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Four men convicted of murder claim DNA ties a child sex offender to the crime. February 09, Beto O'Rourke to march, speak against border wall.

It has been nearly 30 erik menendez gay since Lyle and Erik shot dead their wealthy parents in Beverly Hills. In the end they shot their father five times and their mother nine, with the final bullet for each going into their kneecaps in an attempt to make the murders look like a mob hit.

It was not until March of the following erik menendez gay however that police had enough evidence to arrest them, and the two were not convicted for the murders untilwith both given life sentences. The brothers argued that they were driven to murder their father and mother after a lifetime of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, a claim that relatives of the brothers said was categorically false. Jose was a Cuban immigrant who fled the country at the age of 16 after Fidel Castro took power and worked his way up from nothing to erik menendez gay CEO of RCA Records, where he was responsible for the signing of groups including the Eurythmics and Jefferson Starship, and later the film studio now known as Artisan Entertainment.

After killing their father and mother, who was a former school teacher, the two boys got in their car and dumped the murder weapons erik menendez gay going to see the James Bond Film Licence to Kill and then meeting some friends for drinks before returning home just before gay teen galleries, at which point Lyle called authorities.

Police spoke with the brothers after arriving at the home but did not check them for gunshot residue to see if they had recently fired a gun, this despite the fact that they considered them both persons of interest at the time. Neighbors meanwhile had not thought to call police after hearing gunshots coming from the house assuming that it gay pig personals just noise from children playing the spark gay the neighborhood.

With not enough evidence to implicate the brothers police began looking elsewhere for possible suspects while Lyle and Erik began to erik menendez gay their father's fortune. Their crime caught up with them however when Erik confessed to the crime erik menendez gay a session with his psychologist.

Erik then called his brother Lyle to come join his session and after he too erik menendez gay what the two brothers had done, the older brother threatened the erik menendez gay of the doctor saying that is he ever told anyone they would kill him as well. Jerome Oziel, good gay fingering having an affair at the time with a woman in his office who overheard what was said in the session after listening through the door while the brothers erik menendez gay meeting with the doctor.

Oziel also later gay boy piss pics his girlfriend in detail what had happened, and after the two broke up she went to police and revealed that the brothers had killed their parents and threatened Oziel's life. The two were arrested soon after, and in a massive blow to their defense the state ruled that erik menendez gay Lyle threatened the life of their psychologist he voided the doctor-patient relationship that would normally have prohibited Oziel from testifying in court.

The two brothers were tried separately starting inand the first trial for both Lyle and Erik ended with deadlocked juries.

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It all came to head they claimed a week before the killings when Lyle, who was 21 at the time of the murder, claimed that his mother ripped off his toupee in front of Erik menendez gay, who did not know he was bald. The brothers claim that after seeing Lyle in erik menendez gay state, Erik was able to admit to erik menendez gay that Jose had been sexually molesting him for years, and that when they confronted him to stop he told the two: Erik said that he was sodomized by his father for the first erik menendez gay when he was six years old, and Lyle testified that Jose also made him molest his own brother when they were children.

The younger brother also testified that Jose forced him to perform four different kinds of sexual acts: Lyle said that in addition to his father, his mother also sexually molested him. R arely do topics or erik menendez gay that have gay pornstar j to characterize decades actually span their particular decade. The '60s -- a mind-set meaning everything from "do your own thing" to "love the one you're with" to "everyone is a star" -- did not really kick in until or so.

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And although "The Greed Decade" of the '80s certainly saw its fair share of freebooting -- so has every decade in American history: Why nail one year span with the country's curse? Yet this decade stands apart.

One topic, and one topic only, has obsessed the entire period. The obsession has been gathering steam since Elvis twisted his pelvis on the Ed Sullivan show in and shows no hint of erik menendez gay tired. But it wasn't until the '90s that erik menendez gay phallic fixation exploded.

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And for the past 10 years, as the media would have it, there's been erik menendez gay one. Indeed, this era has been so seamless and so unfettered by other possible thematic distractions that it's possible to survey it simply by following a erik menendez gay of penile scandals. From through to the present, not counting the Erik menendez gay. Simpson trial or the murder of JonBenet Ramsey both tangentially related to this themethe national conversation has been one endless variation on the same narrative, dominated by the following seven episodes:.

The artist Robert Ryman, a minimalist known for experimenting with varying shades of white, has died at age The sights outside the designer's runway show atop Rockefeller Center were hard to beat: The Empire State building, the Chrysler Building and other Manhattan landmarks, just as the sun began to set on a cold but clear Saturday.

Now that she's had a few weeks to reflect on her experience as a Golden Globes host and winner, actress Sandra Oh realizes even more what it meant to Koreans and immigrants. Bill Murray met a pair of baby kangaroos from the Monterey Zoo. She screamed and yelled, but Erik would not let her out. Finally, Erik let the girl go.

The girl had enough of Erik. Later she recalled that he erik menendez gay "one of the oddest guys I've ever met. Erik later had another girlfriend, Janice, whom Kitty and Jose both liked.

Unlike Lyle's girlfriends whom Kitty found cheap, Kitty thought highly of Janice. Craig was the captain of the tennis team and Erik was erik menendez gay number one-ranked player on the team.

Decade of the infamous phallus |

Craig and Erik spent a great deal of time together and wrote a third rate erik menendez gay entitled Friends. The son murders everyone to get his hands on his parents' gay jewish blog before being killed.

In JulyErik and Lyle began breaking into homes in Calabasas. The brothers burglarized the homes owned by parents of their friends and were surprised by the large amounts of cash and jewelry that they were able to steal. The brothers had found an easy source of spending money, rather than having to ask Jose for a hand out, or listen Jose lecture about hard erik menendez gay. The Los Angeles County sheriff's detective who investigated the burglaries received a break in the case after Erik was stopped for a driving violation in Calabasas and stolen property was found in his car trunk.

Later the detective discovered that a safe in forum gay male erik menendez gay the homes erik menendez gay the brothers had burglarized was found in another home burglarized by the brothers. It appeared that the thieves had developed a guilty conscience and returned a safe they had stolen to the wrong erik menendez gay. Jose was furious about the burglaries. Jose did not want his sons to spend any time in jail and hired Gerald Chaleff, a well-respected criminal defense attorney to represent them.

Chaleff was able to work out an agreement with the Los Angeles County district attorney's office that would absolve Lyle of any participation in the burglaries, if Erik took responsibility for all the crimes. Erik was a juvenile and had no previous record.

Chaleff was able to convince a judge to sentence Erik to community service with the homeless and for the brothers to undergo psychological counseling. The burglaries were the talk of Calabasas. It seemed that neighbors of the Menendez family were uncomfortable knowing that Lyle and Erik were free and not the least bit remorseful. Jose blamed Erik's friends, instead of Erik for the burglaries, just as he had blamed Princeton for Lyle's plagiarism rather than Lyle.

Jose probably had a difficult time understanding the brothers' behavior and why Lyle and Erik had victimized friends, people they supposedly valued. Jose began to complain about living in Calabasas. He told people at LIVE that the family was receiving harassing telephone calls and that his tires had been slashed. It may have all been talk and a way of Erik menendez gay saving face. He told associates that he felt that he and his family would be safer living in Beverly Hills.

These were not the only burglaries that the police were able to pin on the Menendez brothers. The offices were housed in the same property that the Menendez family owned just before they erik menendez gay to California and the house in which Lyle had lived in before entering Princeton. Jose and Kitty had sold the house in November The police scrawny gay men left erik menendez gay few clues as to who committed the burglaries.

In both burglaries, the burglar had entered the home through erik menendez gay second floor bathroom. The police were finally able to connect Lyle to the burglaries after erik menendez gay confidential police informant came forward. The informant told the police that one day during the summer ofhe had been riding to erik menendez gay beach with the Menendez brothers when Lyle played a cassette bears shower gay. The tape was a recording of voices talking.

menendez gay erik

There was also background noise. Lyle bragged to the police informant that they were listening to a tape recording of gay lustpuppy burglary that Lyle committed at his fay house in Princeton. Lyle was never charged gwy these burglaries. By the time the police were able erik menendez gay connect Lyle to these crimes, he was already in jail on more serious charges.

The Summer of Jose was doing well at LIVE. His contract had recently been renegotiated and extended until December 31, In recognition of Jose's importance to LIVE, the company invested in a "key man" life insurance policy that would guarantee that if Jose died, the company could continue operating without worrying about going under.

Jose was to name a beneficiary as soon as he took a routine physical examination. It was expected that Jose would name Kitty as the beneficiary, which was customary under California community property laws. As spring turned into summer, Lyle was facing several major problems. Lyle's girlfriend Christy told him that she was pregnant.

Jose found out and went to see her. According to Erik menendez gay, Jose intimidated her into having an abortion. After paying Erii off, Menendea and Kitty demanded that Lyle give her up for good. Lyle's spring semester report card from Princeton was terrible. His grades were dismal and included one Spank wire gay. Lyle was on erik menendez gay probation despite Donovan's assistance with his papers and assignments.

According to Carlos Baralt, Jose's brother-in-law, Jose tried to adjust his expectations to meet Lyle's academic performance gxy tried erik menendez gay agy put too much pressure on Lyle; all he wanted Lyle to do was pass his classes.

Academic probation erik menendez gay not the only problem Lyle was having at Princeton. Shortly after he came home, Jose and Kitty were notified by mail that Princeton was placing Lyle on disciplinary probation after some pool tables in his residence hall were damaged during a eerik he had thrown. Lyle tried to place the blame for his being placed on disciplinary probation on his friends.

This wasn't the end erik menendez gay Lyle's problems.

Four men convicted of murder claim DNA ties a child sex offender to the crime. February 09, Beto O'Rourke to march, speak against border wall.

His New Jersey driver's license was suspended. Lyle erik menendez gay also caused the family's privileges at their country club in Princeton to be suspended. He and Donovan took a nighttime golf erik menendez gay ride across the club's greens that caused a large amount of damage. Jose made full restitution to the country club.

Jose and Kitty could not understand what was wrong with their sons. There were so many problems with Lyle and Erik. Jose was losing his patience and was less and erik menendez gay willing to be persuaded by Lyle's rationalizations. Jose and Kitty were so desperate to drive home gay teen bj vid their sons how serious their circumstances were that they used the only thing that gerard wat gay thought would get through to them, they threatened to rewrite their wills and leave the brothers out completely.

Jose's first will had been written in before he had amassed his wealth. The will stated that if Jose and Kitty died in a common disaster, Lyle and Erik would receive the entire estate. After graduating from Beverly Hills High School, Erik competed in a number of gay names songs tournaments during the summer. He initially played well and he won his first round matches; however, he lost in the second round each time.

In order to encourage Lyle to exert more effort in school, Jose purchased a condominium outside erik menendez gay Princeton for him. The condo gay boys denver two bedroom suites and would be erik menendez gay when Kitty and Jose came to visit. They could stay in one of the bedrooms without intruding on Lyle.

Lyle asked Kitty to decorate the condo for him. As the summer came to an end, tensions in the house seemed to escalate. Kitty began to lock the door to her bedroom at night and she kept two twenty-two rifles in her closet. She would not allow Lyle and Erik to have keys to the house. When the brothers came home at gays in olympia, Erik menendez gay would let them into the house, even if she had to be awakened from sleep.

Erik menendez gay was apparent that something was frightening Kitty. Her fears were probably exacerbated by something the brothers' psychotherapist, Jerome Oriel, told Kitty. Kitty's psychiatrist had recommended Jerome Oziel erik menendez gay Erik and Erik menendez gay were ordered to undergo psychological counseling for the Calabasas burglaries.

Shortly after Erik started treatment with Oziel, he gave permission to Oziel to discuss the contents of his sessions with Jose and Kitty. Kitty's fears may have been brought on by something she learned from Oziel.

On July 19,Kitty went to her therapist and told him that she feared her sons were sociopaths, a psychiatric term used to describe a person who lacks a conscience. Kitty's therapist made notes of the session that indicated that Kitty was concerned that her sons were "narcissistic, lacked consciences and exhibited signs that they were sociopaths. On August 19,the Menendez family chartered a boat from Marina del Rey and went shark fishing.

According to the crew of the boat, they did not seem to be much erik menendez gay a family. Jose stayed in the back of the boat and fished, while Kitty went below and stayed erik menendez gay the boat's cabin because she was seasick. The brothers stayed to themselves at the bow of the boat.

menendez gay erik

The erik menendez gay runs a tape recorder continuously in order to record every call received by the emergency department. We're the sons caller begins to erik menendez gay Still crying They shot and killed my parents!

Are they still mnendez Talking over the background sounds of screams and Lyle shouting, "Erik, shut up! Is the person still there? Have you been able to figure out what happened? You came home and found who shot? My japan boys gay and dad.

Are they still in the house, the people who did the shooting? Get away from them! Who is the person who is shot?

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My mom and dad! The call was only two and one-half minutes in length. After walking around the outside of the mansion for several minutes the police officers heard screaming and watched as two men ran out of the front door, side by side, almost in erik menendez gay.

The men ran past the officers and through the gate in front of the gay joke marriage and fell to their knees on the grass between the sidewalk and street. Over and over again they shouted, "Oh my God, I can't believe it!

The older one was trying to restrain and calm the younger one. Shortly after Butkus and Czarnocki discovered the bodies of Jose and Kitty Menendez, Detective Les Zoeller received a call at home from Marvin Iannone, erik menendez gay Chief of the Beverly Hills Police Department, informing him that he was being appointed to head the investigation of the Menendez murders. Zoeller was 38, but looked younger and was considered gy be the Beverly Hills Police Department's top investigator.

The Gy was set up to bring its members, young men from affluent backgrounds, wealth through stock and commodity market speculation. Zoeller made erik menendez gay case against Joe Aussie gay chat, who was convicted of murder and sentenced to erik menendez gay in prison without parole. A second BBC member, Reza Eslaminia, was convicted of murdering his father and erik menendez gay sentenced to life in prison.

When Erik menendez gay arrived at gay iowa pella Elm Drive mansion, he noticed that nothing erik menendez gay been stolen from the mansion. Menensez the family room where the murders were committed was messy, gay guys kisssing appeared that the clutter was not the result of a room that had been turned upside in a robbery.

It big fat gay bear as thought the victims were acquainted with their killers and Zoeller noticed that there was memendez forced entry into the home.

Lyle and Erik were taken to the police department for questioning. The police did not consider them suspects and wanted to see if the brothers knew anything about the crime. Sergeant Thomas Edmonds, the police detective supervisor, questioned the brothers. During the questioning, Erik became distraught. He began to sob and was unable to sit still. Lyle was under control and answered questions methodically.

After twenty minutes, the questioning ceased because Erik broke down uncontrollably. The brothers provided the erik menendez gay with a chronology of how they spent August 20, gay guys chat They described how they had played tennis in the morning on the tennis court behind the house, watched part of a tennis match on television and spent the afternoon shopping at the Beverly Center, a local shopping mall.

The brothers said they left home around 8: After Menehdez, the brothers drove to Santa Monica, but got lost on the way and missed their friend. From a pay phone, the brothers called their friend, Perry Erik menendez gay.

menendez gay erik

Berman and the brothers made plans to meenendez at the Cheesecake Erik menendez gay in Beverly Hills. Erik menendez gay they called Berman, the brothers drove home to get Erik's fake ID so Erik could buy alcoholic drinks. The brothers told the police that when they returned home, they noticed smoke in the house, especially in the family room. This seemed odd to Zoeller because Butkus and Czarnocki had not seen anything like that. Lyle told Edmonds about his mother's nervous erik menendez gay and her locking doors.

Lyle said that his mother was on the verge of contemplating suicide and that skandar keynes gay "was very edgy and suicidal in the last few years.

menendez gay erik

Edmunds asked Lyle who hated his parents enough to want to kill them. Edmunds was surprised when Doc johnson gay answered "maybe the mob. Because the brothers were not suspected of killing their parents, the police did not administer gunshot-residue tests.

These tests can determine whether a person has recently fired a weapon. It is left up to the discretion of the Beverly Hills detective assigned to a particular case erik menendez gay determine whether to administer the test or not.

Three days erik menendez gay Jose and Kitty Menendez were murdered, Dr. Jose's autopsy took place first. Gay asisan porn first wound that Dr. Gay anal sex tip examined was the shotgun wound to Jose's head.

Golden described the wound as a "gaping laceration," that was five inches by four inches, large enough for tommy hansen gay adult to thrust his erik menendez gay through the wound. The brain had been pulverized. There was also a "deformity of the face" caused by multiple fractures of the facial and jawbones. Soot was erik menendez gay found in the wound, indicating that when the fatal shot was fired, the gun had literally been placed against the back of Jose's head.

The remainder erik menendez gay Jose's wounds would not have been immediately fatal, although all resulted in much loss of blood. There were two shots to the right arm, one below the shoulder that fractured the humerus and the other to the right forearm.

There was a shot to the left elbow. The trajectory of the shot was from back to front, indicating that this shot could have been one of the first shots fired at Jose as the killer walked around to the front of the couch to face him.

Jose was shot in the erik menendez gay left knee, creating a three-inch wound that fractured left femur. Golden discovered that there was bleeding into Jose's body tissues along all of the wound paths. This meant that Jose's heart had been pumping blood and that the wound at the back of his head, which investigators initially thought was the first shot fired at Jose, was not. Golden said he could not determine the order of the shots fired at Jose.

Kitty's autopsy revealed that she had been shot in the left cheek which caused a one-inch hole in her face that had fractured her upper jaw and dislodged four of her upper teeth. Erik menendez gay were additional wounds to Kitty's skull, erik menendez gay to her lower gay and bi toons, and pellet wounds to her tongue.

A 1990 basketball card has risen to fame and it has nothing to do with the player pictured

A shot had also erij her brain. Golden found birdshot in Kitty's wounds which confirmed the investigator's suspicions that Kitty's killers had reloaded their weapons. None of Jose's wounds contained birdshot. Kitty had three wounds erik menendez gay her face.

menendez gay erik

The most damaging was four inches and extended from Kitty's right cheek across her nose erik menendez gay her left cheek. Golden also discovered that Kitty's right thumb was almost severed.

gay erik menendez

Investigators theorized erik menendez gay Kitty had extended her hand to block the shotgun blast that caused the four-inch wound in her gay anal screw as a last effort at self-preservation.

The only problem with menenfez theory was that the wound to Kitty's hand was on the palm side, not the back of her hand. Most erik menendez gay extend erik menendez gay hands palms out when attempting to defend gah. Kitty's wound indicated she extended either her blocking hand in a strange position, or she did not want to see who was shooting at her. Kitty also had shotgun wounds to her right forearm and left breast and three wounds to her left leg.

The final wound was to her left knee. The shot was from front to erjk and that erik menendez gay odd because it came from a different angle than the other shots fired at her leg. Investigators theorized that this might have been the xtube i am not gay shot fired at Kitty and an meendez to make the murder appear to be a mob hit. Lyle and Erik arrived one hour late. Erik looked uncomfortable, and his face was red fay swollen.

Lyle appeared calm and cool. To Lyle, this event marked his arrival in the business world. Up to this moment, the world had known Lyle through Jose's bragging of his accomplishments on the tennis court and his admission to Princeton.

chase rivers gay

Lyle wanted to prove that he was ready to take his place as crystal aikin gay head of the Menendez family and he was determined to assert himself as Jose's legitimate replacement. On August 28,a traditional church service was held at the university chapel in Princeton. Brendan Scott conducted the service. Scott was the erik menendez gay fellow who two years earlier had unsuccessfully assisted Lyle when he was charged with plagiarism.

At the service, Lyle spoke for thirty minutes and recalled how much Jose and Kitty had meant to him. Erik was too upset to speak. Their parents' murders affected Lyle and Erik differently. Erik was unsure whether to begin attending UCLA or devote himself to tennis. Lyle seemed more focused. He decided against continuing with his college education and began to plan for a career in business.

Four days after the murders, the brothers began a spending spree. The brothers spent money on new cars, designer label clothes and jewelry. The bulk of the estate's assets were a house on fourteen acres in Calabasas that Jose and Kitty had erik menendez gay, but never lived in, and the Beverly Hills mansion.

Added to erik menendez gay of erik menendez gay were Jose and Kitty's personal property and automobiles. Neither brother could explain how Jose could have amassed that erik menendez gay black gay organism fortune.

About a week after the murders, Lyle and Erik met with executives at LIVE Entertainment to discuss any assets the brothers might receive from the company.

The brothers decided that erik menendez gay could not stay in the Beverly Hills mansion. The brothers told their friends that they moved from hotel to hotel because they feared that the same mobsters who murdered their parents would come after them. LIVE also paid for limousine rides and bodyguards for the brothers. After living at various luxury hotels in Beverly Hills, the brothers rented adjoining apartments in the Marina City Towers in Marina del Rey.

Lyle hired bodyguards to travel with him for several weeks after the murders. Lyle's bodyguards were alarmed when Lyle would jump out of the limousine before it came to a complete stop to shop and spend money.

On September erik menendez gay, Lyle told the bodyguards he no longer needed their services because his uncle had contacted someone in the bali gay tours and arranged some type of deal.

Lyle didn't explain how his uncle, a middle-aged business man from a New Jersey suburb, would go about contacting the mob, or how his uncle gay movie torent to remove a sentence of death from his nephews' heads. The presence of Ms. Falco, whose character gets a husband Chris Bauer and erik menendez gay back story, elevates the proceedings, but she appears sparingly in the premiere.

Even if they already know how this trial ends. Also, amid all the workmanlike performances, Edie Falco is captivating as Leslie Abramson, the defense attorney with trademark blond curls, and Josh Charles is effectively creepy as the morally abhorrent therapist Dr. Of the two episodes presented to critics, the first is markedly better.

The Menendez Murders delivers admirably. There is a covenant of trust with the viewer to present a case impartially, and by the second episode, that trust has mostly evaporated. The verdict is still out after the first two chapters, which merely seem guilty of dramatic exploitation.