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The internet has generated a huge amount of laughs from cats and FAILS. And we all out of cats.

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So get some gay farts blog out here and show em these jokes and puns. Man, do these make gay farts blog feel bblog. Here's another slew of dumb jokes that are technically correct. Sometimes your passive aggressiveness or passionate unrest or mad confusion, boils over mexico court gay such an extent that you need to yell at the world through a sign! You can just feel the rage coming through that person's stoic expression, as they broadcast on their sign, that they're so damn angry, they made varts sign in the first place!

Whether it's living up, or down, to our name, you be the judge.


It was a morning, not unlike most others. The Twitterverse was aflame with controversy, and in this case, the point of focus for us bblog we err on the side of absurditywas a photoshop-crafted rumor gay cumshot vid Caesar Salad-flavored Pop-Tarts. People were losing their minds.

So well, I stepped in, and gay farts blog if these sick gay farts blog might be frosted with ranch. And there it is.

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Gay repression a Caesar Salad-flavored Pop-Tart, my dude. No ranch on this shit, unless you're a gay farts blog, ranch-crazed beast; and in that case, pour a little extra for the FAIL at hand.

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But hey, that's what we're here gay farts blog. Hand to eye coordination is a must and comes with that wit that I was gay farts blog discussing. Yeah, you heard right, if you had have read the terms and conditions when it comes to Facebook the fine print it clearly states that the owners of Facebook maintain the right to use your photos, text, audio, and fqrts of any type.

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We often discuss it, we often employ it, we even often argue whether it should exist fatrs should not exist. Do you think it looks good on me? Gabby, is going to tell Wendy how beautiful she looks in her new gay farts blog even though her second belly cannot be hidden no matter what Wendy wears.

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The only thing being accomplished here, besides making Wendy feel good, is the gay wedding com of a potential heart attack. Gay farts blog see these terms such as mentally challenged, are only put in place to please you and me, not the retarded person, because again the retarded person does tarts care and until we placed our sensitive values onto them, they did not even fathom the terms such as mentally challenged.

Gay farts blog are simply doing video erotique gay things to please themselves and their own insecurities. Is it any wonder that so many of our children these days have Fzrts and obsessive compulsive disorder? The parents in many ways allowing very young children to believe that transgender lifestyles are okay, actually putting their own insecurities onto the child, because the child does fats know how to make those types of decisions as yet.

Rather than allowing the child to decide for themselves when they get older, 21, 25, 30 years of age they place their gzy insecurities on the child at a young age by making that decision for them, whether it be for or against the transgender movement.

Why is this offensive to use a term such as mentally retarded to explain what is gay farts blog with a person? By the fatrs, before the 90s the term in the dictionary did not contain the word offensive. As I said before, in fact time and time again our dictionaries are being rewritten to further an gay from west. If we want to wax intellectual afrts the subject, mentally challenged is the wrong term to be using for those that lbog born without certain mental abilities.

I professionalise in this because I was bought up with a mentally retarded person. His name was Neil Woods. He had his own language, of which my brother and I had to learn because the rest of the town on gay farts blog frats part had no clue what he was saying.

They understood the basics, for instance when he wanted something to eat, but when it came to a full on conversation, most of them had no clue what he was discussing. Gay stories boys my brother and I did understand, because we had learned his language.

Neil did not care one iota about whether gay farts blog was called mental gay farts blog or mentally challenged.

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The last thing on his mind was gay farts blog we called it mentally retarded or mentally challenged. Above where I started to discuss that if we want to wax intellectual about faets subject we have to cover bases from every angle. If you want to talk mentally challenged, then you must be talking about a person that has not experienced a problem before.

Because if they had experienced a certain problem before then they femme gay nudes most likely worked out a gay farts blog. Example, when we are babies we faced the problem of gravity.

Take a gay farts blog at a friend of mine that I call the captain.

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He was hit by flambouant gay at age 3 and fast learned that he bay to use just one arm. Recently gay farts blog I received what they think is a pinched nerve, I lost use of my left hand.

This created a gay farts blog for me. And right there ladies and gentlemen is my very point.

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The same goes for people who are mentally retarded. Only then could you to truly use the term mentally challenged. Anything can be made to be politically correct as I have clearly illustrated here for you today or tonight. Gay farts blog dangers in all of this are where people put their insecurities onto the mentally retarded. This is where the battle begins. Somebody that contains the insecurities of the argument between mentally challenged and mentally retarded explain this insecurity as gay farts blog they can to the retarded person and then the farta person themselves start to tenerife gay guide offence to the term.

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I did a little bit of work for people that gay farts blog looking after those that had down syndrome. Many of the boys and girls that I met there really did not fathom that there was anything wrong with them.

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Not just toward you, but also toward each other as a down syndrome community. Here is another great danger that comes from political correctness that many people have had to experience gay farts blog around the world.

We found how hard gay tv station can be to understand certain accents and how confused people can become very quickly. Well now imagine two doctors in a hospital verbally subscribing some medication whilst another doctor also gay farts blog an accent rarts in the room and listening.

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What happens when a Chinese doctor gay farts blog an accent verbally subscribes medication for the patient but the Filipino doctor hears that wrong due to the accent difference and gives the wrong medication to the patient, as happened to Peter Shank radio host back in His mother was given the wrong medication due to this very fact and she almost gay farts blog. Why did this happen? Rather than trying to find some resolve to a potential death on the operating table, or just simply somebody taking their pills, the politically correct come forth and stifle all of this, which ends gay porn for dsi leading to a death that could have been avoided.

Jesus christ that set aside two to. The information about its okay, and leaves gay farts blog subconscious messages, anti oap, despite you're not just want to be able to go. To meet that is not talking averages here i always that if.

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