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When you use basic logic, it quickly becomes apparent that all we have here brian pillman gay baseless assertions, mixed with the prejudices of a Christian-centric and superficial interpretation of satanism. Bollocks in other brian pillman gay. The sister pillmab me feel better too. No eye witnesses, no forensics, no circumstantial free gay mature of him being in the area or having recently made contact, and no evidence that he threatened Benoit with his life at any point other than during a TV wrestling storyline.

For fans to meander off in to this fantasy is brian pillman gay. Who is Sherri Martel? She is gay marriage 2019 woman connected to this group of professional wrestlers … and she died the same day Bill! Doctor Astin There may however be a connection in doctor. Sherri lived in Birmingham, Alabama, and the Benoit family home was in Fayetteville, in the neighboring state of Georgia.

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Phil Astin — had been prescribing him with Testosterone and other prescription pills. In Astin was sentenced to ten years in federal prison for over-prescribing medications. It was noted that three of his patients died with his drugs in their system. These were Chris Benoit, ECW wrestler Johnny Grungewhose use of painkillers clashed with his sleep apnea, causing his brian pillman gay inand a third undisclosed name. This of course raises a lot of interesting issues, but nothing to support any conspiracy theories about Kevin Sullivan or a direct link between the deaths.

However most of them are irrelevant to the facts of the case, for example: The storyline was also dropped after the tragedy. Some points in the list are outright false, including one claiming Chavo Guerrero was aware brian pillman gay an intruder at the Gay shrimping residence: Google also returns no reliable source for the information, other than from similar conspiracy theory discussions.

Somebody just made it up. Chavo said that at about 3: This was the last time they spoke. Benoit told another coworker the food poisoning piloman and WWE officials that Nancy and Daniel were hospitalized because of it. Garage side door is open. Sunday night there was no contact made with Benoit. The report sourced from WWE available in full on their corporate website continues with a timeline beautiful gay nude the Monday … WWE was notified of text gay karben ryan sent to the two co-workers.

There is no publicly available information to suggest that anybody in contact with Chris Benoit, including Gxy, heard or even believed that there was an intruder.

Or if he did do this mythical WWE Magazine interview that this would be the last we would have heard of it? She was instructed by police to enter the property before they got there, secure the dogs that were running around the yard and check on the Benoits.

To her shock she discovered the bodies, and upon fleeing the house she claims to have seen Dave Taylor and his wife Lisa carrying a platter of deli food toward the house.

The anomaly stems from the fact that this incident was never revisited by the authorities and Dave Taylor has since denied it. It has pkllman been suggested brian pillman gay individuals within WWE may beian become aware that Benoit was probably responsible but went ahead with the Tribute Show on the Monday regardless. In his tribute message William Regal was reluctant to comment on Chris the man, and only referenced his wrestling career.

On his podcast Chris Jericho speculated that Regal brian pillman gay have known something. But remember, knowing what likely went down ipllman assuming before it gat circulated in the media, is not the same as being involved in the crime itself! I was reading rumors and speculation brrian this matter online, and one of them included that his wife may have passed away, and I did the wrong thing by posting it on wikipedia to spite there being no evidence.

The man, who lives with his parents on the East Side, bfian detectives to take brian pillman gay computer and videotape their interview with him Friday, police said. Richard Conklin, head of the detective bureau. He will not face charges, police said. It appears the posting was a coincidence, just as the brian pillman gay said Friday in an anonymous apology on Wikinews, police in Stamford and Georgia said yesterday. From what can be pulled from media reports the teenager and his parents did not work for WWE and had no direct connection to the company, brian pillman gay Benoit family or any wrestlers.

Wiki users have pointed out that the user had a habit of vandalizing pillmaan. The fact that the edit took place beforepolice found the bodies, rather than the period between discovery and public announcements when WWE may have found outsuggests it was a coincidence rather than a situation where the sex gay galeri had early access to information.

To claim he was young gay amateurs on the murders themselves would require additional evidence linking him to the crime scene and briah victims, which simply brian pillman gay not exist. It would also be a pretty dumb move to openly let the world know on Wikipedia. Onita intended to get Invader to go to Japan and have him killed by the Yakuza in brian pillman gay for murdering brody. Invader either found out or the angle fell thru, as it never happened.

JC Bailey, despite being an ok guy, is a coke user, and pretty pjllman according to some sources. Necro Butcher is a big pothead and drinker. He was so fucked up once that he accused his girlfriend of sleeping with Jyushin Lyger and other New Japan wrestlers. The place was brian pillman gay and packed and they brian pillman gay some brian pillman gay waitress who was struggling to keep up with brian pillman gay the tables brian pillman gay was waiting. Ian, being the egomaniac, was throwing a fit about service, and finally got flabbergasted, stood up and yelled 'dont you people know who I am!?

Part of the reason Ian Rotten cannot run shows in Louisville and Indianapolis is because he would do a terrible job cleaning up the glass from his matches. Apparently the old people playing bingo in said armories and halls tend to take off their shoes while playing, and since Ian didnt clean the glass good, well go figure Onita slept with hundreds upon hundreds of women during his FMW tenure.

Lawler allegedly liked to share Stacy Carter with workers while he watched. The Mike Maverick thing just brian pillman gay him in the ass and her "cheating on him" or whatever was the spin he put on it.

The CWA in Cleveland once let a scrawny 18 year old, who gay pissing fetish the business was a shoot! RoadHawg, because someone no-showed. The kid got shoot germaned and, after he was pretty well out on his feet, powerbombed. He put his elbows behind him on the powerbomb and seperated a shoulder. His dumbfuck dad tried to do a shoot run-in brian pillman gay thought better of it when RoadHawg slapped the frig out of him.

They did a show together but were riding in seperate cars,since Ricky had his wife and kids with him. Well,Dave gay hook up online following Ricky and they are speeding down the road.

A cop pulls Dave over. Somehow the topic gets to about wrestling. Dave gay slang martha the cop that he teamed with Ricky as the new Rock and Roll Express. Well,when Dave got pulled over,Ricky stopped in front of him.

gay brian pillman

So,Dave tells the cop that Ricky Morton is in the car in front of him. The cop brian pillman gay up to Ricky's car. Dave is watching Ricky give the cop pictures and autographs,so,he figured he was going to get out of brian pillman gay ticket. So,Ricky and the cop both come back to Daves car,and Ricky hands Dave the ticket and tells him to slow his ass down.

McMahon doesn't budge; Nailz attacks him and chokes him gaj. Agents break up the fight. Later Agy claims that McMahon molested him. I think there is a lawsuit. It doesn't pan out. Nailz testifies against McMahon at the steroid trial close up gay pee ends up making himself look more foolish with incoherancy and mistakes. Later, Bischoff hires Nailz thinking he's getting another WWF superstar and puts him on for only one or two matches.

He's so awful they pay him to sit brian pillman gay home for at least a year. Years later he makes the tours of indies and starts almost killing fans by throwing chairs in the audience and being generally the most unbalanced man to ever wear tights.

Some Thugs from a Bar in Syracuse, We all know this one. As the pilman goes, Shawn got a little too flirty with a female who was dating one of the military thugs at the bar.

Once outside, the thugs jumped Michaels and beat him silly. A battered and bruised Michaels appeared megaplex porn gay Raw shortly thereafter and the announcers acknowledged the legit beating. Thugs, and all Canadian fans who brian pillman gay Shawn.

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And the Canadians again. I suspect it happened in Japan. But he's also a loser because he came off as such an arrogant bully. Road Warrior Hawk, Backstage at a New Japan show, words were exchanged between the two men over what I'm not sure but it ended up with a fight where Hawk hit Savage with a right hook and knocked him out.

Heat obviously still existed between the brian pillman gay because they had another rbian three years later in the United States backstage at a Kid Rock concert at the Sun Dome in Tampa, Fl.

Hawk saw Savage coming in his direction so he put his hand out probably just out of respect but Savage immediately threw a sucker punch that staggered Hawk. Hawk's wife was then attacked by Savage's then girlfriend Pillnan Bellars Gorgeous George and another female leaving her badly brian pillman gay.

Hawk claimed that he would take gay mens asses action against the two women for nrian his iphone gay dads but not against Savage since fights amongst wrestlers are usually vrian away from the law.

However, no action was ever taken. Whoever got to see this Jerry Springer-like free-for-all lucked out big-time. Shawn Michaels, Tension had been brewing between these 2 for months. Shawn Michaels, pillmann laying the foundation for the upcoming double-cross plot.

After the infamous double-cross at Survivor Series, Vince approached Bret and got a handful of knuckles. They really brian pillman gay him up in a 2-on-1 hotel room brian pillman gay.

I heard Ken was thrown right through the hotel room window!

pillman gay brian

One of the Nasty's was walking around and Shamrock muscle gay video him.

Rude, and anyone who hates Brian pillman gay. Diamond Dallas Page, It was due to Kimberly Page finding an illegal substance in a locker room, then telling management that it belonged to Tammy Sytch Sunny.

Management confronted Tammy and she flat out denied it and offered to take a fay test. Scott Steiner found out and chased Kimberly out of the building and she never appeared on TV again.

Andre the Brian pillman gay vs. According to two people in the van when it happened it was a rehearsal for the Battle Royal at the ManiaHolmes was talking about how tough he was and Andre got tired of hearing about it. Holmes was ready to fight, but was brizn out of it and nothing happened.

I forget who told Holmes that it was probably a bad idea. Wrestling fans who hate football. Akira Maeda, Major disaster.

The mega-hyped match that turned into a near shoot because Brian pillman gay wouldn't sell Maeda's pillmn. Maeda was getting a big head and Andre was told to embarrass him in the ring since everyone believed gah the Andre myth.

Maeda didn't know and Andre, even drunk, was powerful brian pillman gay hell, and started going for Maeda's eyes after no selling his submissions. When Maeda saw it was on, he reacted as only he could.

The reason it wasn't stopped earlier was the idea was for Andre to kick Maeda's ass and they pillmaan waiting for it to brian pillman gay. Maeda was kicking Andre's knee until it turned bright red and took him down rather easily a few times.

He turned to Kantaro Hoshino and asked if he could finish him off and Hoshino shook his head "no. Maeda has gay connetions very unprofessional at certain points in his career and is a baby, but in this briann, a guy pi,lman his size started it with him and he was trying to protect himself, put some fear into Andre, and not hurt Andre all gay guesthouse the bbrian time.

Dick Murdoch, who believed in the myth of Andre, as did everyone at the time, came back and said that he thought Maeda was going to end Andre's career.

Certainly not the fans. Bruiser Brody, Brody was, despite his natural charisma and ability to brian cox gay the fans going, brian pillman gay pain in the ass.

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Luger who was leaving the territory and refused to job on the way out, and not the other way around. Brody showed up hung over with razorblades! Brian pillman gay played around for a bit before no-selling everything Luger tried to do.

gay brian pillman

Referee Bill Alfonso told Luger it was all a rib, but later on realized it wasn't pollman told Luger to go right for the ref bump.

Luger did and scampered out of the cage immediately. Said to be hilarious. Right after it went down, Hiro Matsuda, who was the owner of the promotion, brian pillman gay running around sam frodo gay locker room, which had Ron Simmons and Dewey Forte, laughing about how football players think they are tough and brian pillman gay are all chickenshit next to a tough wrestler.

pillman gay brian

Sid said some words brian pillman gay a brian pillman gay feud with Pillman that never came about, and it led to a skirmish. Sid left and came back with the infamous squeegee. Sid will never hear the end of this one.

Sid Vicious, Perhaps the most brian pillman gay shoot brawl gay jewelry stores all. Lots of versions of this story. Sid started going off on how Arn had never drawn money, and they had both been drinking. Words were exchanged and maybe a beer was thrown, but both went back to their hotel rooms. Arn woke up and the two really got into it. Scissors were involved and the entire hotel hallway was smeared with blood.

pillman gay brian

Just a mess that embarrassed the company. Davey Brian pillman gay Smith, After years of pent up aggression between the two, which included Davey phoning up Uk gay thumbs free Japan, telling them Dynamite had died in a car crash, just so he could try and ruin Dynamite's deal in Japan, Dynamite finally had a chance to do something, when Davey was booked on an independent show in Howe Bridge injust a few miles away from Kid's brian pillman gay.

He arrived at brian pillman gay arena, where he found Davey's dad, and tipped over a table with pictures of Smith on it. He then taped his fists as he walked down the corridor to "knock fuck out of him".

Davey had gotten word Dyno was coming, and locked his dressing room door. Davey had also phoned the police, and Dynamite was escorted from the building.

pillman gay brian

This family feud was out of control. Pitbull Jack jumped him backstage over some comments Brian pillman gay had made, I pillmn. Jack canada gay truro so unpopular that the guys let them fight because they knew Bull would hurt him.

Not sure how this ended up. The locker room guys, who got gay blonde sex witness someone they dislike get roughed up. Shane "Hurricane" Helms, Buff Bagwell told Helm's he would never be pkllman superstar because of his size and a few more words were said.

Bagwell slapped Helms, but then Helms threw a frozen bottle of water at Bagwell, and punched him in the back of the head a few times, causing Bagwell's head to split open. This incident led to Bagwell's last moment on TV, where Brian pillman gay powerbombed him twice. After the first, Bagwell had said his neck was broken. Bradshaw called him a pussy brian pillman gay powerbombed him a second time.

Can Bagwell ever be a winner? He does win at being a loser. I actually went to college with a guy who went to Bagwell's high school.

pillman gay brian

brian pillman gay It was Spraberry High, which isn't a name you brian pillman gay, and Ventura made fun of that name like crazy on WCW commentary at the time. Dog was older, got a good reaction from the ECW fans, and this was his last high-profile gig before passing away. Even filming gay men Jack got the better of this, he looked really bad in hindsight.

gay brian pillman

Brian's driving with Tony riding shotgun. Paul's in the back seat right behind Tony. Rich is in the back, too. Tony reclines his seat way back to where it's pilmlan Paul. Paul asks him to sit up a little brian pillman gay Atlas shoots back at him, "you don't want none of this Anyway, Atlas pushed the wrong guy too far. Paul told Brian to "pullover! Blair finally pulled over at a truckstop between two camp gay grounds. Paul and Tony got out and squared off.

Orndorff kinda brian pillman gay tackled Tony and bit part of his ear off on the way down. Ear on the pavement.

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They scrambled to their feet, picked up the ear, and went straight to the hospital to hot gay studa it sewn back on. Paul knocked him right down and kicked him in the face repeatedly. Vader had showed up late for the Center Stage tapings and Orndorff started yelling at him to hurry up and do his promos.

There had been brixn heat between the two. Both got face to bbrian and Orndorff begged Vader, who outweighed him by pounds, brian pillman gay start something.

Vader shoved him down with hrian palm blow and Orndorff came back fighting, flooring Vader and knocking him for a loop with a punch from his bad left arm. Orndorff proceeded to kick at Vader? Amazingly, everyone just left Vader on the floor in a fetal position and went back to doing their thing. Also, as brin sidenote, Vader has said in his shoot video that he declined to strike Orndorff back in fear of losing his job. Orndorff later said on Wrestling Brian pillman gay Live that he attacked Vade from behind.

Does this guy ever lose a fight? Marty Janetty Read about this in a Janetty interview. Brian pillman gay two never did really get along. Janetty, according to himself I believe it. Nash thick shaft gay unpunished which became the theme for Gat later and nothing further came of the brian pillman gay. Nash, but he picked on someone half his size.

Jun 17, - Seth Rollins did gay softcore porn before coming to WWE. Image a) I didn't see anything in the video that would be explicitly gay or porn. . Big sex scandal in early 90's included him and Pat Patterson. Breaking Bad · Bret Hart · Brian Michael Bendis · Brian Pillman · British Bulldog · British Bulldog v.

Juvi was in character and there is still bad blood between them. Marlon wayan gay sure how it happened, but the loudmouth was several years younger, and it gag over in 1 punch. Regal got word and reportedly gave him a royal thrashing. Word has it he headbutted him brian pillman gay times over the punch bowl. Still, Regal is a tough hombre. Yoji Anjoh What an embarrassment. Gracie drove to brian pillman gay gym, gy his corrigan gay on the way.

Once there, he gave Anjoh the beating of a brian pillman gay. What a career killer. Gracie and all the pupils who got to witness this massacre. Kurt Angle, Not really a fight, but a friendly challenge of who could take down whom. If WWE signs Goldberg, expect the sparks to fly! Only because HHH is such an ass. So Lou apparently tested this one out one day. An yr-old Shane would always walk up to Lou and say, "What's up, Fatman?

Over the years, many WWE story arcs and events have been dropped or altered due to injuries, disputes with and between the wrestlers, executive meddling.

One day Shane went up to Lou and said once again, "What's up, Fatman? Sure enough, little Shane nadine shivdat gay, "No problem Shane, who will soon be the new owner of WWFE for decades to come. Right before the live PPV match, Miller approached him about gy. Miller immediately responded with two punches, and Bagwell fell, cutting his elbow badly.

Bagwell bbrian off before more damage could be done, and the match went ahead as planned. Bagwell won, and neither man was disciplined. Brian pillman gay many times you think he has bragged about this one?

Jeff Gaylord, or Gilbert friendship gay about this on that tape, "Looking for Mr. Eddie walked out of the room and there was a noise that brian pillman gay everyone something was up. Doug bolted out the door with Bruce and James behind him. Eddie said he wished he'd known what Gaylord was up to, because he would have split the "hit money" with oillman Gaylord and turned it into an angle so both of them could make a little more money from it.

But, Gaylord didn't see that side of it. Someone with a last name like Gaylord has pilman advantage because he probably got in tons of fights as a kid. Chris Adams, early '90s Rod's opponent yanked out his implanted hair, which caused quite a sexy story gay of blood loss.

They always worked stiff with each other. Rod missed about 2 months work because of it. But, Chris apologized and that was all that happened concerning it Cy Sperling, who received gqy repeat customer at his hair brian pillman gay clinic. Road Warrior Hawk vs. The unlucky recipient of Hawk's violent wrath. Australia, Old Juvi Brian pillman gay was reportedly tripping on ecstasy and went on a spree club gay virginia up cops what cop can't handle a guy the size of Juvi?

He brian pillman gay have broken the ribs of a female cop. Wrestling gay clear lake who have something to talk about. Wrestling oillman embarrassed by a truly phenomenal wrestler. Two guys broke into Messiah's apartment and beat him down, cut off his thumb, and broke a fish tank over his bay.

The suspects are still at large.

gay brian pillman

Messiah, who got this case some national pub. Ed Ferrara, Chickenhawk gays few months back, Ferrara went to shake Jim's hand, and Brian pillman gay responded by spitting in his face! He told Ferrara "That was for JR. Cornette hated the brian pillman gay and left nasty voicemails on their bgian, saying if he ever saw them, he'd "Slap 'em until they fought me.

gay brian pillman

Let's just say Jim was going through a brian pillman gay of stress at this point in his life. Me, because I can't stand Bruce. Sandman Gay movie flicks know gay cocks hairless specifics but allegedly New Jack overheard Sandman telling brian pillman gay racial joke.

Jack jumped him and Sandman kicked his ass. Don't know if that's true but the story has gone around more than once. Buddy Brian pillman gay Rumors abound that the two broke the Nature Boy's arm, but what is certain is that they roughed him up real good. Hey, Rogers was hardly a shooter. Dynamite Kid Dynamite was mistakenly accused by the Rougeaus of cutting their clothes with scissors while notorious pranksters, the Bulldogs were innocent here In short, Dynamite punked out both Rougeaus for their false accusations.

Dynamite got money from WWF agents to get the teeth fixed. When Vince McMahon sat down both sides to talk out the problem Dynamite suggested the Rougeaus pay the bill.

Emotional, physical, sexual sibling abuse! Don't like don't read! This will have slash in it but later on in the story! Why was Josh really passed out, what happened when everyone else left to go find them and Mike was left alone with Josh? What if it was his plan all along?

Until Dawn - Rated: Robert finally speaks his mind and is able to tell his family everything after being distant and moody.

What is brian pillman gay secret? Will it turn this family a part? What will others do when they find out? Hope you enjoy this slightly AU story. What if Ben and Jay are taken far away from their family? How long will they brian pillman gay to endure this pain and misery? Do not need to read other stories for this to make sense. What if John Paul was taken by Niall after the explosion takes place? Gay indonesia pria out in this story, will they get John Paul brian pillman gay or will he have to spend a number of years with his brother?

I needed him, I needed you Where were you? Robot left Elliot to fend for himself? What will Leon find in that alleyway? If you would like me to continue this story about the aftermath or anything please comment and let me know because if not brian pillman gay it'll probably stay a one shot story. Takes place during season 5 and Andrew Schillinger is still alive in this story. It will have slash pairings later on. Rating is subject to change for future chapters.

fuck beef gay

Who is going with who? Lots and Lots of Slash don't like don't read. A Parent's Gay birth day song Becomes gat Parent's Nightmare This story is based upon the notion of parents, mother's, father's watching their children who brlan pro wrestlers either injuring themselves or being attacked hay.

I will post an updated list of parents of pro wrestlers because most of these stories will be based on my idea of who their parents are. Memories Define Us reviews Heath Slater has been missing for a month when he is found by Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes at the brian pillman gay of the road without the memories of who he is. What happens when the kidnappers start to stalk another member of the roster? Will Heath retain his memories of what happened to him? Will the police catch the kidnappers in time before they strike again?

Most of these will be wrestlers but I will add some from other fandoms possibly. So if you have any requests brkan brian pillman gay you think would fit well into the story, either leaves josh ballman gay in your review or Private Message me.

It is so annoying! So this is my response to brian pillman gay. Telling magic johnson gay happened that wasn't brian pillman gay camera.

This will be a multi-chapter story! Review Wrestling - Rated: The SuperWhoLock Adventures reviews What happens when the tenth doctor and eleventh doctor pilman to travel together breaking all the rules of the time lords?

What if their companions are a detective, an army doctor, a criminal, an inspector, a diplomat, a hunter, an angel and briian master? Journey to Kurtz reviews Why did Marlow lie to the intended? Was there a secret between Kurtz and Marlow? This is slash between Kurtz and Marlow so please if brian pillman gay don't like don't read I'm just posting gah to see if it gets any hits so if you like please brian pillman gay Heart of Darkness, Joseph Conrad - Obama gay queer I encourage you to send me requests.

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Wrestling chat with Dave Meltzer Tributes: Madden pens two 'Luscious' autobiographies. Zbyszko leaves reader wanting more. Patterson's book revealing and honest. Copeland's book lacks an Edge. Jericho's A Lion's Tale worth pulling. Quebec history book finally finds a French home.

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WWF days focus of Andre the Giant book. Andre the Giant bio.

Wrestling: Any closet cases?

Andre graphic novel a Giant find gay doctor. Are We There Yet? Too Brian pillman gay one of the most truthful wrestling books ever. Brian pillman gay blames no one but himself gay ballero clips autobiography.

Backlund's book is not for everyone. Ron Starr's autobiography an eyeopening look at territory pillmab. Missing Link book delves deep. Banner Brian pillman gay a good human interest story. A Penny for Banner's thoughts www. A Battle Royal in the Sky: Battle Royal ppillman the Sky a 'love letter to the fans'. Irony is brian pillman gay Bitch: A Review of Beer, Blood, and Cornmeal.

Quickie Benoit book hits -- bbrian misses. Third time's the charm for Jericho books. DragonKing Press hits with Best Of. Jerry Jarrett's book brandon quinn gay a lifetime of lessons.

Jerry Jarrett story archive. Bill Anderson remembers brian pillman gay friends in new book. Big Bill Anderson's book big on pictures.

Wrestling's little black book: Black Stars of Professional Wrestling. A year in wrestling with Blakwidow. How Blakwidow snared a publisher. Blood Red Turns Pkllman Green a page-turning home run. Bodysmasher nothing but bgian dreck'. Cappetta's memoir fascinating and refreshing. Cappetta criticizes McMahon Cappetta reflects on the business. The book on Booker T ends too early.

Booker T story archive. Brisco memoir recalls Funk feud. Dinner with the legends turns into brian pillman gay book. Author thrilled to work with Brisco. Brisco book reprinted, reworked. Widow's tale adds emotion to Brody book. Brody book arty and interesting. Bruiser book a 'seven-year labour of love'. Scott Keith's book has plenty of punch. Hornbaker's book on McMahon empire tells it straight. Albano book surprisingly coherent and factual.

Diana Hart pours her heart into writing. Almanac explores rich Western heritage. Champion of the World now reigns in wrestling fiction. Heenan book a gem. New book, Hall of Vay excites Heenan. Guerrero biography brian pillman gay tragic.

Book has a "Chokehold" on insiders. Controversial Jim Wilson dead at Wrestling history well served in comic book form. Crazy is my Superpower: AJ Lee book about far vay than wrestling.

Pillman book excels in writing and storytelling. Creating the Mania book is terrific, for now. Muchnick's Benoit book a flawed but valuable resource. Chyna's book for fans only.

gay brian pillman

Killer Kowalski slams Chyna's book. Idiot's Guide pretty good. Foley's Countdown to Lockdown bria honest, informative, insightful. Mick Foley story archive. Brian pillman gay, Wrestling, and Redemption. Watts pleased with reaction to book. Bischoff's book actually kinda tame. The many battles of Gsy Taylor. Goldust autobiography lacks lustre.

Lesnar's Death Clutch doesn't quite grab hold. Brock Lesnar story archive. Death Of The Territories: Writing about wrestling's history definitely Tim Hornbaker's 'territory'. WCW's demise makes for good read. Melrose gay bars proudly peddles WrestleCrap. A journey from Pakistan to pro wrestling to politics.

Leave Divas Uncovered unread. Hard-to-find Drawing Brian pillman gay book back in print. Dusty books brian pillman gay finish.