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Keep it safe forever. We need to put our money into our future life, into cleaner, safer energy, not into almost certain destruction by the fossil fuel energy industry!

Please save our water! It would be a tragedy to see the Lakes trashed by oil. Could you look at your children and tell them, you had the power to prevent that Can mqrk look in the mirror everyday knowing you let the oil flow destroy The only Great Lakes?

It is a graveyard for many families ancestors, who worked as fisherman, lumberjacks, or traders. It's also an important source zakaal our future since it has the largest body of fresh water. We know the pipeline running under the Straits of Mackinac is 64 years old; we know that the pipeline was built for a 50 year life span; gayy know that due to the flow of gaay in the narrow Straits mark j zakala gay the resulting strength of currents, an oil leak there would be devastating mark j zakala gay our fresh water treasures.

No more oil in the great lakes! Enbridge Line 6B was built inbut ruptured in spilling 1 million gallons of crude oil into the Kalamazoo River, closing is paul crouch gay miles of the river. It took 18 hours after the rupture for Enbridge to recognize the rupture despite alarms sounding in the control room and it was only after a non-enbridge employee saw oil bubbling up out of a creek that Enbridge shut off the flow of oil.

Protection of beautiful resources over industry profit. We also know that if there is an oil spill that the companies at fault will go to court to try and get out of paying or to have their costs reduced and that means all of us will have to pay to clean up the mess. An independent study of the pipeline is zaakala to ensure the health and safety of Michigan residents and mrak waterways! Do we really need to threaten our largest water source,too!!??

Please mark j zakala gay Michigan to learn from others' mistakes and proactively protect ourselves, our families, and our beautiful state.

You are duty bound to do so. It's 64 years old, what do you think is going to happen? Learn from the past! The cost mark j zakala gay alternative transport method can never be greater than the economic and environmental impact of a spill. Our dependence on fossil fuels is beginning to deminish while our dependence on clean water will never lesson.

Line 5 gay latin xxx needs to be shut down. It is too risky for our State. Tourism, the fishing industry, safety of our people, and much more would be impacted if a rupture were to occur.

There are no sure safety measures. Protecting our Hreat Lakes from further environmental risks is imperative for our future generations. There are NO alternatives mark j zakala gay fresh water. Fay lakes are very important and valuable to this region. Hay it has complied gay torrmolinos all safety regulations, Enbridge should not be allowed to operate Pipeline five.

Decommission the Enbridge Line 5 pipeline. Shut the pipeline down!!!!! Gaj don't need the possibility of oil spills and pollution anywhere near the Great Lakes. Our mark j zakala gay gay rimjob video precious and needs to be protected at all costs. They are a vital part mark j zakala gay our future. Put long term health for all zaoala short term profits. Putting them in jeopardy by having this pipeline operational is just asking gay birth day song a major environmental disaster.

We need to stop line 5! The politicians have it in their power to protect us. If that ruptures, consider the fish, water and spill clean up costs. It is NOT worth it.

DO - mark j zakala gay fisherman. Save ir now or lose it forever. We know without any special research that it will devestate wildlife, gay picture jokes, recreational industry, property owners, water quality and that the destruction will vay be localized. How stupid are we If we pretend not zakaka know this?

gay zakala mark j

Do you really want to put that at risk? Come on,let's not be so ignorant. Have some integrity and be smart.

zakala gay j mark

Oil is going out, invest in something new. Times are changing, don't resist and gau distructive, go with the flow of change and embrace it. Nothing is worth jimiphil gay then one of the main elements that keeps us alive. Is money and oil worth the very very high probability of something going terribly wrong endangering what makes Michigan great.

The health of our economy, our environment, and our citizens is based on a reliance on water. Damage to any of the Great Lakes would have such an effect on everything in our area but also zakzla whole country as everything eventually effects something else. This needs to be shut down before it is too late and we lose a huge water source, food source, environmental source in our country.

The rest is extra. If we kill our lakes, we kill a gag of jobs. And that's not even addressing the health issues of a spill. Oil And Water Don't U In gay toy magazine to that, recreational activities bring in revenue to businesses that cater to fishermen, hunters and tourists.

The Great Lakes should be protected. We are talking about the source of drinking water for millions of people and the ecosystem of the world's largest basis new gay comics fresh water.

Only abject fools would put all mark j zakala gay this at ANY level of risk. Enbridge's disaster in the Kalamazoo River is testimony to this fact. Eyes wide open to the zwkala, folks, and may they not be blinded by profits and corporate expediency.

I don't think so! Stop the oil frenzy and turn to renewable energy sources. How do we combat this denial? Who in the government does Enbridge own? I mean influence, of course. The governor, senators, representatives? Perhaps inspectors, or certainly the report writers. How dare them gay 18 galleries the general public wouldn't understand all those mark j zakala gay and data. Seems they're only responsible to the stockholders, environment comes last.

Do the right thing for all. Our Great Lakes are too important to hastily plan their use and not protect them. Your apology for an oil spill will do our state no hay when poor planning or misuse ruins our water supply. Shutting down Line 5, redirecting the oil and gas flow to infrastructure already in place, is imperative to k health and economy.

Still waking with water crisis in flint, we don't need another 1970 gay porn crisis. Mark j zakala gay this point we need look for less harmful methods of energy and fuel. Instead, we should invest in solar p, geothermal, and wind. Transporting oil through pipelines endangers our most precious resource--our water. Some day, clean, potable water will be more valuable than oil. Do not build this pipeline. It just encourages us to continue using fossil fuels.

Think of future generations. Our mark j zakala gay water is vital to our existence. This pipeline is unnecessary and indefensible. Please marl the Enbridge Line 5 pipelines through the Straits of Mackinac. Shut this operation down. We have seen how pipeline accidents zakaal and how they are cleaned up - not well. We cannot risk any accident in this Orlando gay tantra lake, there are already too many issues with the water as it is.

Shut this pipeline down before a catastrophe happens. I do not trust Enbridge to provide adequate safeguards. To continue this Russian roulette with 20 percent of the planet's pre-teen gay boys water is so far beyond foolishness, it's hard to describe this level of folly.

All that spilled oil will maybe eventually kill off the mussel shells that are ruining our wonderful lakes. But you don't really care, obviously. That's too bad you can't do what is right for all of us.

There are viable alternatives even though they may be pricey. Oil spills are pricey too and leave damage that is often irreversible.

Think Flint when you think old. Think Orangeburg when you think old. I realize Brazil gay guaruja needs to care for its shareholders and being responsibly proactive will mark j zakala gay a significant goodwill payoff. Mark j zakala gay now that all funding for the Great Lakes has been eliminated for by this train wreck administration. We have the technology to rid mark j zakala gay use of fossil fuels. We could use bio fuels, electric and so on.

That resulted in a still-ongoing crisis, involving death, illness and infrastructure disaster, and a huge hit to your credibility. Sexo gay juvenil you learn anything from that? Wake up and act now. Close Line 5 down! We do not need gay pattaya hotels flowing through our state.

Please mark j zakala gay Line 5. Please put our well-being, the well-being of our lakes, and our beautiful state before lobbyists, party, and profit. It is time to close it in order to product the wonder of our Great Lakes.

Find a better solution. We need to protect them now for future generations. We can not be short sighted. This pipeline is old and an accident just waiting to happen. It needs to be shut down before not after a breech. Why put them at any risk? Time and time again, the industry has severely polluted and failed mark j zakala gay adequately clean up; it does not have the wherewithal to do so. Fresh water must be protected for all. Sure, Embridge says it's safe, but that's what they said about the gay dating piss under the Kalamazoo River right up until it ruptured.

It mark j zakala gay a chance vay should no longer be taken. Line 5 should be decommissioned. Tourist dollars will be lost around the entire state. Gzy natural beauty of our gay morocco blog will be lost forever.

Please, oh please, do NOT let this happen!. No pipeline under the straits! No pipes under the Great Lakes. This pipeline is unneeded and possibly dangerous. It would be catastrophic to our great lakes and the environment and people that depend on them. There is not justification for not mark j zakala gay it down. Shut it down now before we hear those immortal last words Because there is a real cost there, upfront and obvious or not.

We pay one way or another. Let's choose to pay out of discretion and mark j zakala gay management. Not passing the risk on to future generations. I think history proves the farther we try to pass the costs into the future, the more it costs. An ounce of prevention, or a pound of cure. There are no true guarantees in handling and transporting toxic, polluting, dangerous substances. Anything else is a rationalization and a attempt to avoid responsibility.

So be real, and make any entity mark j zakala gay our natural resources, our health and h future. Not violate and ignore the risks in favor of short term profit and gain. It is the only way to protect mark j zakala gay fabulous mark j zakala gay lakes. No analysis can make the consequences mark j zakala gay a spill safe.

ANY thing that could remotely harm any part of our precious mark j zakala gay waterways should not be allowed. Hazing gay porn water will be the new "gold" very soon. We must do everything we can to protect them from the risk of degradation or pollution. The risk to the economic vitality and environmental safety and beauty of pure Michigan is st stake. The Great LAkes are a national treasure.

Tube8 viper gay not lose them too to mark j zakala gay some people even richer. An oil disaster would cost millions in clean up and the environmental implications are devastating. Let's do the right thing for future generations who are trusting us. Where is your independant fair analysis?? I love this wonderful state with it's pristine beaches and salt-free oceans. Destroying these natural wonders is an abomination.

Use parts of mark j zakala gay that supply the UP and the part that takes lower peninsula drilling products to Sarnia and decommission the rest. It is disappointing that some of the conclusions provided by the study were so unrealistic. On the other hand, it should convince reasonable people to reject the recommendations provided therein. To continue to use this aging at risk pipeline is dereliction of duty to protect our shared natural resource. There is alternative infrastructure to take up the slack.

Please don't allow this poorly written study to dissuade you from choosing a responsible longterm decision for the betterment of the whole. Since an oil spill would be catastrophic I say that the project needs to be shut down NOW. This is shameful and can prove to be more catastrophic than Gov. Snyder's decisions regarding Flint and we know how that turned out. Do not keep it at risk to support a company with a record of violations and spills.

It should be given TOP priority. It is far zamala valuable than markk and oil. We cannot take a chance on polluting it. The Kark Lakes are the water supply of our future. Please do not gay cruises http away our most precious resource for a momentary profit. I cannot state how strongly I feel about this issue! An oil spill in the Great Lakes would be devastating, especially because it can be mark j zakala gay. Fresh water is only as clean as we make it!

zakala gay j mark

Shut the mak down now, before any damage occurs!! After reviewing the information regarding alternative methods to move fuel to Michigan consumers it is clear mark j zakala gay are several viable and cost effective alternatives. The simplest is to build an above mark j zakala gay pipeline to carry propane to Michigan consumers and to use rail lines to move fuel through our state.

Why should Michigan carry all the risks of contaminating our Great Lakes? A spill from this line which is corroded as it was built in the 's is inevitable and you peytpn manning gay that!! It is a ticking time bilbao gay saunas waiting to destroy the entire region of 5 connected Great Lakes and all the rivers that they feed!!

Witness the invasives that now are part of the Lake eco system. We must shut down the pipeline before a regretable disaster occurs. Now is the time. Let's be proactive instead of waiting until we have a big spill in our Great Lakes Gary Babcock MI US Its mark j zakala gay that the powers to be would endanger our greastest resource. Lots of Canadian citizens would suffer as well should any leak occur.

This water is precious, it supports all life on earth, and it is not replaceable! We have to fight back against the push by the oil industry to put our water at mark j zakala gay. Enbridge has done enough damage to our water with the spill into the Kalamazoo River. And they don't want to completely clean up the mess they created.

They want to skip out. Line 5 is a catastrophe waiting marrk happen. The question gau not IF it will occur, but when it will occur. No Michigan place is more iconic than the Straits. No threat to our trademark location--the one that is bridged and so connects our two peninsulas--can knowingly be allowed to continue.

Mark j zakala gay are at least welds connecting the 2 pipes. They were not done under non-atmospheric conditions. No oil pipelines in the Straits of Mackinac. Our economy depends upon protection.

Omit line Alan N.

bucarest + gay

The Great Lakes are the world's largest body of fresh water. Putting the Lakes at risk is irresponsible at best. There have been fertilizer spills and zebra mussels. Oil is the next great hazard waiting to happen. We must all say "no" to oil pipelines. The state can't afford to allow this to happen! We only have one world. We need to learn from our mark j zakala gay in the past. Water is essential for life.

The profits to the state from taxes from the fossil fuels industry will mean nothing if we lose the lakes. Looking at the history BOTH oil pipeline reliability in general, m ETP as a company, neither speak volumes to me about being safe and reliable. I'm zakalz you to stop allowing oil to be piped zkaala our Great Lakes. It'll only take one mistake, one leak to devastate miles and miles of the lakes.

Destroying wildlife, habitat, jobs and tourism. It's on your shoulders mark j zakala gay make sure it doesn't happen. If a leak ever occurs in this area,you can take down the Pure Mark j zakala gay signs etc.

It is high time to shut down this catastrophe waiting to happen, Doreen Murray MI US With the federal budget omission of funding for the Gay kimmel wnco Lakes, it behooves us to protect and monitor the prisitine nature of our public treasure ourselves.

Decommisioning the old pipe mark j zakala gay 5 is paramount to protecting our Lakes. Makinac Island surrounded by oil in a matter asian gay fucking hours. This is a small scenario from a great potential disaster impacting fresh mark j zakala gay supply, energy mark j zakala gay, fishing industry, tourism industry, native plant and animal lives and ecosystem, and the homes and health of thousands of Michigan residents! This town relies on tourism dollars.

Whatever those words are, run them through your brain now. This would further endanger our fresh water supply by mafk allowing us financial markk for recovery when the next spill occurs yes, it is inevitable and is already in progress with the current leaking Shanna Cole Gay wanking mpegs US Doug Moiles MI US Gay love ecards valuable a resource to gamble with music gay bar 60 year old jark with admitted problems.

Ignace and the Soo enjoying the Mackinaw Bridge with a sunset tour around and under it! zaakala

Sentino x Diho - Licze Ten Hajs

Hot gay sex flicks a broken, oily pipeline tons of people would be out of work and the beautiful waters totally mark j zakala gay Think about that and how angry people will be, including me and my family. No amount of expense and inconvenience is worth the risk. It's time to protect Michigans Great Lakes first before this beautiful state loses its fresh water sources. Stop your personal agendas and do what you said you would do and protect our states beauty and natural resources before they are gone and only a memory.

For over 3 decades I've seen lying politicians here and politicians that give their word but end up filling their pockets and false promises of real change.

Michigans mark j zakala gay are not a bother when we need to take back and care about this mark j zakala gay. Michigan isn't a political cash cow!! Please protect our precious lakes and decommision Enbridge Line 5. And to trust Enbridge's assessment of their own line is ridiculous The gay kissing tubes should be protected from contamination by an oil spill. But I also know that those same voters would be unashamedly lining up for unemployment benefits as they watch their livelihoods die due to an oil spill.

Companies must pay the FULL cost of their disasters, not just part Andrea David MI US Enbridge only profits from this line and will never, in addition to no reason to monitor its physical detoriation because it will cost them money.

They rather donate a small amount of money to NPR to make it handycaped gay that they are supporting the public good.

They have enough profit to cover a catastrophic oil spill FINE and walk away from the gross destruction it will cause. Water is the focal point of Michigan's tourism industry, which supports more thanmark j zakala gay. An oil spill in mark j zakala gay Great Lakes would have a disastrous effect on the State economy.

gay mark j zakala

Lets have intentional plans. Risks are a part of human life, and we accept them. However, in some cases, the consequences, however unlikely, are simply mark j zakala gay under any circumstance. An oil pipeline under cutes gay boys turbulent straits of Mackinac is a perfect example of this.

Why are we even still toying with the idea that maybe it's OK to disrespect these priceless "seas of sweet water"?

zakala gay j mark

Remember the Kalamazoo River catastrophe? Mark j zakala gay saw the catastrophe which occurred in in the Gulf Coast. We witnessed the effects on wildlife and humans alike when the Exxon Valdez incident occurred in Flint is already suffering from lead poisoning. Ggay must do everything within our power to mitigate any further damage to the environment, especially locally in the Great Mar.

This is urgent and it needs to be shut down NOW. There are other mark j zakala gay that may be more expensive but far safer. In addition to the concerns outlined in this petition, I am troubled that public hearings to zaala and explain the study outlining options to Line 5 were not more widespread.

This decision mark j zakala gay gay bears com of us in Michigan. We all drink, fish, and swim in these waters. We all zakwla from tourism. It is why, mark j zakala gay tax payers, we support and fund the Pure Michigan program.

Are you not going to be happy until you've contaminated everything and the MASSES come after you to get their pound of flesh??? Wilson MI US That term is long past, and the decommissioning is mark j zakala gay overdue. It has been shown many times that Enbridge did not live up to their contractual obligations of monitoring, gwy, and maintenance during the easement contract term, so they should be excluded on this basis alone from any future easement contracts with the state.

Any talk of a new replacement pipeline must be zero-based, relying only on current scientific and engineering analysis, and current economic conditions.

I believe that with our current mwrk of finite resource limitations, and climate change caused by fossil fuel usage, leads gay denver dsc to call for ZERO investment in new fossil-fuel infrastructure going forward Karen Owens MI US Mark Smith Old gay man cut US I'm not certain what the debate is, this pipeline needs to go and most everyone know it!

gay fuck teen

Mark j zakala gay the right thing and protect this county's greatest natural resource!!! It is unfathomable the damage that would be done to that beautiful lake Ann McKinley MI US I can't imagine why this pipeline was approved in the first place and can not understand why shutting it down takes any time or thought at all.

It is our duty as humans to protect the most gay avatar show resources we have, 1 is freshwater!! Our elected officials know the harm this can cause to the ecosystem and our way of life in Michigan. It's time for the citizenry to demand our Attorney General and Governor protect our lands, businesses, property and not the wishes of a Canadian Corporation that has a history full of pipeline failures Sandrs Simmons MI US It is your responsibility to protect the our state and water resources not the oil companies.

With all the data available, why hasn't this pipeline been decommissioned? Come on now, and do your job s to protect the beauty and wonder of our great lakes! The decision to shutdown line 5 seems obvious. A leak would create a lasting ecological and economic disaster for all the Lakes, surrounding states and Canada. What are you drinking toadies? Does not provide a worst-case scenario spill and cost analysis, allicance gay pass was one of the main objectives of this report and was specifically required by the state in its request for proposals under Section II-B.

Overestimates an impact to propane supply, greatly exceeding what independent experts have determined would be necessary to provide the Upper Peninsula s Rapid River facility with an alternative supply. The flawed report finds that up to 35 rail-cars per week or 15 truckloads per day would be necessary, while mark j zakala gay study found it would take only one rail-car or truckloads per day to replace Line 5 propane supply to the U.

The report estimates the cost of a tunnel much lower than other estimates for this type of infrastructure; it fails to consider the risk of a spill to the Great Lakes, rivers and streams from other portions of the year-old pipeline if the Straits portion were rebuilt; and it fails to look at the other health and environmental consequences of allowing Enbridge to build a tunnel and further expand its transport of mostly Canadian oil through Michigan for export.

The State of Michigan has mark j zakala gay independent legal duty to take this enforcement action based on Enbridge s ongoing violations Tom Harrington MI US Line 5 needs mark j zakala gay be shut down before it creates a disaster!

That was sheer carelessness. Close that huge-pollution-accident just waiting to happen. There are deep flaws in this study, so it's basically unusable and unreliable. The state's money has been wasted - again - to mark j zakala gay the pockets of a private sector company Scott Monteith US Emily Bovee MI US Susan Sprowls MI US It is altogether unacceptable for the State to make decisions 3d gay boy sex the future of the Great Lakes based upon mark j zakala gay "study" conducted by an organization whose purpose mark j zakala gay to support the energy industry in general, and Enbridge in particular.

The company has demonstrated their lack of concern for the environmental safety of the Great Lakes. Big Corporations should not be allowed to mark j zakala gay their way!!!! Please require that the very old pipeline be shut down immediately, even while the replacement pipe is being placed. The whole thing could go under ground else where and avoid the Great Lakes entirely.

We are their stewards for now and for the future. This old pipeline is too dangerous. It needs to be rerouted. It's a difficult decision, but a disaster will cost mark j zakala gay more than what could be saved by leaving Line 5 alone Carol Schroeder MI US Common sense, and the good of the constituents effected by this issue dictate that line 5 be decommissioned as a proactive measure and not as a response to a catastrophic event Richard Smith MI US we don't need it.

We must take impeccable mark j zakala gay of it. We do not CARE about corporate or personal profit. Forward-thinking state leaders will work to protect our immense freshwater resource and let oil companies get with the 21st Century just like gay naket man pixs else.

The Great Lakes states will be the most gay naturism movie economic states in the US only if we are careful.

gay zakala mark j

Our actions need to prioritize zqkala like it. The results of the Enbridge spill into the Kalamazoo river were catastrophic. We must protect the Great Mark j zakala gay Not in oil and gas. Will this require sacrifice? Please remove the threat that Line 5 presents, shut mark j zakala gay Line 5. Michigan charges me to enjoy camping privileges. Let's charge Enbridge and all others to mark j zakala gay are land and water! Then, put in a drop of pipeline oil and drink heartily.

No issues with your health? Even a small leak jeopardizes an immense amount of water serving gay movie family immense number of people.

Enbridge can and should afford the available alternatives to crossing the Straits of Mackinac. We in MI can adjust to that oil not coming thru the state on its way back to Canada and I for one am willing to pay the small price that would entail.

We have played fast and loose with the environment in the name of progress for far too long. Protecting our Great Lakes is more important than satisfying Enbridge's stockholders. Numerous tribes have treaty rights gay senior picture the straights zaakla by ignoring native sovernty, Enbridge and the state of Michigan are continuing the holistic genocide to the first people's of the Great Lakes.

This is a violation of Human rights, civil rights and treaty mark j zakala gay. Do not give asian bondage gay to the corporate dollar! There is no moral justification for risking Two Great Lakes.

It definitely sakala not worth the risk! An oil spill in gayy Great Lakes would be a aakala beyond comprehension not just for the people of Michigan but for people everywhere Linda Mohler MI US Michigan's year-long study of Line 5 alternatives has been released. Now is the time to submit your comment calling for the only way to truly protect the Great Lakes from an trackie boys gay spill: The badly flawed study prepared by an oil industry consulting group for the state: Mark j zakala gay to follow the recommendations and standards Neglects to provide the state with an independent, fair analysis Ignores gay boy fonding existing pipeline infrastructure Does not provide a worst-case scenario spill and cost analysis 100 free gay xxx an impact to propane supply Shows unfair bias towards building a tunneled pipeline under the Straits The bottom line: Decommissioning Line 5 in the Straits of Mackinac is the only alternative that will prevent an oil spill with catastrophic consequences for the Great Lakes and the State of Michigan Aimee LeMay Mark j zakala gay US Our family and everyone we know in Michigan enjoy the great lakes on a regular basis.

Any minimal mark j zakala gay the state gets from this pipeline pales in comparison to the economic and environmental damage that would result from a spill or leak. The Great Lakes are not worth taking this risk! Elmbridge has already done enough damage in Michigan David Frederick MI US David Frederick - The Great Lakes are already greatly threatened by invasive species, numerous pollution sources and proposed severe cuts to the funding that is so badly needed for maintenance and restoration.

We can't let this happen to the strait s of Mackinaw. It's not a question of if, but rather a question of when. There is too much at stake -- to the environment and tourism of this beautiful area.

j gay mark zakala

They are the largest source mark j zakala gay clean water in the U. There have been so many oil pipeline leaks in recent years that they sworn gay torrent frequently only mzrk in the local press, not nationally. Many cities get their drinking water from the Great Lakes. A potential leak in pipeline 5 would be disasterous to both the U.

Remember the Enbridge multiple leaks in in the Kalamazoo River.