kids under 14—and our kid is a VERY mature 9 yo. But this would have been too much for her. There is no real drug use shown except taking a pill and references to being highbut lots am i gay surveys drinking.

The most suggestive parts were gay seduced boy gay bar scenes and the suvreys parties.

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sruveys But to anyone who is a little older, I would go see this movie tomorrow! Adult Written by ellolomama November 13, Borderline Family Movie I went without my kids first to make sure it was appropriate before taking them.

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After watching, I thought it was maybe even PG! As many other users have noted, swearing is minimal, no nudity, essentially no violence, no sex scenes, no obvious drug usage that kids would recognize I also appreciated the positive messages it gave. Am i gay surveys, most Disney and DreamWorks movies geared toward kids contain more inappropriate material than this movie.

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If you're a family who is open about the world and discussing am i gay surveys shrveys kids bring up, and you LOVE music, this movie is appropriate and FUN for most ages! Parent Written by V C November 4, Freddie Mercury is a gay icon - one of the very few major-league entertainers to get even slightly close to an authentic life before about the year Because am i gay surveys that, there are suggestions and only relatively mild ones about his life as a gay man in the film: The party scenes are also often only suggestions: Nothing more appalling than the aftermath of most college parties, frankly.

There's quite a bit of cigarette smoking am i gay surveys is unfortunate, but typical for the era. You'll need surevys explain that to your kids. The last few scenes where we witness Freddie succumbing to AIDS may be hard gay cock stuff sensitive kids, but his triumph at LiveAid mitigates that, as does his reunion with family and band.

Indian muscle gays than that, though, the messages are strong: Pearce county gay many good lesssons We have twins, a boy and a girl just turned age I will admit I read all the reviews here and was worried about ggay son.

I need not matt bomer gay The drug use is totally just one little quick blip of white powder on a am i gay surveys and the scene where he am i gay surveys walking through the S and M bar is very short and not really too graphic.

The few bad words are not a big deal. Freddie is portrayed as sort of a tortured soul and is mostly kind, and humble even in his larger than life ego. There is a ton surrveys music and focus on how the songs came to be. There is sadness and laughs and it opened the door for us to have a very good discussion with our kids bay about the history of AIDS and discrimination toward the LGBTQ surfeys.

Gay, straight, bi or none of the above? How to describe your sexuality | Opinion | The Guardian

We told our kids ahead of time they would see some more adult themes than they had before, including gay creampie mpegs look at a man struggling with his sexuality. Both my kids said they loved the movie and they really loved the music.

There are some fantastic lessons here for kids and adults alike. Read my mind 7. Adult Written by Lunalunita November 13, Pretty Beningn I find this film a pretty ok film for 9 and up am i gay surveys to watch.

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I am shock when I take my child to see animation movies for children am i gay surveys of violence and unkindness. This film is less damiging to children. Had useful details 8. Adult Written by mom3boys November 11, Children who are still living their childhood may not be able to process extreme promiscuity, alcoholism and then repeat.

Parent Written by Karalynne33 November 13, As a fiction gay male CA resident, I suppose I'm a survys conservative sufveys however, that being said.

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I don't know of any other moms in the area who would allow their 13 am i gay surveys old or high schooler for that matter to see this movie. There are multiple scenes of cocaine use, a promotion of promiscuous behavior, and of course Freddie Mercury's drinking binges combined with am i gay surveys exploration of various lifestyles.

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