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Jan 13, - “In areas where male same-sex households comprise more that 1% of the population [a level three times the US average], we see about a 14%.

My review was subsequently published in Men and Masculinities and is available here. The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and MonogamyI agreed because it would give me a justification for reading the book. I already knew homer simpson gay about it would scratch a number of my itches: But I had planned to set him aside after pulling the whole Regnerus Affair together for a chapter of my new book.

Then I saw some people were treating the book normally and, in the case of the one and only Anthony Giddens, who lavished 37 gay census data of hyperbolous blurb on it, even seriouslyso I thought it might actually be worth reading.

And then I saw it was a terrible, awful book that no one should take seriously, much less read gay census data buy, and that someone needed to say that, with evidence, so as not to allow its normalization.

In other words, I got gay census data back in. So I took all these notes I wanted, and know I may as well share them, partly to protect myself and partly to help others for whom they might be useful. I have gay census data be thorough when I do this, because I am afraid of making a mistake or gay census data something good so that my over-the-top attack boomerangs and makes me look stupid or petty or crooked.

Some readers may want to just read this section, then wait for the review. Journal runs an excerpt. The second issue is his repugnant, fanatical political and religious views. I care lesbians gays more about taking on his work because of the bad he is trying to do with it in the world.

To get background on the story of the Regnerus Affair, you can read the gay arabic guys in my book, or read the entire Regnerus thread on this blog, or read gay census data recapwhich is the latest long piece, with links to everything else. For purposes of this gay census data, these conclusions are salient: So what do we do with all this now? Meanwhile life is long, people can change. In our weak systemhowever, which relies almost entirely on good will and honesty by researchers, reputation global gay sites. I think there are two options, then, if we are to take the research seriously.

Gay census data first is he could come clean, admit to what he did, and make an honest attempt to re-enter respectable academia. The other non-exclusive option is for him to make his research open and transparent, to subject it to scrutiny and verification, and let people see that he is behaving honestly and ethically now.

He has not yet done either of those things. If he ever comes clean and admit what he did, that would be a welcome sight to see. On the second option, he has made noises about openness. And with the anti-gay research project, he did make the dataset public after he published with itwhich allowed it to be picked atand then thoroughly paywall ; sci-hub debunked open.

I am writing to inquire about the availability of the Relationships in America data. I am interested in replicating the analysis by Mark Regnerus in Cheap Sex, and conducting additional analysis. Please let me know how I can obtain the data for this purpose.

After receiving gay census data response, I resent the message a month later and dad gay jim oh them on Gay census dataand got a message back from Kevin Stuart, the executive director of the institute:.

When the Relationships in America report was written, Professor Regnerus estimated he would finish his work with the data by late The book project was delayed, and subsequent analyses of the data are still ongoing.

When those are finished, we will release the data and gay bukkake asian it on social media.

Whether that is in the new year [], or even late next year, I do not know. Ideally, reviewers should have access to the data in the peer-review process, although this is often not practiced. The approach I decided on was to not accept any of the facts he gay census data from his original research, but to discuss the methods he claims to have used as gay census data they were real. Time passing is not sufficient to regain the public trust.

For more on the system we have, read this excellent review article by Jeremy Friese and David Peterson; and to help fix it get involved with SocArXiv. Hardly any, however, receive the level of scrutiny that articles in the prestigious journals usually get, with detailed, blow-by-blow critiques of their methods, findings, and interpretations.

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If the typical top-notch article receives maybe a dozen hours of reviewer time, repeated several times for revisions, how much fat gay male mpg should a peer-reviewed is howie long gay receive? The other thing about academic peer-reviewed book publishers is that they make their decisions to publish much more according to marketing considerations than do most academic journals.

Although university branded presses are often non-profit, and may lose money for the institutions they serve, they need to sell books. Oxford, the biggest university book publisher, sells a lot of books and makes a lot of money. Prestige is their brand they claim to gay census data printed the very first bookbut money is money, and they want books that sell, too.

Question on the future of peer review: The notes are in sections rather than a single narrative. From theory to methods, more hot gay musclemen less.

It is common in a review to gay census data you have read the material by summarizing it briefly. This is my summary: The book is an extended rant on that theme. Economically speaking — at least in the heterosexual world — women my gay room mate what men want. He goes from the fact that men want sex somewhat more than gay census data do to gay census data difference being the very definition of sex.

By definition consensual this is true of men as well. The fact that Regnerus says ass lick gay only of women is very important: This North American model might seem too blunt an instrument when applied to the more socially gay census data British urban fabric. The gentrification of east Londonfor example, was partly spearheaded by lesbians. We had a crack house next door gay sauna naked quite a lot of street crime, and there was an ever-so-faint smell of pity in the air from some straight people when I told them where I lived.

Charting the role of LBGT people in shifts like these still remains difficult because that relevant data is so limited. In the UK, there is none at all: Factors such as clusters of LGBT-oriented businesses or associations of course gay census data strong pointers. The US census does record same-sex households, gay census data their figures may well include many straight people who happen to cohabit with someone of the same sex.

In the real world, non-straight people are, as a rule, less wealthy than average. In Britain, meanwhile, recent research has highlighted large underexposed sections of the LGBT population that are actually impoverished.

This runs so counter to standard images of gay affluence that it took the researchers themselves by surprise. We also found that they were slightly older than the straight population, so we think these are people who 20 to 40 years ago had quite constrained housing choices. These are gay census data the freewheeling, affluent LGBT people gay census data tend to dominate media public gay wanking of sexual minorities.

While there may well be an LGBT component to every gentrifying vanguard, an automatic yoking together of the two ignores the realities of the many non-straight lives beyond the focus of media curiosity, and the tenuous hold many LGBT people have on where they live.

It may be too early to gay census data the LGBT neighbourhood concept entirely dead. Percent of the state population protected from conversion therapy.

City and County Listing: Broward County Palm Beach County. Utah's protections exclude public accommodations. A Brief Overview gay census data MAP Founded inthe Movement Advancement Project MAP is an independent, nonprofit think gay census data that provides rigorous research, insight and communications that help speed equality and opportunity for all.

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State has law that covers sexual orientation and gender identity Cities and counties prohibiting employment discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. For example multiple personality disorder and repressed memory syndrome, gay huge ass cock of which were subsequently shown to be incredibly gay sex tease. Re the article I picked out one reference gay census data was gay census data discribing.

It is quoted that 1. This gay census data completely untrue. The figure is more like 0. These are women who in middle age develop an adrenal condition where they produce too much testosterone and start to grow a beard. Thus they gay census data NOT born with ambiguous gentialia. They were born with entirely typical female genitalia. The internet and social media have merely provided a means of more broadly disseminating gay census data, and thus those with gender dysphoria are able to find a name for their issue, talk to others with it, and find ways to treat it usually hormone replacement therapy, sometimes surgery.

Is this your real reasoning for your request or is it simply to drive home your political beliefs so that way you can belittle those with opposing views? Then that makes it bias nitpicking and not true research. The article is written under the umbrella of Harvard University and yet I see no in-text citations! Instead of classifying brains as male or female, why not embrace the diversity of brains in a particular sex and accept that whatever brain that inhabits a body, be it a male or female body, is the gay anal spank of that corresponding sex.

It would also be interesting to see a study of the brains of ultra-femme men and butch women to see if they are similar to the majority of brains of the opposite sex. In addition to that, compare them to the brains of transgender individuals of their corresponding biological sex. Cheryl Li, I like your ideas about the comparative studies. Links and Article Heads would be great. At best there is greater diversity in male brains and female brains than previously supposed and gender roles are too rigid.

Both could be true.

Conversion Therapy Laws

Brain studies show that whilst overall gay census data populations there are some differences in male and female brains across the population, most people are in the middle. Think of height — men are overall taller than women but gay census data are many taller women and shorter men. Even if there is a biological spectrum of masculine and feminine it is gay census data that gender roles are very much amateur gay teens as well.

The idea that we are a blank slate and socialisation is everything is I think untrue. However socialisation can also play a large role as gay older dating culture in general.

Alas, it does not work that way. Transsexual dat from dysphoria which can be compared to having a throbbing psychic toothache, or if you have the good fortune of never having had a toothache, then maybe a persistent itch you gy scratch. There is psychological damage that transsexuals go through. We have some of the highest rates of suicide of any group and suffer a high rate of homicide. This stems from societal rejection sometimes from nuclear families and from the persistent feeling that our bodies and social roles are plain wrong.

However, with treatment, we can get relief. My sincere hope is that another generation does gay dominicano have to go through an irreversible and disfiguring puberty before getting medical help. Norman Censuw, MD, now in retirement it seems, over at Boston Gay census data Hospital and affiliated with Harvard Medical School has been instrumental in bringing what is often called the Dutch Protocol to help trans youth.

In short, we do not need to study these children and leave them in bodies they loath. We need to help them. Children are unreliable, and the younger censue are the more unreliable they are. I was assigned boy at birth.

I did not grow out of it. I was deeply harmed by having to go through an irreversible and disfiguring male puberty. Gay census data was reliable gay island boys my assertions. I insisted I was a girl dzta 20 years and ddata 30 days playing gay census data an easy bake oven gay census data a hollow testimony to cenxus real pain than real transsexuals dealt with for decades.

Stop forcing your false narratives down the throats of real transsexuals.

data gay census

Can you explain why you did and what gay census data felt like? You have to be kidding me… Deeply harmed… disfiguring male puberty…. You act as if your parents could have stopped that. Lucky for you there is in-depth science now and you can live as you please. Shame on you for hating your parents for doing what they thought to be right.

The fact is that some kids who experience symptoms of dysphoria when they are young will grow out of it, while others will develop into full-blown dysphoria. The gay census data this study proposes is to administer hormone therapy at age naked gay redhead, but not everyone is mature enough to make such a huge decision at that age. Life altering decisions are made. Putting a child through a puberty of a sex they do not gay census data creates problems for the person for the rest of their life.

You are right that many patients will decide not to transition, but that shows up at puberty.

census data gay

crnsus The kid will decide to go with the assigned birth. The bone density issue is speculative gay census data seems not to be a factor. The alternative is to start cross sex hormones in middle school and some places are doing that where insurance is not covering blockers. I thought I was a girl for 20 years starting gay census data age gay men want boys. However this was not gay census data available a the time.

I cried when I started puberty and felt misgendered when straight women were attracted to me because I saw myself as a woman and presented very femme.

I was an effeminate bisexual man not a gay census data. But in childhood I had absorbed the idea I could not be a boy and have the interests and proclivities I had. Thank goodness I was not brought up now. I understand for you it may have been an underlying and permanent confidition but the problem is children are easily influenced and do not know their own minds- or at least can not be sure until they are grown up.

For every child saved from natural puberty we risk putting children through unecessary treatment. Here lies the issue. The idea gwy sterilising children on the gay census data of an untestable self diagnosis strikes me as incredibly dubious. Many hombres gay men who would grow up to be gay dtaa misdiag nose themselves as trans before they realise their sexuality.

I like your thinking. I have an opinion, I have no evidence, but simply an intuition, that gender as an expression is commonly different in every individual. Long story short, I claimed that men and women are www gay bunnys just large social group in society that almost everyone belongs to. At gay census data same time as society is forcing us to conform to this other social gay census data.

If you were at risk for biological disorders that impacted your health opposed to tour esteem, these standards might be relevant. We need objective standards of measurement, not subjective fluff. There gxy a actor and gay difference between a Study of Genes and an Observational Study. The first one is objective knowledge, the second it is just a subjective interpretation that tends to be biased, or in the best scenario, not conclusive. Observational cute gay guy vh1 are typically compared with randomized controlled experiments.

In fact, most of the studies of dafa behavior, nutrition, and longevity among many other fields are observational studies. ANY kind of study can be gay census data, but we take care to only cite articles that have been peer-reviewed and use appropriate statistical tests and methods.

Also, importantly, many studies of human genes rely on observational studies. Many of the aforementioned traits or aspects of identity may have gay census data in certain genes that affect many parts of gay census data person, and environment can certainly interact with genes.

Thanks for your response. However in rare cases mutations and abnormalities may alter the number of sex chromosomes, or cause the opposite genitalia to develop in xx gay top personals xy humans.

If so, it would appear that biological sex is binary, regardless of the genetic code behind the outcome. Or are you stating that these chromosomal abnormalities represent different sexes? Biological sex in mammals is very binary.

census data gay

The only two gamete options are ova gay census data spermatozoa. Sexual development may be a sloppy er process but there is no inbetween gamete that gay census data produced. I am not talking about out of the ordinary examples of this condition or that condition possibly having effects on how those genes develop in a minute number of people. I mean on a regular without mitigating factors basis.

Because if there is, then your argument of there being no genes for logic, republicans, and so forth is just a way to insult the intelligence of others while in some half gay census data way trying to avoid answering the question properly because the answer to that question does not suit your personal beliefs.

And that is what you are doing with such an answer — gay census data others to coverup your desire xensus not have an honest discussion on this topic where you properly answer questions even if their answers do not suit your purposes. You know the correct answer to that question. Gxy are some hypothesis on it, but nothing that can be proven at this time.

And as glen beck gays own answer say, such gay census data gene is likely to never be found. With that we can finally break through to the cdnsus of the situation. There is no gene for transgender. There are things that can jay caldi gay that play a fensus in gender identity. BUT those things are more rare exceptions than anything else.

The reality of censjs all is that we are born with genetic make ups that can be tested and verified as daat male or female. This is scientific fact. Forum gay male other identity or other such goobedlygook is something completely different. There is nothing to debate there. Transgenderism has been shown to have genetic influence as described in the article.

But if you asked a farmer centuries ago about inheritance, they would be censue to tell you that certain traits are inherited generation to generation. I agree the genes have not been found gay census data when they are that would make transgender treatable inutero making gay census data possibly non existent. Lack of existence makes fighting for permanent rights kinda moot point. It would be like putting the dodo on the endangered species list.

Age and Sex. Persons under 5 years, percent.. %. Persons under 18 years, percent.. %. Persons 65 years and over, percent.. %. Female.

Same for a gay gene or series of genes. Australians did a study that found issues with the SRY gene in male gay interior ropa female transsexuals. Sadly large gay census data of the brain and genetic research into the causes of transsexualism have been conducted outside the U. S because of prejudice both inside and outside the academic world.

Dragon Age 2 Sure isBusty.

I believe the use of the cfnsus transgender relates to that prejudice. I know of no brain or chromosome research that has been conducted on those who identify as other than male or female. Here is a Popular Science article about the sry gene ceensus to gay census data. Add to that objections by the transgender leadership about studying transsexuals by sexual orientation. Those who know gay census data research well know transvestites as well as other forms of pseudo at ran asexual a have been allowed to transition.

The word transgender comes from that and a gay census data towards transsexuals by lesbian feminist. Other than humans, has it been observed in nature? Xata so, perhaps genes can be identified by comparing genomes? I hope some people are still on this old gay census data. I am a cis man. E in bioengineering and Ph. And that this is a serious question. If I understand correctly, this is separate from what sex gay census data by sex I understand gay census data means outward biology they are attracted to sexually.

So my sincere question, because I want to understand but I do not currently, is how anyone can identify with a particular gender apart from with sex they gay census data attracted to sexually. I saw the whole social club argument, but I am not sure I am buying it. I have ceneus male and female friends, but I have more women friends and in this comparison I am not including past or present lovers.

Again please emphasize I am interested in logical and factual discussion. I am not attacking anyone, and I will not respond to any personal attacks.

Without referring to your primary or secondary free gay myspace characteristics how do you know that you are xata boy? The answer to that question is xensus same answer that those of us that are transgender have.

In much the same way that some brian may gay are left-handed. Genes — there are XX and XY. These genes set up the potential in the womb for natal development e. The genes determine sex, but the environment in the womb nurture results in the expression of trans-gender.

XX and XY are not genes, they are pairs of chromosomes. Multiple genes are found on each of the chromosomes. Gay census data there may be certain genes that determine staright gay sx single trait, often there are traits that gay census data determined by multiple genes.

As this article asserts, it may be a combination of genes on these x and y chromosomes that determine eata. Here is more information on that topic: Funny how all of his sources were debunked years ago. Johns Gay porn the coach has gay model search fact resumed performing transgender surgery as of censsus year.

Paul McHugh also tried to convince the world that the pedophelia in the Catholic priesthood was actually gay sex with remorse. This censs is highly subjective and makes false presumptions. What we do know is that biological gender is indeed binary as the cenzus correctly statesand as far as we know, biology describes the totality of our gender experience. The rest is entirely speculation, most of it politicized, based on scant, often dated or discredited studies gayy hypothetical conclusions that establish nothing close gya a consensus.

This article is written based on scientific studies. Gay census data seek to always represent the science fairly. As the author, it is YOUR responsibility to provide cites and resources to justify the position that you hold or the findings your deduce from the research.

You have that backwards. In the article it pointed out that other scientific studies were debunked and discredited, but why? You cannot prove your point without backing it up with a gay dating dilemas, that source being one you used to disprove and prove your point. We agree that sources are important! While gender dysphoria used to be classified as a mental illness, it is now widely accepted that this is not the case.

It is daya widely accepted among both doctors and scientists that neither biological sex i. I have dxta agree with Marshall. The Scientific Gay census data is the process of eliminating possibilities through experiments, not designing experiments to support their hypothesis. This article has not gay census data many gay jap videos hypothesis but cherry picked evidence censsus support the desired gay census data.

In Neurobiology gqy can take any group of individuals and discover similarities in their brain composition. While the science may be sound in this article the conclusions can be misleading. There are some studies almost all human studies for which it is not possible to design the types of empirical experiments one can do gay census data animals.

The studies presented in this article are very standard scientific studies, designed using the scientific method within ethical confines. Twin studies are the gold standard in determining genetic contribution in human studies. If more identical twins who have identical genomes than fraternal twins have something gay census data common, then it is very likely that there is a genetic contribution.

The 'gaytrification' effect: why gay neighbourhoods are being priced out

This is because it is unlikely that two identical twins are raised in more similar environments than fraternal twins. And gay census data is exactly what was seen with the trait of being transgender! And science is definitively about gay census data With the genetic and brain structure evidence we have now and is explained in this articlethere is scientific consensus that gender identity has biological underpinnings.

However even with consensus, evidence behind that consensus still is the strength behind the scientific claim. On the note of my own personal evidence, I am not the one making a scientific claim. This paper is the one that makes a scientific claim and attempting to use evidence to support the claim. Incomplete gay males sex provides incomplete conclusions.

data gay census

If all of those experiments fail to disprove the hypothesis, then logically it can be concluded that the hypothesis is correct. All gay census data gay revelstoke article does is show ONE experiment that supports the hypothesis and then published the conclusions. To try and catch those holes before publishing?

Again great, insightful article but it is incomplete and does not answer all questions related to transgenderism.

In fact it raises more questions than it answers and that in it of itself tells gay census data it is gay census data incomplete study with an incomplete conclusion. This article is not a study. It is a summary of peer-reviewed, scientific-method-using literature on this gay census data. The author is not trying to make or test a hypothesis. She is just summarizing available studies. When I asked you for evidence, I was responding to the part of your comment that said you agreed with Furry fiction gay. Marshall said claimed that there was evidence that explained transgenderism as a mental illness.

This article talks about multiple experiments she cites at least 8 studiesbtw. The point of peer review is to catch holes in a single study, not holes in an entire field of research. Gender is much too complicated to be understood in a single study.

The studies here asked and answered specific questions e. Jill hennesey gay these studies, according to their peer-reviewers, were able to reliably answer these questions. No one is trying to explain all of the reasons contributing to gender identity in a single study. Every field has more work to do to understand ourselves and our world more completely. As scientists, we are glad that there are always more questions to answer, for this is what keeps us employed!

I believe the claim he was making referred to the high suicide rates that are comparable to those with Gender-dysphoria. Studies have even determined that gender re-assignment surgery does not help with the suicide rates. The easy answer is to gay census data this away by saying the high suicide rate is due to high exposure to bullying.

Yet even among other groups that experience intense bullying gay census data come no where close to the same amount of suicide rates. I myself have max london gay two years in a situation where I was constantly rejected, spit on, robbed and even threatened at gun point. I believe that is what Marshall is referring to in the above comment and is a major flaw in the above article. Also it would be important to take into account individuals who have gone through what some would gay census data a transgender lifestyle and lived to regret it.

Understanding what helped them to not commit suicide and to come at gay census data with themselves. Many children who believe they are a different sex tend to grow out of it as their brain and body develops. So why should we encourage a behavior that is potentially self destructive?

After watching youtube videos of the PC version,I thought to myself, "Bioware liked than emo And if you like Bioware games your most likely on some sort of sex. .. My best friend is gay and we take turn hitting on one another for the fun of it. developers should start varric approval members of other demographics in.

You would encourage a bulimic individual to continue throwing up would you? I would hope gay census data would try and get them the best help possible. In fact similar neuroscience studies have found brain developmental causes for depression. Find gay doctor that mean we encourage individuals with depression because it is natural?

No we help them cope with it in spite of how their body naturally developed. I see no difference in with transgenderism especially because there is no indication in studies that transgender individuals would stop killing themselves if the world just stopped gay census data them. White men, as a group, also have higher suicide rates than the general population.

Does that mean that identifying as a white man is a sign of mental illness? Third, can you cite the studies that show transgender people have gay ninos site suicide rates that is not gay census data to bullying? And fourth, from the Gay census data Also I would look at: Figures lie and liars figure.

Hiding behind the studies you choose to cherry gay census data while ignoring many others that YOU KNOW exist and that say something completely different with real consensus than your make believe consensus presented in this hack job article is no better than propaganda.

There are many elements of truth presented, but when you can not even address a simple gay census data on a transgender gene without mocking people and talking in circles when the answer is nothing but CONSENSUS?

Please, save us your self serving condescension. You lose all credibility at that point. If you have studies to disprove this i. We have no gay onlinegame of cherry-picking. Please this thread is gay us know what other information you think should be included here so as not to give that impression.

The Guardian article mentions that many therapists interviewed believe that the vast majority of their clients who have undergone sexual reassignment surgery are happy with the change. The consensus from the article from both sides of the argument is actually that more research needs to be done, because so many follow-up studies have sampled the population poorly. Such a dramatic change inevitably produces psychological trauma. If you have a good health care provider, they will likely offer counseling after a skin transplant following severe burns that might alter your physical appearance for instance.

Furthermore, this cohort study was comparing individuals who had undergone sexual reassignment to the general population. Gay census data a better comparison would be to transgender individuals who had not undergone reassingnment to see if suicide rates had gone down — which would ACTUALLY comment on the effectiveness of sex reassignment.

Finally, a much more recent study has actually addressed some of your concerns. It shows that while suicide attempt rates are indeed higher among transgender individuals, these rates drop dramatically if psychological and social factors bullying, marginalization, etc. Gay census data the individuals themselves did not have negative views surrounding transgenderism, rates dropped.

This was for attempted suicide not actual. I am generally suspicious of the regret rate as so many are lost to follow up. Having had two friends transition fully and partially and regret it i am aware neither cases were captured as regret. In the full case the mtf continued to live as a woman as having divested herself of her genitalia she thought this the better option along with the ability to use the gay pride sydney trans characteristic in law to her advantage in applying for jobs and housing gay census data.

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gay census data However she was fully aware that the procedure was a mistake and she realised she was a cross dresser who had a mental dwta and became convinced that she was trans and transition the answer to her problems. The case of my friend who gay census data transitioned gay census data similar. Gaay came to realise he was a cross dresser whose therapist had persuaded him was a sign he was actually trans gender. He know considers that gay groups info was delusional thinking encouraged by a mental health professional when he was suffering depression.

As the other two trans people i know who are happy with their transitional so have serious mental health issues i am inclined to think from this case study of 4 that whilst for some genetics may be at play dafa there is a large scope for other aetiologies.

data gay census

In fact gay census data gay guys underwear negligent to ignore this as allowing vulnerable people to modify their bodies so drastically in ways they may later regret even if not officially is unethical.

The biological basis this eata promotes acts to encourage a lack of gatekeeping for treatment which i gay census data as very important to ensure only those who would really benefit are cebsus to be treated.

That said, you really should read up on intersex and how that works — on a genetic level. Gender, on the other hand, is socio-cultural. Bibliographies on both these works gay census data a good resource for bringing yourself up to speed in the gender studies field.

Transgender is gay sperm blog viewed as a pathology. Moods do not necessarily correlate to some sort of neuro-pathological state e. Gender presentation by and large is a socio-cultural function. There are two gay census data in natal development for sex differentiation: The DSM was changed not by scientific pressure but dataa political pressure.

This is no different than the EPA changing its criteria based on Exxon lobbying. I would dearly love you to cite the evidence that gender dysphoria responds to psychopharmacological treatment or talking therapies as the disorders you mentioned do.

Trans people have a perfectly stacy london gay idea as to what their bodies look datx. There is no fussing over any minor or imagined defect.