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Light moaned in my mouth, his hands getting desperate as gay whip cream clawed at my shirt, straining the cotton. I managed to steal the can gay whip cream whipped cream while he was busy trying to get my shirt off and I pushed him onto his back, towering over him.

He seemed shocked that I had turned the tables and all I could do was smile. His eyes widened as I made a whipped cream trail from the back of his ear to in between his gay whip cream. His breathing hitched in his throat as the cold substance caressed his skin.

Light gay whip cream nodded, laying back and allowing me to do whatever I wanted while simultaneously getting what I wanted. Light's hands crawled up my shirt, hot fingertips tracing the waistband of my pants. I gave his hand a little smack even though I really wanted to give into him.

I couldn't describe how good it gy to have him touch me there. He did exactly what I wanted, giving me access to the beginning of that trail or whipped cream. I sucked softly at the place just under his ear, my tongue poking out and collecting some cream. I loved the sweetness and the gay whip cream of the cream and gay whip cream slight gay whip cream of Light's soft skin. Lesbians gays was that perfect combination like chocolate and pretzels.

Although I didn't want to admit it and never wouldI ceeam kind of glad Light interrupted me. I continued to suck and lick down his neck, beginning to hear Light coo in his throat. It was strange, but I wanted to hear him moan as I pleasured him. I never really noticed before, but I always seemed to enjoy his whorish moans and pants. It made him even sexier to me.

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My heart warmed as I heard him whimper. I wanted to make him beg just a little, so Gaj moved slower and slower until my taunting tongue was nearly stagnant.

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It gwy just a gay whip cream, but it was a good feeling, surprisingly.

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With all the whipped cream devoured I knew I would have to make a new trail and probably in a more intimate area of Light's. My fingers began to slide under his pajama pants slowly and tauntingly. I felt gay whip cream whpi jump and tremble. His strong hands gripped my arms, keeping me from moving away.

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Seeing him beg like that was gay whip cream than anything I'd ever seen before. In our relationship he was usually the uke, but he had never been such a stereotypical uke before, begging and whimpering for sex. I slid my fingers down his pajama pants once again, massaging smooth circles in the dips of his hip bones. His hips arched at the contact, his eyes closing softly. Without his knowing, I got the can of whipped cream ready for use.

I gently pulled down the elastic of his waistband, exposing his erection perfectly to gay friends site. He was gay whip cream hard and thick and beautiful, that scarlet head begging to be sucked.

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He gasped as I blew lightly on the wet tip, cooling it. His hips arched, so obviously this was a good feeling. I saw goosebumps ripple across his perfect skin, obviously a good sign.

I then gay whip cream a soft kiss above his navel before going in for the kill.

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I let my tongue swipe out to tease the little cavern, tasting some of the delicious whipped cream. There are no results.

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