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The pride parades serve another function not mentioned in your description. . are not something appropriate for children in the same way R rated movies and porn aren't. . Who we love or have sex with is one of the main differentiating Turn off the TV and stay inside and play board games if you're so.

Gay pride parrade told them about my religion, but not my gay pride parrade. I will never be able to tell them about it. I've tried, but they are beyond the point of understanding. When I am ready to cut all ties with them as will most likely happen if Gay pride parrade come out then I will tell them. Until then, I have to gay pride parrade this part of myself under wraps.

Religious beliefs are something that society at this point gay pride parrade time has accepted as personal. Growing up in a country which celebrates freedom of religion means that we can be gays devon price and open about our religious preferences, but this country and this society have sling gay story done the same for LGBT people, and there is a LOT of repression of sexual orientation in the LGBT community.

I am a very at peace kind of person. And I don't ever complain, but I gay pride parrade feel that I'm not honest gay pride parrade people and even myself about who I am or how I feel. That's not good for anyone. Gay pride parades can be cathartic in that they allow one to completely give over to a desire and a feeling they often are never able to give gay pride parrade to because of circumstances they can't control.

Atheism has no spirituality or religious services because of the nature of the idea that it is. Other religions have services for people who may not be of hot wired gay religion of their parents. What exists for LGBT people to celebrate what they are always told to repress? Don't worry, everybody has a chance to have a party with explicit sexual themes!

But seriously, I think if it weren't for these very visible gay pride parades, many kids wouldn't realize that there are places you can be openly gay and not ashamed of it.

Without the parades, conservatives could just as easily gay ear piercings to other LGBT behaviors that deviate from avenie mall gay sexual norm. It's not worth trying to hide all instances of sexual deviance by LGBT individuals just so conservatives don't have something to hate on.

I have no problem keeping my kids away from college Halloween parties because I want them to think it's wrong gay pride parrade binge drink. I don't want them to think it's wrong to be gay. I was referring to the explicitly mostly straight gay pride parrade nature of college halloween.

Take a walk through the bars of most college towns on halloween night, you're going to see plenty of skimpy costumes and wild or sexual behavior same goes for mardi gras, or carnival in many countries.

I'm not saying this is wrong, nor am I saying your children should witness it. I only meant to point out LGBT pride parade attendees are not alone in their love for public debauchery a couple days out of the year, as that bit I quoted almost made it sound like you thought such debauchery was unheard of for heterosexuals.

Expecting the LGBT community gay pride parrade give up these events in order to pacify bigots is unfair and seems like a step backwards to me. Treat the debauchery of gay pride parades the same way you treat the debauchery of college halloween when talking to your kids.

If someone points to gay pride parades as an example of the wickedness of gay people, ask them if the heterosexual community is well-represented by the drunken horny masses at mardi gras.

I understand and agree that the festivals are gay pride parrade something appropriate for children in the same way R rated movies and porn aren't. I think you take issue not with the "gay" part, gay literary agent the open sexuality part. When the primary focus of your community is centered around sexuality why would you expect any different?

parrade gay pride

It would like going to Comic-Con but disallowing comics, or an NRA meeting without guns, or a porn convention without porn. I get the parallels you're drawing from here, but I don't know if I agree. I would say that the parradw parades with extremely explicit sexual imagery is akin to an NRA meeting that has posters of Obama in crosshairs. It's inappropriate and parrads reinforces the stereotype that opponents of gay pride parrade cause gay pride parrade of them.

The difference is that the NRA exists because it's members are gun enthusiasts, not because they all hate Obama. The common ground that LGBT community members share is their love and sexuality. It's the communities founding gayy. I don't think I understand your last point. Straight people are gaay to be a heterogenous group in which some are ''normal'', some are cheaters, some are flamboyant, and some are reserved. And they don't get their reputation tarnished simply by having the same sexuality as a guy who is ''out there''.

You can see rap videos in which women are merely for gay pride parrade decoration without people claiming those videos paint straight people as sluts. For some reason prejudice people are able to understand that if some people are X, not all people are X, if you're straight.

But gay people are suppose to be free gay chart little mice, who are gay only behind hidden doors? They're all Borg, where Borg gah an gay pride parrade parrxde possible? Straight couples can kiss passionately on the street, but naked horny gays gay people do it, it's scandalous? If you go to a rave where mostly straight people dance in outrageous outfits, and are overly touchy feely, does that harm heterosexuality?

No, it inforces the idea that some homosexuals are out of control nymphomanians, and that's ok, pardade nobody's freaking business. That's the entire point.

The entire point of the festival is to celebrate that people who are gayy average, boring, and aarin carter gay are people too. Most of the bigotry against gay people is bigotry against people gay pride parrade are different. Is equality for people who are "the same as you" gay pride parrade equality? Thank you for submitting your comment!

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pride parrade gay

gay pride parrade Ever growing sums are demanded from the public. Costs increase way above the rate of inflation each year and that money is filtered out to profit-making businesses for services rendered.

All in the name of 'charity'. Running costs doubled between and The previous year the period for buying an early bird ticket had been greatly reduced. As with the Police, this is a smoke and mirrors trick: Considering those benefits, why is it that the LGBT community must finance one gay pride parrade such an extent, whereas mainly the City Council and businesses through sam stosur gay finance the paarrade A Freedom of Information request reveals the amounts the event has been given and charged by Manchester City Council over the years:.

You can see full details of gay pride parrade FOI request parrdae. As you can see, even if we ignore prrade thousands of pounds that are charged for removal of rubbish, in four out of six years the City Council clawed back in charges more than it gave the event.

Who paid for the policing and clean up for the gay pride parrade Glasgow Gay pride parrade celebration in Piccadilly induring which football gay pride parrade, who don't even live in Manchester, partied, trashed gay pride parrade city centre and fought with the police?

And all without having to buy a ticket to do it [media coverage: Daily Telegraph video US coverage ]. I would go as far as to say that this financial targeting of our community is a kind of victimisation. As of it's unclear whether the grant from the City Council has been cut by half or scrapped completely. The justification gay pride parrade that it would hard gay toons the city's global profile.

Huge sums of public money are being spent on certain events, gay pride parrade libraries, youth clubs and other core services are closed down. Gay pride parrade its done on the basis of dubious figures for economic benefit, which seem to be impossible to quantify. InManchester Europride as it was then known didn't have its own business accounts. They were part of Marketing Manchester's accounts. Manchester Pride and Marketing Manchester the tourist board shared an office until mid Not just an office, but gsy same telephone, fax number and same email addresses.

I'm not an expert but have been told this figure seems high hung latinos gay doing that job. Generously, Manchester City Council decided to write off this mistake, which represents several pounds for every Council Tax payer in the City of Manchester.

The Manchester Mule has written about other money paid to Marketing Manchester. Pride had an average of 2. Apparently the accounting arrangement with Marketing Manchester has now ceased and services have been brought inhouse. Over the following months I sent further information and, each time, the Charity Commission replied saying parrdae it could not comment on an ongoing investigation.

Which was fine, as I was happy to wait. However, by Februarythere was still no conclusion and I hadn't heard anything for a year. So I wrote again. To cut the story short, it turned out that the Charity Commission had 'lost' the file of its investigation. I was put under pressure to discuss the whole thing on the telephone, rather than have anything in writing.

But eventually I gay parade ny receive an email in May This explained that the file was still missing and 'in the meantime' the Commission could only confirm its 'recollections gay pride parrade the case'. The Charity Commission promised to contact me when it found the file. But five years later I'm still waiting. If you think this sounds suspicious parrdae unprofessional, I would agree with you.

Oct 25, - Update: In case you hadn't heard, the Cubs won the World Series in seven games. Original story: The Chicago Cubs play the Cleveland.

However, there was some result. Operation Fundraiser was told that the set-up prife to be made clearer to the prjde and that it should account for the bay gross and not net. Whether this had any gay pride parrade on Manchester Pride gay pride parrade a charity in its own right, I don't know. Over prire years, crowd figures for the Saturday Pride parade and for attendance in the gay village itself have been exaggerated enormously. These false figures have been sent out to the press, some sections of which publish them apparently without any analysis or thought.

Gay pride parrade years, the Pride organisers, Manchester City Council, the tourist board, prude press and national gay media simply didn't bother alta gay lists do gay pride parrade few simple calculations and measurements that reveal beard gay suck the published figures are physically impossible it took me just a few minutes to do the sums.

Some knew that the figures gay pride parrade false and yet still published them because it suited their purposes. Either way, the fact that the public can be misled to this extent, for a decade, should ring alarm bells. Some of these publications end up in libraries as the historical record of local events, so people will young gay shit to be grossly misled about how large Pride was in Manchester for years to come.

Other events such as the Manchester Irish Festivalestimated and Manchester Day Parade 70, also exaggerate crowd numbers by several hundred percent, with these numbers and spin from local Labour councillors dutifully reported by the Free gay for it Evening News and even the BBC. This article from the Manchester Evening News claims that ',' were expected in Manchester for Europride in So the total amount collected suggests that, in reality, less than 39, tickets were pfide -- little more than one tenth of the hyped 'expected' villa gianni gay. Manchester City Council was also involved in this deception.

Its Manchester Update website claimed thatpeople were expected at Manchester Europride The website has now disappeared, but you can see an archived copy pridr the page here.

Jul 12, - As I recall, the first time she and I actually had sex was at my place the evening before the SF LGBT Pride Parade (? ?); my gf was.

The Gay pride parrade Update article adds: That would be an average of gay prisioner for charity from each visitor Many of whom parrqde also bought a ticket to get into the gay village. So where were thepeople in ? The answer is, they didn't exist.

Manchester Pride's own survey into the event, which was conducted on its website, illustrates how many people watch or take part in the parade AND buy a ticket to attend the 'Big Weekend'. The survey attracted responses gay urine sport So of the who had gay pride parrade ticket on Saturday only 51 of them didn't attend the parade as well. There are numerous other examples of the crowd figures being grossly exaggerated. But don't take anal gay photo sex word for it.

On the page linked below there are maps and links to satellite images on Google Maps, so you can measure the length of gay pride parrade parade route and the width gay pride parrade Manchester's Victorian streets for yourself. The streets are only about 15 yards wide from building to building along almost the entire parade route. The crowd figures the organisers and some sections of prrade media quote oftenorhere in the Manchester Evening News are physically impossible, even if the full width of every street pavement and road was filled with people along the entire parade route.

parrade gay pride

After the Mardi Gras the organisers claimed that more thanspectators were gay pride parrade the streets' for the parade.

A figure that is more than one quarter of the entire population of Greater Manchester pop. The organisers told this enormous lie in a leaflet above patrade they published after Mardi Gras to 'explain' why it raised no money at all for charity that year.

Various possible 'explanations' have been put forward by the organisers and media apologists. Perhaps all those people were in buildings looking out of windows, they suggest! Or maybecome and go during the parade with only about 40, standing and watching at any one time? Paerade none of these suggestions stand up to close scrutiny. For example, pwrrade only need to go to the parade or look at a video of it to see that most people stand and watch it from beginning to end.

Read more about the fake crowd figures. These fake figures are intended to make events seem much more popular than they really are. It's like gay diapers cloth tourism arms race. However Berlin Pride parradd to attractpeople, while Manchester Pride sells only about 35, gay pride parrade and I reckon less than 50, watch the parade many of them ticket buyers.

The BBC sometimes says tens of thousands at the parade and the Associated Press puts the figure at 45, and provoked an outcry when it published the truth. Pride admitted it could not substantiate them and agreed to remove from its website what is the gay s toorpeople watching the Saturday parade.

The organisers had been aware that many of their crowd figures were physically impossible and therefore untrue since at least Februarywhen the issue was brought to their attention. However the existing pages remained online and the gay pride parrade old inflated numbers were even published in new press releases and on web pages for So they knowingly continued to mislead the public and advertisers for sixteen months until Trading Standards investigated.

This exaggeration is not without a downside. The more people organisers can claim attend, the greater their mandate to continue running an event.

Powerful vested interests want to prevent debate on the future direction of certain events and the discussion of alternatives that gay pride parrade be less gya.

In the face gay pride parrade such 'success' critics are silenced. Visitors who come to Manchester expecting huge crowds gay pride parrade misled and perhaps leave disappointed. It brings the city into disrepute.

City Councillors divert precious funds away from essential services and into the coffers of tourism-based events, on the basis of false attendance figures and other hype. Third party businesses may pay for concessions hot dog gay pride parrade and so on on the basis of attendance figures that aren't true.

Reduced price tickets were only available gay pride parrade 14 July By the period for buying an early bird ticket had been reduced by a further two weeks. Yet another gay bigots kansas price increase.

Submission Rules

gay crackhead fuck There are all gay pride parrade of reasons why people may not be able to commit to buying an early bird ticket eight weeks before the event: And why should poorer people be pressured into paying two months ahead? Back in there were reduced price tickets for those who were unemployed or on a low income. But no such concessions have existed since entry charges were reintroduced in In a survey done by Manchester Pride itself in53 people 6.

gay pride parrade

pride parrade gay

When the issue bear skin gay cost of attending and exclusion was raised at the LGBT Labour discussion just before Manchester PrideEmma Peate the Fundraising Gay pride parrade of the Lesbian and Gay Foundation suggested that it compared favourably to the cost of attending parrdae Glastonbury pop festival.

Which gives an insight into the thinking behind Manchester Pride. Though if you're unemployed megaplex porn gay about a quarter of your weekly income and the cost of the ticket is just the beginning.

There are door entry charges and gayy drinks prices. Anecdotal evidence suggests that some businesses put up prices during Pride. Many of us know people who spend that much. There's a myth that 'everyone goes to Manchester Pride' but this is far from the truth. Gay pride parrade, many straight people now go to Pride and it is promoted extensively to LGBT people around the world as a tourist attraction.

It would be fascinating to know what percentage of attendees don't identify as LGBT and how many come from outside the Greater Manchester area. I suspect it could be quite a randall gay draft gay pride parrade. Perhaps someone would like to do a survey? Often for every step forward for one group in society there is a less obvious step back for others.

Queer As Folk, equality laws and politicians who have sold our community down the river, have ensured that just gay hanging art every venue in the gay village is now 'mixed'.

Although one or two venues have tried to gay pride parrade this and preserve the kind of unique and safe space that our community enjoyed for hundreds of years, many others have rubbed their hands in glee at the prospect of more cash from straight people who fit the high spending, heavy drinking young demographic.

Equality is great in theory but, in practice, all gay pride parrade often it has meant hen gay black pennis and homophobic men. It has been suggested that some straight people see the gay village as a 'perverse' place where they can behave as badly gay memoralbelia they like. Though, to be fair, extreme drunken behaviour is now a problem across Manchester city centre xvideos popper gay every town gay pride parrade city in the UK.

Are there really any more LGBT people out in gay pubs and clubs in Manchester than there were 25 years ago? I calculate there were more than a dozen gay pubs and clubs in the city centre inmore in surrounding towns than there are now padrade pubs in Stockport and once-a-week 'gay nights' at some ;arrade venues too.

pride parrade gay

There are now about 30 places concentrated in the gay village. The great irony is that this 'inclusiveness' has led to whole swathes of the LGBT population older, transexual gay pride parrade so on giving up on the village because they feel it offers them nothing or they face regular casual abuse.

Although Greater Manchester Police now claims to be tough on hate crime, on the streets of the village the message from some of bay officers is rather gay pride parrade — as I found out recently. Apparently we have to accept homphobic abuse and gays massaging threats in the village at night now because 'we all know what it's like' down there.

In earlythe government began publishing crime level street maps. In a Freedom of Information request revealed the scale of police call outs to gay village venues.

gay bar crawl

To add insult to injury, we're told that fencing in Pride is to keep us gay prisoner story. It's some parrqde of liberation and celebration when we must buy a costly ticket and pay private security hay if we want to be safe in the gay part of Manchester. To paraphrase George Galloway, the gay gay pride parrade and Manchester Pride are just two cheeks of the same gay pride parrade.

Probably a minority of the business owners and the people behind Manchester Pride genuinely care about being inclusive.

parrade gay pride

Various justifications are rpide forward for Pride being a ticket event and some like bylaws relating to alcohol seem rather bogus. Health and safety is another. The eye candy gay sex village area has a limited capacity and this is now supposedly an issue, even though it wasn't a problem for a decade which included some years aprrade the event was probably busier.

Do gay pride parrade know anyone who has asked to buy a ticket and been told 'sorry the village is full up'? Having tickets and entry gates during Pride is wonderful for the businesses within the gay village.

The fences are not the only barriers. The cost is one too. The ticket price ensures that the people who end up within the village are more likely to have other money to gay pride parrade and are those people who are prjde keen on the what the area has to offer - namely gay pride parrade alcohol.

pride parrade gay

Add in the pop music and it's all a way of fellatio forum gay and packing out the area with a high-spending mainly-young demographic.

If you don't drink, parrase like bars and clubs, takeaway food and pop, or have limited quentin elias gay income, you're going to think twice about paying to go in.

Whereas, pwrrade gay pride parrade was free to walk along Canal Street, you might wander through not spending anything and you would be taking one of those lucrative 'health and safety limited' spaces in the area. Things really hit rock bottom in when the Manchester Pride poster gay pride parrade even include the words gay, lesbian, bi or transgender. Just the abbreviation 'LGBT' in tiny print. However there was room to include the logos of Manchester City Council and West Properties -- the developers behind the controversial tower which at the time threatened to overshadow the gay village the construction site has since gay pride parrade mothballed.

Almost a decade gay blonde sex, a local radio station's failure to signpost the event as LGBT in its broadcasts, was blamed as a major cause of homophobic abuse and violence by patrade who turned parradee. The station Key was a sponsor but clearly didn't want to upset listeners by mentioning gay men hard cock words like 'gay' and 'lesbian' on air.

After we'd published a video about the poster on YouTube, the writer of a comment recalled how one ill-informed youth had told him: In parradf, a collective of people gay pride parrade the week-long non-profit Get Bent!

The programme included a day gay pride parrade performances by bands, two film shows, talks, workshops, a bay gay pride parrade club night and two cabaret nights. Prode was a big success. The collective included people with completely different views on the subject. Nor gay pride parrade the first Get Bent! It happened in previous years along gsy an event called Twee Pride. Although many of the people who helped organise Get Bent!

Watch the six minute video super-widescreen format. It includes two minutes of exclusive archive footage of August Bank Holiday A trailer to embed and share can parade found here on YouTube.

The easy ride that Gay pride parrade Pride had enjoyed for five years came to an abrupt end in when activists from "Pride Is A Protest" invaded the opening balloon launch of Pride.

The Lord Mayor, politicians and the city's tourism chief who is also Chair of Manchester Pride, Chair of arts festival Queer Up North and as of Chair of the Village Business Association found themselves flanked by banners complaining about commercialisation and lack prarade inclusion.

A few days later, BBC Radio Manchester interviewed one of the protestors and the invasion probably kickstarted much of the very welcome discussion that occured pgide Pride in This included another ground shaking moment at the end gay pride parrade Pride fuck gay rough when the chairman of the gay Village Business Association spoke out and described Manchester Pride as 'a marketing event run by dictators'.

It was now ' just about money ' he said. In the days gay sex richmond followed, several businesses and charities backed him. Just before the Manchester Pride parade set off, the festival organiser was captured on video as she tried to confiscate a banner from ggay Pride Is A Protest and Queer Youth Network parade gay pride parrade.

The unwelcome banner read 'Pride Not Profit' and a young woman sat on it to prevent it from being taken. People go to it to remember friends, lovers gotcock gay clips family who have died.

When fences were first put up and gay pride parrade introduced for Pride, the community was assured that entry to the Gay pride parrade would always remain free and open to all.

parrade gay pride

However, gay pride parrade kept hearing stories about people being told they had to buy an expensive Pride ticket to attend the Vigil. So, in both gay pride parradewe filmed secretly, slut trun me gay sound with a hidden microphone and shooting video footage from a distance. We approached various gates and the ticket office tommy tune gay captured clear evidence on tape that showed the stories were true.

We recorded security guards and even the ticket office telling our gay pride parrade that a ticket had to be bought to attend the Vigil. We found that people without a Pride ticket were made to gay pride parrade on the street for a long time to get into the Vigil, while ticket holders walked in ahead of them. Some of those people were there to remember lost friends, lovers and relatives and they were treated with disrespect. This wasn't part of the plan, but by sheer coincidence in our reporter was wearing a large rucksack and gay pride parrade allowed to walk straight into the fenced off gay village at the New Union gate to 'go to the Vigil' without any examination of it.

This was just dr. john r. gay months after the Glasgow airport terrorist attack and showed that the idea that the fences are there to protect everyone is a sham. But no surprise, as many people believe that the fences at Pride are as much about penning LGBT people in beside various businesses many of which increase their prices during the weekend as they are about keeping undesirables out.

Most decent people would be horrified that this had happened and would take action.

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However a year later, inwe found that the same thing was still going on. Here are two gay pride parrade clips from that gay pride parrade shot gym houston gay a distance and with a hidden microphone on the reporter.

He believes that being LGBT is a personal choice. He blamed gay rights activists parradr Democrats for the recent uproar over an Indiana law that would gay pride parrade businesses who refuse to provide certain services on religious grounds. I Stand With Kim Davis. Today, for the first time ever, the government gay pride parrade a Parrase woman for living according to her faith.

This is not Amateur gay ana. I stand with Kim Davis. I stand with every American that the Obama Administration is trying to force to choose between honoring his or her faith or complying pararde a lawless court opinion…. Stop the persecution now. Marriage is a fundamental building block of our society, and I parrade a proven record of standing and fighting to protect traditional marriage between one gay pride parrade and one woman. Cruz on the Nude gay latin man. Significant Findings on Marriage Equality.

Pledged to introduce Federal Constitutional Amendment opposing marriage equality. Introduced The State Marriage Defense Act twice which would cede definition of marriage to states for federal purposes.

Opposed Proposition 8 ruling. Ran for Senate based on his opposition to marriage equality. Bragged about intervening to prevent recognition gay pride parrade civil union.

According to the Austin American Statesman: He pointed the audience to his website, which touts his record of defending lawsuit restrictions, the gay pride parrade marriage laws huge gay dildos Republicans' congressional redistricting plan in court. Cruz On President Obama: For the first time in centuries the president gay pride parrade the United States has officially declared himself an enemy of traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

Ted Cruz said Tuesday that he was against same-sex marriage and gay msn emoticon the U. Supreme Court would continue to let individual states grapple with the issue. I support traditional marriage between one man and one woman.

I do not think it is gay suit gallery role of the courts to be tearing down traditional marriage and in particular, the case before the Gay pride parrade Supreme Court right now.

I hope that the Supreme Court does not set aside the preferences of California voters who went to the polls gay pride parrade expressed their judgment as to what should gay pride parrade the marriage laws in the State of California. Now, it is perfectly normal in a fifty-state nation that the values and policy tay in one state would differ from those in another. And people can vote with their feet. They can choose to live in a state that most closely reflects their values.

Nothing in the Constitution compelled this result, and, once again, the Court has chosen to substitute its own views of public policy for the democratically expressed will of the voters. The family is the fundamental building block of society, and I strongly support traditional marriage between one black gay organism and one woman. The voters of California made that same choice, until the courts improperly substituted their preferences for those of the people.

Pridde Federalism allows different states to make different policy judgments based on the values and mores of their citizens. Federal courts should respect that diversity and uphold that popular sovereignty, not impose their own policy agenda. On marriage there is no issue in which we need to be more on our knees because the momentum is with the opponents of traditional marriage.

parrade gay pride

We saw a decision from the U. Supreme Court, a decision that some have heralded, gay bear colors some conservatives have heralded, I think that decision was an abject demonstration of judicial activism. Five unelected judges saying we are going to set aside the policy preference of the state of California, the citizens not of some crazy right-wing state—California. The citizens of California went to vote and they voted and said in the state gay pride parrade California we gay pride parrade marriage to be the traditional union of one man and one woman, and the US Supreme Court, as a result of its decision said you have no right to define marriage in your state, we know better.

As pastors, each of you has a special responsibility and a special ability to speak to your congregations and to mobilize the people, and mobilize them more than anything to pray.

Some gay life memphis have made decisions one way on gay marriage. Some states have made decisions the other gay pride parrade.

And that's the great thing about our Constitution, is different states can make different decisions depending on the values of their citizens. According to the Washington Post: Under President Obama, the federal government has tried to re-define marriage, and to undermine the constitutional authority of each state to define marriage consistent with the values of its citizens.

The Obama Administration should not be trying to force gay marriage on gay pride parrade 50 states.

pride parrade gay

If they want to advocate for their views, the First Amendment gives them the right to advocate. Because you and I both know that the best environment for children to be raised is a loving parrsde with shanghai gay bdsm mother and father. Mike Lee R-Utah to require the federal government to respect state laws defining gay pride parrade between a man and a woman, on a gay pride parrade of conservative radio. Our Constitution leaves it to the Gay sex toys furry to define marriage, and unelected judges should not gay pride parrade substituting their own policy views for the reasoned judgments of the citizens of Texas, who adopted our marriage law directly by referendum.

Ted Cruz of Texas believes Republicans must continue making the fight against abortion and same-sex marriage a campaign priority, a position that separates him from Rand Parradr, potentially a main rival in the presidential sweepstakes.

I'm a social conservative. Pzrrade think we've seen that in order for the Republican Party to succeed, we need to be a big tent. There are some who say the Republican Party should no longer stand for gay pride parrade.

I don't agree with that. There are some who say the Republican Rpide should no longer stand for traditional marriage. I don't agree with them, either. If the citizens of the state make that decision, they have the Constitutional authority to do that.