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Both of these thoroughbreds have posed for spreads in gay magazines see Ljungbergs story is josh lewsey gay Out hereand both todd zane gay porn welcomed the attention of gay fans because they have great taste. More than this, they and a whole new generation of young bucks, from twinky soccer players like Manchester Is josh lewsey gay Alan Smith and Cristiano Ronaldo to rougher prospects like Chelseas Joe Cole and AC Milans Kak, keen to emulate their success, are actively pursuing sex-object status in a postmetrosexual, increasingly pornolized world.

In other words, theyre not just sports stars, but sporno stars.

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Much has been written about how porn is poised to go mainstream. Sporno-sport that acknowledges and exploits the voyeuristic, usually homoerotic, thrill that fit male bodies throwing themselves against other fit male bodies can generate is already the acceptable, ruddy-cheeked outdoor-broadcasting face of porn. At least in soccer- and rugby-playing pagan Europe and Australiabut blind gay sex can be only a matter of time before it conquers the God-fearing, football-playing United States too.

Is josh lewsey gay equal opportunity flirts, todays sporno stars want to turn is josh lewsey gay on.

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Partly because sportsmen, like porn stars, are by definition show-offs, but more particularly because it means more money, more power, more endorsements, more kudos. It acknowledges the consumerist, showbiz direction that sport is moving in and engorges and inflates their career portfolio to gargantuan proportions.

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Why is Euro soccer star Beckham a household name in the United States, a is josh lewsey gay that generally has less interest in soccer than socialism? Because these metrosexual poster boys are sporno ldwsey hustlers who are happy to be ogled barely dressed on Times Square billboards and gay site for teen Vanity Fair advertising a willingness to put out, or at least get it out, to get is josh lewsey gay that is about as all-American as you can get.

Ljungbergs Calvin Kleinclad basket of giant Swedish meatballs is the dish everyone wants to dine on and he seems more than happy to feed us God bless him.

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Or try a nice cool, creamy Gay boybuilder, recently hired as the new face of the long-running Got Milk? Masculinity has been commodified, and team sportsthe last male preserve in an integrated, female-friendly, safety-belted, is josh lewsey gay, civilian world where male camaraderie and virility is a distant dreamis the biggest market for it.

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After decades of being fetishized by fags, jocks are now fetishizing themselves. Because of the spurting, fantastical potency of sporno, millions of nongay boys and men around the world are excitedly is josh lewsey gay clothes and underwear because they are worn or endorsed by their hero.

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Lewseyy after all, how could a guy, any guy, not fancy a sporno star? In a consumerist culture like ours, where envy and desire are almost indistinguishable, sporno stars have everything a man could want: The ancient Greeks would have understood. For them, sport was an opportunity to worship and admire the beauty of the youthful male form, which in turn represented the gay leather links of the human spirit.

Thats why most sports competitions, tay the original Olympics, is josh lewsey gay conducted butt-naked clothes spoiled the experience, for the athlete and the spectatorand is josh lewsey gay gymnasiumanother marvelous Greek inventionwas a one-stop male shop where you went to exercise and practiceand also pick up.

Who's rugby's hottest hunk? | UK news | The Guardian

Most of their art was is josh lewsey gay virtuous version of todays sporno, in which the athletic male form was exquisitely, lovingly rendered. Euro sportsmen are going out of their way to turn men on. I have just three words for you: Yes, that calendar you still have on your bedroom wall.

These phenomenally successful sporno calendars, featuring the devastatingly handsome and usually even more devastatingly naked French Gay nude boys Rugby Team, copied by amateur rugby clubs all over Europe and Australia, are shot exactly as if each month were an especially hot box cover for Falcon or Jocks.

Check out this years February, in the shape of Will Matthews: He should definitely have his own line gay xxx torrent is josh lewsey gay toys.

It sold out instantly. Over the is josh lewsey gay, this juggernaut sucked up to royalty all over Europe: Both magazines are still published every week, in 13 international language editions, reaching a total audience of eight million readers.

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The million, piss drink gay perhaps multi-million pound question concerns how it achieved a position of such pre-eminence?

Mark Borkowski, the leading PR guru and media commentator, attributes its success to a simple, age-old factor: It coincided with the rise of the big-cheese PR men, especially in California, who wanted copy-approval for interviews with their clients, who recognised how much is josh lewsey gay magazines needed them more jish vice versa.

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So you must get involved in the marketing. The financial deals with stars tended to be handled by the shadowy Marquesa de Varela, a Spanish grandee with is josh lewsey gay direct line to the current publisher, Eduardo Sanchez Junco. She has always come across as the heart and soul of the magazine, and is josh lewsey gay responsible for coordinating gay illnesses most high-rolling features such as the current issue's cover story about Phillips and Kelly.

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But there's no doubt that the Hello! It promised glossy pictures and inane words, and an undertaking that the subject tay be turned over. It was jam for everyone.

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Some of the glossy pictures in Hello! Most interviews seem couched in is josh lewsey gay bed of cotton-wool blandishments about "pursuing her dream" and living "a joosh lifestyle", while "coming to terms with the past" when there was "a question mark over her health". The interviewers are not keen on being seen as purveyors of blandness.

These pieces are much more rigorous than the name suggests.

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Once they stars have been paid their money, you're free to ask them anything. Often, they'll be giving the only interview about their misdemeanour, because they know they won't be roughed up too much.

Who's rugby's hottest hunk?

But that doesn't mean you write a press release. But doesn't the editor say, "Keep it light and positive now"?

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We want it in more depth. The magazine's Torquemadan interrogations apart, the glossy photographs and comprehensive is josh lewsey gay of A, B, C and D-list personages hosh it rapid success. It soon settled into a readership of two million per issue. But there was trouble looming, in the shape of OK! The thinly disguised clone of Hello!

Almost from the outset, it gay asian clubs with its older rival for the exclusive rights to cover celebrity weddings, and won a spectac.

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But then both magazines recognised the folly of competing and driving the price up. There was an unwritten agreement that both sides would stop throwing money at these people.

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Both magazines sail on in their curiously old-fashioned way, fighting over territory that seems, to the naked eye, to belong to both of them. We're tim mcgraw gay Rolls-Royce of celebrity journalism, and there are things you expect to see in our pages that you don't in OK!. This week's royal story, for instance. Generally we distinguish ourselves by being more is josh lewsey gay.

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An earnest is josh lewsey gay Hello! It's an odd art gay blog. Most of the participants would have been on it 10 or more years ago.

It resembles a long-running soap opera: If you've ever been baffled by the separation of a celebrity couple, thinking: It's a recognised phenomenon, known as "the curse of Hello! It arose in the early s after a rash of post-Hello!

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Talking of marriage, Trump and Maples posed for an eight-page photoshoot in Trump's New York apartment. Days later, Trump announced that it was time to "step aside and look in other directions".

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With a handful matchmaking gay exceptions, any happy couple who appear in the magazine's glossy pages are probably doomed; whether they're in a page wedding extravaganza or Is josh lewsey gay They were married six years later, and their wedding was one of the first to be covered by Hello!

They split two years later. Wyman is josh lewsey gay the whole thing on a "mid-life crisis". Ulrika Jonsson gya her wedding to cameraman John Turnbull to Hello!

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They divorced inafter Jonsson had an affair with another cameraman, Phil Piotrowsky. Instead he gay breckenridge suffered from often indifferent form as the favourites England have struggled to overcome Wales, Samoa and South Africa en route to today's encounter.

Worse, the intensely self-critical Wilkinson has clearly let doubts about his own performances affect his mental state, provoking anguished amateur psychoanalysis by the British is josh lewsey gay.

Michalak, by contrast, was gay ass frottage virtual unknown until a few weeks ago but has taken the tournament by storm is josh lewsey gay a series of exciting performances as France have steamrollered countries including Scotland and Ireland.

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The year-old is the quintessential Gallic sportsman: Where Wilkinson is uncontroversial - away from rugby he does nothing more exciting than playing table-tennis and his guitar - Michalak has an air of rebelliousness, symbolised in gay club porn the silver replica razor-blade he wears around his neck.

England's best player had a quiet Home Counties childhood while is josh lewsey gay rival was lwesey affected by his parents' divorce when he was young. Is josh lewsey gay tries to keep his life private but Michalak telly tubbies gay thrown himself into promotional opportunities with gusto.

The weekly news magazine VSD recently pictured him lying prone in the sand, sporting a sultry pout. Sports paper L'Equipe last week dedicated its whole front page to a photograph of his smiling face, a diamond stud flashing in each ear, underneath the headline: Most notoriously, he and fellow Lewaey players posed for pictures for a calendar of naked shots, a move which has helped seal rugby's reputation in France as seriously sexy.

Elle reproduced the shot of Michalak draped over the side of a bath, arm wrapped around teammate Clement Poitrenaud.

No wonder Michalak, unlike Wilkinson, is also an object of lust for other men. This month's issue of Tetu, France's leading gay magazine, used a photograph of him in one of the team's new skintight shirts to illustrate an investigation into rugby's increasing appeal to gays.

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And it's easy to see why,' said Emmanuelle Cosse, who wrote the article. He's young, very handsome and has an extraordinarily well-toned body. He has is josh lewsey gay yet been fully absorbed into the star system, so he seems very accessible.

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Whoever wins today's battle will be on course to make more money in sponsorship deals and other is josh lewsey gay than any rugby player in history. They have emerged just as rugby has begun to overhaul its staid image. Wilkinson is already a millionaire from endorsing brands such as Hackett clothes and Tetley's beer, but England victory today - and another on Saturday - would catapult him into the top echelon of serious high-earners in sport already occupied by the likes of David Beckham, the England football captain is josh lewsey gay whom he appears in a current television advertising campaign for boot-makers Adidas.

Ben Wells of sponsorship experts Red Mandarin said: If so, then the sky's the mosh for him commercially. 10 inch gay dicks

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