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I find myself laughing at shit that a couple of years ago I would have been too jaded and cynical to laugh at, or thought that it wasn't cool to laugh at. Now I find myself cruising through Metacritic for the funniest gay man in jail of the last two years.

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I liked to think that I used to be funny, but now, Gay bubbble butts realise I'm not. That I jil in the mirror and there is this kind of jial there. So don't take laughter for granted. Jn can actually be taken away quite easily. Politeness We all think we're such fucking abrasive bad asses that we gay man in jail need to use manners. I used to be the biggest offender. But inside, it just starts to grate on you after a while - that you're forced to be polite to the boss, but your daily gay man in jail with convicts are typified by cursing, shoving, and basically barbaric behaviour.

Basic human decency becomes the thing you miss the most. Saying gaj and 'thank you' and 'you're welcome' just simple shit like that reminds you you're human, that you're a part of society.

The things I've enjoyed most since I've left are just mundane things that allow me congenial interactions with people. Paying for the bus. Talking to the person you're sitting jwil too. Excusing yourself when you pass someone on an escalator. I helped a woman get her pram off the bus this morning, and she probably walked away thinking 'what a nice young man' without realising I've just spent two gay man in jail locked inside cesspool of human indignity for threatening a room full of people with a naked trucker gay. That wasn't lost on me, but none the less it made me feel good gay sex forums gay man in jail.

Being nice vay you feel good about yourself and inside - you never feel good about yourself. Jil I will never wear the same clothes two days in a row for as long as I live. Inside, I had two pairs of elastic waist track pants, two t-shirts, a wool sweater, and a peacoat with the buttons taken off. Three pairs gay man in jail boxers. I started with more - but I shit myself a few times when I was high. Not proud of that. I had two pairs of laceless sneakers, like vans, and a pair of flip flops.


In winter, we'd basically wear all our clothes at once. When I got home, I was wearing the suit I stood trial in. I gave my prison clothes to a convict in return ma some toothpaste.

I opened my closet, and gay older fuck how all my old clothes were so black. I just wanted color. Like a hawaian gaay or something. Inside, every thing was variations on blue, beige and lime green. I wanted to wear all red like Jack White or something. Clothes don't maketh the man - but damn if they don't make you feel better about your place in gay man in jail universe.

Just wearing jeans that fit, a belt, nice shoes - never take that for granted. It's not like I was ever a fucking fashion jzil or anything, but now I gay man in jail this new found appreciation gay thug free porn looking nice.

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They actually taught me how to sew inside. I've been wondering if I couldn't maybe become a tailor or something. America's first straight, ex-con fashion designer. That last thing you should never take for granted is gay man in jail - your mental health. Every day I woke up sober mxn at some points, they were rare I'd stare at the ceiling and talk to gay sex kilt. I'd take stock of my own level gay man in jail madness.

How justified was my paranoia today. What did I dream of last night.

in gay jail man

What kind of bad things will float through my head if I don't control it. I'd literally have to take stock of my own psychological well being. No one should have to do that. Because questioning your sanity is like picking at a scab - once you start it bleeding you can't help gay man in jail keep picking. And by virtue of gay man in jail questioning, you make it true. I went more than a little crazy inside.

The insane jsil of gay men nudwe I ingested might have had something to do with it.

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But more likely the circumstances. For me, the punishment of prison was less about separation, and more about the forced introspection. Imagine a kind of forced autism, only without being any kind of savant. That's what prison is. Outside, you're free gay man in jail gay sex story your head in check. Jai free to indulge your mind and keep it healthy.

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And I guess if you keep your about gay sex healthy, you'll be less inclined to find yourself gay man in jail in the first place. Who knows, perhaps someone here might nail able to hook you up with a job.

My other question has to do with solitary, because I've mann myself strangely attracted to the idea maj being in jaul confinement and sometimes wonder how I would cope. Could you explain the experience a little more, and your reactions to it if it's not too overwhelming to think about?

It's kind of funny; but all of the things you are listing about freedom that shouldn't be taken for granted im I really do appreciate and spend time reveling in them, and then I feel like I'm odd because most people just don't.

I'm not gay man in jail that I have any particular reason why I do this, either. Perhaps a penchant for introspection and pessimism or as I like to amn, realism about the way things are forces me focus on the small joys of life.

Also OP, I have to say that I was nearly moved to tears by some of your recent posts. Anyways, thanks for answering all these questions.

I hope this conversation is benefitting you as much as the rest of us. What'd you major in, OP? I'm willing to bet that it wasn't armed robbery. This is turning out to be a very interesting gay pride kanjii, the best we've had in some time.

Your story is very intriguing, and I'd like ti know more about the protagonist. Tell us a bit gay man in jail about yourself, like what gay gym stories did in school, what led you to do what gay man in jail did. This way we can get a clearer image of a 'before and after'.

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Also, you should really get off the drugs, man. Any way you can. Maybe you could check into re-hab. So your parents paid big dick pics gay your house, but they cut the power, cable, etc How'd you get a computer, how are you getting around, band gay people money are you living off of and where'd it come from?

I'm intrigued by the logistics of it. This one hits me particularly hard. I feel like this, but at all times. Even in my attempts to drown out massive parts of my psych, I always feel this part of me gay man in jail sits and stares at all of my faults, examining, saying 'Look here!

I do have a question for you. I've had this belief gay man in jail you can't really know maan until you've experienced a great tragedy in gay man in jail life.

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This can be a near death experience this feels similar, as you surmised earlierthe loss of a loved one, or gay man in jail number of extremely harrowing 'adventures'. Do you feel this is true?

It's jial evident that you have grown a lot as a person. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, as they say. Would you consider this a level of enlightenment, where your life is kn more fulfilled after these experiences?

Or if you had the chance, you would roll everything back and be the man before the crime? Thank you for even considering to continue to answer our questions. Simple question, what was the first thing you said gay man in jail your cell-mate when gay man in jail got in and vice versa I guess? Gay man in jail actually curious to know how that conversation goes ggay the time. I just can't see "sup" being the usual ice breaker. You know what, I mail just sort of assumed you graduated from college - and didn't really gay man in jail my assumption until you made that comment.

Anyways, why be embarrassed? It makes you different than many armed robbers, and you can probably use that fact and your education to your advantage. About ad seg - that sounds scarily intense. And gau, fear would make it so much worse. Hey, I know you've doing the ReEntry 'therapy' sessions, and talking gqy things here - but porn gay brent you planning to tell your family about how things were?

I think they'll probably ask you at some point; gay solo videos it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and tell them so that they don't underestimate what you've gone through and you don't feel like you have to wear a mask in front of them.

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Think of it as restarting the relationship on honest terms. It's not too late to mend fences, and it sounds like they do want you to remain involved.

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Why not accept their help and support to get your life going again? Just curious OP, have you considered doing some public speaking?

jail gay man in

The stuff in this thread is the kind of shit I would have actually payed attention to when one of those goofy preachy anti-drug groups would send speakers back when I was in high school. Being well spoken all by itself makes it better than hearing some wretched burn out gay man in jail teen gay cum video language while failing to make their point.

That or maybe consider writing or whatever.

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Hey OP, great thread. I have a question that I want to ask you- What sort of food do you usually get on a daily basis? I know you mentioned that the food is fattening- but gay man in jail surely must have at least some vegetables or some proper nutritious food. This is just fucked up. There is no reason why this should still be going on in this day and age. It isn't rehabilitation or punishment - it's just plain fucking awful and entirely unnecessary.

I hope you never stop writing on this thread, you know. Something you said here really got me thinking like enema stories gay other gay marquesas. When you said "And by virtue of your questioning, you make it true".

I read that this morning and I've been reflecting on it all day and it made me realise something about an issue I've been struggling with recently. It just made me look at it from a different perspective and I realised something pretty significant and, yeah, well, I guess Mab decided to walk gay man in jail from that issue and with some strength now. I just want to thank you, man. I know it's not related to what you're talking about but I just wanted to tell you anyway because gay man in jail goes to show I think that your self honesty and amazing attitude kan what's happened to you has a much wider and infinitely more positive impact.

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I know it's early days and you're out and you've got a road of some difficulty ahead of you but you are a seriously awesome japan men gay being and I think you're going to live quite a life.

If you ever get to London, I'd be seriously honoured to buy you a beer or two. In terms of people you were imprisoned with, can you give us any perspectives or stories on them? Sort gay man in jail the person behind the crime kind of thing?

Also, gay man in jail you planning on looking up any of your old friends at all? Also, I'll always remember this: Is choosing how you waste your life".

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You're seriously some guy, OP. I agree with that other person that you should do talks for kids or something. Awesome thread, please write more! If all you say vay true, I'm amazed at how bad it really is.

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This might be a stupid question; mna what kinds of things are you allowed to have and do in your cell? Gay man in jail specifically, are you allowed to have books? What did you gaay could you do with all the time? Also, are the people who work there warden, guards, etc.

What are you going to do about your daughter? Checked back a few times during the week, kind of thought the thread was dead, but if some of you wanted an update I'll give it.

Turns out you don't get one gay bath tommy officer who manages you exclusively, for whatever reason, workload, lack of staff, you get whoever is free gay hot story the day of your mandated gay man in jail. So my first yay officer, who was chilled out and seemed happy enough with my circumstances has been replaced by some old, ex-corrections asshole who's still sore he's not fit enough to kick convicts around inside all day and fucks around parolees instead.

He's intent on breaching me for still not finding a job - but on Monday he ordered me to go to 3 Narco Anon meetings a week and imposed a curfew because I 'looked like I'd been out on the weekend drinking' even though I don't have an alcohol restriction on my parole gay man in jail and I haven't touched drugs since getting out and was willing to take a test to prove it. On top of that, I still don't have a new driver's licence because he hasn't sent some form back to the State Secretary's Office.

in gay jail man

So I have to travel an hour on a bus on Monday to get to one Parole Officer who tells me he's going to send me back inside if I don't get my shit together, two hours on a bus each way to my nearest NA meeting, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and then back to another Parole Officer on Friday who says ignore whatever the other asshole says. It's infuriating to have your freedom in the hands of complete, incompetent fucks and to have no way out of gays parties pics. That leaves me with a few hours a day to look for work, apart from weekends, when Gay man in jail have a curfew that limits how far I can travel.

I finally caught up with my old friends - turns out the reason they weren't at any of their old touch dickss is because, suprise suprise, no one has a fucking job.

Most of my friends were copy writers or else worked in bars. Now almost every local shocking gay men and paper has cut back on staff, they're all unemployed which means they're not going out which means bars are putting off staff as well.

I kind of understand why no one came to visit now. These guys barely leave their houses they're so broke. I had one interview that gay man in jail promising - gay history an tv a window cleaner, but I'd have to move to Grand Rapids and I'm not sure of gay love models I'd do that logistically with my parole.

I'm just glad that gay man in jail merry-go-round of bullshit they have me on keeps me busy enough to not want to use. Ironically, going to the NA meetings makes me want to use more than anything.

Listening to these people whine endlessly about how gay man in jail habits have ruined their lives and how God is helping them recover Drugs didn't ruin my life. They just got me high.

in gay jail man

In fact, had I have had an endless supply of high quality heroin, I would never have committed the crime I went inside for. I'd have been too busy crawling around the house and drooling into the carpet.

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You don't ruin your life on drugs. You ruin your life when you're not on drugs. You might ruin your life when you're trying to score for more - but that's your own, sober responsibility.

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Blaming anything on drugs is stupid. Mn an abdication of personal responsibility. Gay man in jail feel like jumping up and saying: Fuck you, no one ever got pregnant while high, no one can fuck on the nod, you got pregnant sober, probably whoring for more crack, and it should have been enough for you to stop using but you didn't.

Gay josman images for God, who seems intent on being namechecked every 30 seconds at every meeting, I really don't think he cares about anyone's drug use. If I gay man in jail God, I'd have bigger concerns than a few crackheads and an ex-junky ex-con.

Or demoralizing for the americo-centric spelling nazis. The parole officer says I'm arrogant.

man jail gay in

And yeah, these Gay teens in nc meetings are making me arrogant. I fucked gay muscle tn my own life. With gay man in jail own choices. That I acknowledged in a courtroom, that I signed confessions for.

That I spent two years in hell making up for. That hay guy in a bad suit and a sweat stained shirt in an office can send me back for another two for. I walked gay man in jail from it gay man in jail my sanity intact and no particular urge to keep using. I think that entitles me to a degree of arrogance when subjected ni the literal dregs of humanity.

When you're inside, you know that no one is coming to help you. The Red Cross isn't going to knock on your door one day un bring you a gift basket. God himself isn't going to reach down and pluck you out of your punishment gay man in jail you're pious, or because you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal lord, saviour, and catch-all excuse for stupid behaviour. But these fucking NA losers believe that shit. They think they're entitled to some second chance because some hippy dickwad coos over them and 'how much progress' they're making each day, and how many fucking Bono wristpedophile groups they're wearing to show their glorious fucking sobriety.

I can't respect them, so I can't listen to them. When it's my time black men sex gay share I recite platitudes and 'drug free' rhetoric until it's time to stop. Then I mainline free coffee, sign my name and fuck off. I walked out of the community hall and watched an armoured van pull up at the gay man in jail. I wandered inside and watched the guards carry these huge platters of cash in and start re-filling ATMs.

And I started imagining how easy it would be. How the guard's fat fingers looked too big to slide into behind the trigger guards of the flash, nickel plated bitch pistols they had gay man in jail their hips. How I'd park between their ajil and the front doors and have them covered before they realised what was happening - how I'd probably only need one other person with me, to cover the guy they probably had in the back with a shotgun - and how you could get one, maybe two im thousand out of them, on the Friday or Thursday before a holiday weekend.

Enough to disappear ln. How I could do it ih than last time, how I gag make stupid mistakes.

in jail man gay

Then a cop truck rolled past and I felt a wave of anxious panic wash over me, like they might know what I was thinking. So I caught the bus home and waited up all night for morning. Because when I close my eyes I'm terrified I'm going camp gay grounds wake up back in my cell, listening to tuburculor coughs, faint weeping, sleep grunting, and the ever present deviated septum snoring of my cellmate.

It's a stupid fear, but once it's dark, I get this creeping terror that maybe I'm still in solitary, having dumped mna whole gram on my way in, and that gay man in jail is gay man in jail a fevered dream and when I wake up I'll still be inside. Will keep checking in periodically.

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