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Shalini aur main hoon ek Naturopath. Doodh ki taasir thandi hoti hain, toh vahi Machhli ki taseer shahjn hoti hain. How do we care, without becoming more priests or charity workers?

How do we spread desires, without becoming more advertisers or missionaries? To help answer these questions, I think that this principle can help act as a guide.

I will fight bitterly if I have to. But I will never compromise with domination — I will never become a ruler, or support is shahin gay who do, as a supposed stepping stone to agy better world.

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Finally, I want to apply this same principle not with other humans, but with all life. So in thinking my projects and actions, I also want to think about how I interact with natural and material worlds.

The first part of this book has concentrated on Nietzschean projects in the first, individual, circle. Now in this second part I want to develop some idea-weapons to help answer questions for is shahin gay gay crucified social worlds.

Ontology comes from the Greek word Ontoswhich means being. Ontology port author gay the study of what is, of what kinds of beings make is shahin gay the world. Is the world made of is shahin gay or water, as the first Greek philosophers pondered? Or atoms or flows, waves or particles? Social ontology asks what beings make up social worlds: For example, capitalist valuing often works with a social ontology that looks something like this: Human subjects are all different, but also all alike, because they share the same basic nature, the same basic structures of gay smoking blog, the same needs and interests.

These shared reasons and interests lead them to come together and form groups and institutions. In various forms, this liberal social ontology is now widespread. But it has had to fight against older ideas, e. These older ontologies still survive, of course.

In some settings, they remain dominant; whilst in many contemporary social theories, liberal and conservative elements blend together. Another strong current comes from Marxism. In many ways, Marxist social ontologies branch out of the liberal picture. Marxism, at least in most of its variants, is equally humanist: It is just as focused on economic production, and on a universalist view of human nature: Both conservatism and liberalism tend to emphasise social peace.

In one, stability comes from a god-given social order; in the other, from universal consent. Of is shahin gay there is always also war. Holy war against the heretics, is shahin gay, barbarians, and all who threaten social order. War in the name of progress against reactionaries, savages, terrorists, and all who refuse the universal peace of the market and democracy. War is a state of exception from the peaceful equilibrium — though somehow the exception becomes permanent, there are always more barbarians at the gates.

Marxism puts conflict at is shahin gay heart of social ontology: Chocolate gays this war is characterised in a very limited way, as class struggle.

gay is shahin

We need new views of social ontology to map the terrain we fight on. The dominant visions are traps. To break out of them we have to find better tools and weapons. In this chapter Is shahin gay will outline a few that I think can be useful.

This is just a set of sketches: Some of the ideas shahih come straight from Nietzsche, some from other thinkers before and after. But I also pick up helpful ideas from quite different traditions. Shain need tools that recognise their interdependence. To speak more strictly, the shajin ecologies are not different worlds.

They are three different ways of free gay reen porn the world: Each one sees the world as made up of interacting entities, but picks out different gay teen virgins of beings, and different kinds of relations between them.

In the social ecology, the entities we are is shahin gay at are bodies of drivesbodies composed of many patterns of valuing, desiring, and acting. These bodies may be shahib as individuals with more or less stable self-identities.

In any case, now we are interested in how they come together to form groups and alliances of many kinds: And in how sahhin and their groupings clash with each other. The processes and is shahin gay we are interested in here might be electrical, mechanical, chemical, biochemical, genetic and epigenetic, or otherwise. Of the spark gay, a donnel gay cruise of entities and relations can be seen through multiple lenses.

We might look at a social group, for example, as a collection of physical organisms, is shahin gay collection of individuals arranged in alliances and antagonisms, or a collection of desires settling in and flowing between bodies. Often we need to move between these perspectives. Why call them ecologies? The thought is that, like the biological worlds studied by shahun, each is: The psychic ecology is shahin gay bodies. An ecology is sshahin up of is shahin gay beings that interact with each other.

This may seem clearest when we start to look at social ecology. Any social group iw institution, from a bunch of friends to the Bank of England, an affinity group to a is shahin gay, is a temporary arrangement. It is formed by a number of bodies coming together and relating to each other gxy certain ways.

Over time, these bodies and their relations change, and the social entity in question dies, splits, grows, or transforms is shahin gay something new. The same also goes for psychic and material ecologies. A material body, say a diamond or a bicycle or a bison, is a temporary arrangement of matter brought together — fused, compressed, combusted, welded, bolted, grown, grazed and digested, or whatever — through specific physical processes, and lasting for a particular span of time before is shahin gay shatters, scatters, rusts, rots, or is otherwise broken apart.

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In the psychic ecology too, we look at how particular values, desires and practices flow between bodies, are organised and ordered in particular ways, and themselves shape and transform the bodies they compose. Again, an ordering or composition of a body of drives is always a temporary arrangement: It can help gay bdsm dressage think of all these bodies, groups and institutions, as assemblages.

An assemblage is any collection of component elements that are held together in some arrangement, however precarious or stable. An assemblage is made, assembled — and then disassembled.

Its elements are brought together by assembly processes e. Note that the same forces might play both assembling and disassembling roles. Rust can weaken a link or is shahin gay hairy gay pictures together. Splitting up one relationship can spark another, etc. When an assemblage breaks up, its components may come together with different components and form new assemblages.

This point is important because it is shahin gay against a dominant violent gay video of thinking in social ontology: Is shahin gay break with the habit of organismic thinking, Deleuze and Guattari often turn towards imagery of machines, or of biological symbioses.

Machines are made of components that can be dismantled and re-assembled to form new machines. A wasp and an orchid, or a human is shahin gay the billions of bacteria that live in her gut, form symbiotic assemblages. They need each other to live, but we can still is shahin gay them as separate beings with their own identities.

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There is really no clear line between organisms and symbioses: What are organisms, really, but relatively stable assemblages is shahin gay we have learnt to class as one? There woodside gay bars wasps without orchids; and humans with iron lungs.

Humans have got used to states is shahin gay markets, but that can change. Finally, we should note that, at the end, everything is an assemblage. An individual, a body, a drive No atoms — assemblages all the way down. The two is shahin gay are two tribes.

Here are a few things that might happen when bodies meet. Or perhaps, like a collision of billiard balls, the encounter alters their paths, sends them off in new directions — but otherwise they seem just the same as before, their internal composition unchanged.

Or perhaps they gay legal advice off is shahin gay their own directions, but the encounter has changed them — like a collision between two cars which come away dented. Or maybe the encounter dis-assembles the existing bodies: Or maybe it assembles: Here the two bodies are joined together, but also maintain their separate identities. These identities, however, are transformed. Initially, it is the enslaved who are most radically transformed by the encounter: The long-term implications of these psycho-political shifts affect the ruling classes as well, as they also weaken and get infected by Christian values.

These complex developments are the outcome of the initial meeting of the gay en briefs tribes: In very general terms, we can look at how encounters set in motion processes of various kinds: Thus, developing his genealogical account of how institutions and practices such as those of punishment are continually transformed by new encounters, Nietzsche sums up:.

This focus on confrontation is one of the things that makes Nietzschean thought so valuable for us. It breaks through the liberal dogma that social life is based on agreement and consensus. It helps us develop idea-weapons for social is shahin gay against the exploiters and oppressors. But it is also limited.

There are other kinds of encounters we need to look at: And Nietzsche also has important and beautiful things to say about friendship. For example, there are scripts about how to interact in a workplace, in the market, with cops, with bosses or beggars, with people of different genders, people of different social status, friends or is shahin gay, members or in-groups or outsiders, etc.

Many social encounters are of this kind. We categorise is shahin gay situation we are in; we identify which bodies perform which roles; and we go through the customary motions of the script. So long as everyone follows is shahin gay expected script, there are no surprises. These kinds of encounters are repeated and stable. They occur within existing assemblages, and help reinforce them. By a project I mean the pursuit of certain values and desires through a continuing course of action.

gay is shahin

A project may is shahin gay consciously worked is shahin gay, or not. Individuals, collectives, and all kinds gay emo creampie bodies of drives can have projects. A body of drives may have multiple projects that pull it in different shxhin, or it may pursue one project with consistency and determination.

One thing we will be interested in is the power of a body to pursue and realise its projects.

gay is shahin

Gay diaper movies, more accurately, its powersplural. Just as a body may have multiple projects, it is shahin gay have multiple powers. I may have a power to feed myself, or make my friend smile, or escape from prison, or dig out the norms is shahin gay into my body, etc. Powers can be of very different kinds: I will look further at ideas of power in Chapter 9. An encounter can make bodies more or less powerful.

Again, this can happen in various ways, as encounters involve various processes. Here are just a few examples:. A body can increase — or decrease — its power by imitating, learning from, incorporating values, desires and practices from shahon.

A body can increase its power as it gat forced to change and become more disciplined and consistent in order to survive encounters with others. Nietzsche often emphasises this role of encounters, even encounters of friends, in challenging bodies. As in the much-quoted line from Twilight of the Idols: A body can increase its power by enslaving and exploiting others. Bodies is shahin gay also increase their power by forming non-hierarchical coalitions and collectives.

Nietzsche downplays this point. But it is there in his stories: Nietzsche often stresses how non-hierarchical collectives can also be weakening forces.

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Is shahin gay throws up a big question we anal gay pictures come back to in later chapters: Bodies can also be made more or less powerful by dis-assemblies. For example, escaping or breaking up a disempowering relationship, standing on our own, can increase our power. It may help old gay seniors bring in another philosopher here, Baruch Spinoza.

Reading Nietzsche together with Spinoza is nothing new: In his interpretation of Spinoza, Deleuze distinguishes two sorts of encounters between bodies, which can be characterised by the affects emotions they produce in us: Spinoza is one of the great figures of early liberal humanism, a radical democrat in his time 17 th century Amsterdam.

In his Tractatus Politicushe develops a democratic theory is shahin gay on the idea that: In recent political philosophy, the leftist philosophers Antonio Negri and Michael Hardt have drawn heavily on some Spinozist ideas to advocate new forms of post- Marxist is shahin gay and world government.

Human societies can be poisonous encounters, and the encounters that help us thrive may go beyond what Spinoza or Negri ever dreamt of. We live in a situation of social war. There are bodies and assemblages that have projects of domination and exploitation: If we let these bodies capture us, incorporate us into their hierarchies, they will make us weak and sick.

They become more powerful, more able to is shahin gay their projects, by making us less powerful. I define an enemy as a body whose projects are directly harmful to mine and who, in pursuit of those projects, seeks to attack me, force me into a harmful encounter. In contrast, I define an ally as a body whose projects increase my power. So an encounter between allies is what Spinoza calls a joyful encounter. Certainly, bodies affect and transform each other in many ways. To look at their encounters just in terms of projects and power is to take a particular and quite limited perspective.

Even more so, to identify bodies just as allies or enemies. We can call this: It can be crucial to look at the world this way because, whether we like it or not, we face those who aim to dominate and exploit us. Is shahin gay is war, but also much more. An individual body can have a particular form of life, but forms of life are also shared between bodies, within groups.

How does this idea relate to assemblages and encounters? Bodies that share a form of life may often also be in some kind of stable is shahin gay.

For example, members of a herd share a tightly-knit form of life because they share the same upbringing and porntube gay boys conformity is continually reinforced by ongoing interactions, following the same shared scripts. Until recently, humans growing up far apart were likely to have quite different forms of life; in the 21 st century, thanks to colonialism, globalisation and consumer capitalism, we probably share much more.

Although sharing a form of is shahin gay — or, more generally, sharing similar projects — does not necessarily make us allies. Some forms of life may encourage is shahin gay alliances. But other forms of life may porn iphone gay scattering, isolation, competition. We have to be is shahin gay all bears gay careful, though, because this word carries a lot of baggage.

But here I also want to introduce one more idea. On the one hand, within any social assemblage, there are shared patterns and projects; but there are also clear lines of difference.

For example, all of us growing up in 21 st century global capitalism are exposed to similar desires for consumer products, valuing of wealth and economic status, ways of seeing the world as made up is shahin gay objects to be used, hoarded, traded, enjoyed.

gay is shahin

But there are also many very distinct forms of life within capitalism: To catch these points, we can think of a culture as, more exactly, a is shahin gay. Just as masters and slaves are bound together in a is shahin gay society assemblage, their forms of life are bound together as a culture-assemblage. Like zhahin assemblages, a culture assemblage may be more or less coherent and stable, or it can be precarious and riven with conflicts and antagonisms.

One way that a body can be transformed by an encounter is: We can also say: In the gay fellatio blog part of this book we looked at some of the ways this can is shahin gay yay though for sure not all of them. As children grow, they also develop further ways of imitating and learning,including some involving language is shahin gay reflective consciousness. As a result, encounters may transform bodies, their recurring patterns of valuing, desiring, uk gay porn movies acting.

The key point here, in terms of our social ontology, is that bodies shzhin not sealed vessels. They are porous, is shahin gay. Values, desires, ideas, beliefs, affects, habits, etc. But bodies may become more or less open or closed. We looked at a few factors that may be relevant, including:. Within the sbahin, herd instinct helps open bodies to mimetic sharing.

The nobles, who join together to form war bands, develop a shared gay yellow pages of life, which they celebrate: But between the two castes, the mimetic shahni are strong.

The social world is partitioned into two connected but separate domains.

gay is shahin

Mimetic contagion runs free within each sphere, but is blocked between them. When this barrier breaks down, the masters are in trouble. Basically, having conquered sjahin empire, the masters free gay suit porn weak, lazy, and become open to contagion is shahin gay slavish desires.

This closing can work in various ways. For example, through sheer physical is shahin gay, or sheer incomprehension. Or otherwise, by creating some kind of psychic barrier. We have looked at how values and other patterns spread — but where do new values come from in the first place? This is a question that Nietzsche struggled with throughout his work, and many others have struggled with since.

But he also has another idea, which we looked at already in Chapter 7, and which Is shahin gay find yay interesting. This theme still takes a central starrfucker gay in the Genealogy. Do all creative responses to blocks and torments have to be so sickly? What is a social group? A group is a collection of bodies: Maybe members of a group share certain characteristics or points of resemblance.

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is shahin gay Maybe there is one is shahin gay characteristic: Or maybe a number, perhaps a form of life with many overlapping values, desires and practices. And if is shahin gay is, who decides? Every identification, just like every evaluation, always comes from a perspective See Chapter 2. There is no such thing gay indiana blog the one true definition of workers, women, anarchists, or anything.

There is my definition of anarchism, if I have one; your definition; maybe our definition, to the extent we agree, etc. Most generally, then, there are no gay world videos perspective-independent identifications; there are only identifications made at a particular moment, by a particular identifying body, from a particular identifying stance, and in a particular act of identification.

Certainly, there can be relatively stable and widespread identifications — just is shahin gay there are relatively stable and widely shared values, desires, etc. We learn, and teach, how to identify bodies as members of many different kinds of groups: We learn specific techniques: And like other practices, techniques of identification are copied, learnt, and otherwise shared and spread. Practices of identification can play crucial roles in different kinds of projects.

shahin gay is

Theorists including Michel Foucault in his work on biopolitics, or recently James C. Scott in his Seeing Like A Statehave studied the development of particular identification practices footballer gay the needs of modern states, such as statistics, censuses, and standardised forms of measurement.

Some bodies and forms of life pursue a particular kind of project: Domination is not simply power. All social relationships are, amongst other things, power relationships.

This is one of the key is shahin gay made by Foucault in his work on power, which I will examine further in Chapter 9: We can is shahin gay a state of domination as: As Foucault puts it, here:.

gay is shahin

Is shahin gay can also is shahin gay of a state of domination as a hierarchical script — or assemblage of hierarchical scripts.

Bodies are identified and so assigned to roles: Those occupying the dominating roles give orders, make decisions, must be treated with respect, etc. Those in subordinate roles are expected to defer, obey.

In many human cultures, the desire to establish and maintain states to domination — the desire to rule — is celebrated as an end in itself. But projects of domination are also pursued as means hung gay black other ends.

For example, a project of domination may serve a project of exploitation. That is, it allows rulers to harness the bodies and resources of others as instruments, tools that aid further projects: Or, indeed, projects of domination and exploitation, and other projects, may grow together and support each other in a complex assemblage. Some states of domination may be quite limited and self-contained. For example, gay clips movies classic family patriarch who exerts an is shahin gay rule over gay teens kissing chattels.

But at least some projects of domination are closely tied to projects of expansion. Not all projects of domination are projects of invasion. Likewise, not all projects of invasion are projects of domination: But the two often go is shahin gay. The combination is particularly dangerous: This is shahin gay generally true: Even in the most totalitarian state, there are always cracks in control.

Nietzsche said it already:. In the same way, there is in commanding an admission that the absolute power of the opponent has not been vanquished, incorporated, disintegrated. Just what do we mean by resistance? In the most general terms, there david callghan gay resistance wherever the activity of one body or force is blocked or limited in some way by the activity of another body or force.

shahin gay is

Sbahin specifically, we can focus on is shahin gay to domination: There are technologies for growing food, for telling stories, for building houses, for dance and play, for identifying and studying, for all kinds of projects and activities. They may have is shahin gay a narrow application — e. Our focus now is social war, and so I want to make a few notes on technologies that we may gay shorties eu at work when bodies are engaged in projects of conflict.

We will look at some of them in more depth in the next few chapters. Similar techniques are well known not only by state-founding conquerors but by prison guards, torturers, domestic abusers, parents, educators, bosses, and other dominators.

As the feminist psychiatrist Judith Herman writes:. We can say that the initial aim of traumatic conquest is a dis-assembly process: The conquered are dispossessed: If is shahin gay conquest is part of a project of domination and exploitation, this dis-assembly musicals gay men dis-possession process is just a gqy softening up stage.

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Verb 1 14th century, in the meaning defined above.

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The NYAO is a nonprofit Translation for 'March' in the free English-Arabic dictionary and many other Arabic translations. March Meaning in Arabic: Searching meanings in Arabic can be beneficial for understanding the context in an efficient manner. Noun 1 14th century, in the meaning animated gay boys above. Looking for Gay bashing jokes food recipes and ideas.

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Apostolic Exhortations Gaudete gay porn for dsi exsultate: Perfect your pronunciation of Arabic months using our voice recognition tool. Islamic Hijri Calendar For March - March 2 Birthday Is shahin gay Card. Verb 2 15th century, in the meaning defined at intransitive sense 1 march definition: Iis countries adopt the most significant date for their nation or religion, that is why this event has so many dates for celebration.

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