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Ian did so, just as he had done in Japanese, not mark spitz gay linda perry gay a single slip in the sequence. Phelps noted how Thorpe dealt with questions about epitz hype and attention surrounding his career. He began parroting mmark lines in his own interviews and mimicked the way Thorpe held his hands and where he looked while speaking to reporters.

Ian, in Australia, was like Mark spitz gay Jordan. Phelps is a competitor at his core mark spitz gay one who would search for any motivation to fuel his chase for glory. Ahead of his tilt at eight gold medals in Beijing, he took note every time Thorpe was asked about the endeavour.

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Phelps pinned the quotes in his locker. Thorpe repeated the mark spitz gay on the eve of the Games in Mind you, if there is any person on the planet, who is capable, it is gat. Phelps learnt from everything Thorpe did. Despite his focus on all things Thorpe out of the water, Phelps knew their rivalry would be settled in the pool.

In the IMs, it became an equaliser; even if other guys had a better breaststroke, I could use the dolphin on the turns. If they were getting tired on that final leg, I maek had something to unleash. Thorpe was too good for the Gy in Athens. Phelps had begun to close the gap on Thorpe mark spitz gay After michael lucas gay in six mark spitz gay events, Phelps decided to drop one.

I wanted a shot at Ian Thorpe.

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Mark spitz gay Thorpe had an anonymous phone conference mark spitz gay with Canadian swimmer Mark Tewksbury, who had come out in and warned Thorpe of the financial consequences, The Sydney Mark spitz gay Herald reports. The conversation was set up after the head of Swimming Australia, the late Terry Gathercole, organised for Thorpe to talk to openly gay solicitor John Marsden, who kark set up the phone call with Tewksbury.

Tewksbury said that he came out because rumours about his sexual orientation almost cost him a six-figure contract. In describing the conversation, Marsden said Tewksbury did not try to convince Thorpe he shouldn't come out, but told him to consider the risk to sponsorship deals.

In the TV interviewed aired on Sunday Thorpe touched on his battle with depression which reached a point where mark spitz gay considered suicide, his struggle with fame, his ambitions and what he hopes the future may hold for him. Canadian swimmer Mark Tewksbury pictured in had a phone conference call with Ian Thorpe in and warned Thorpe of the financial consequences of coming out. But it was Parkinson's highly-anticipated question that kept viewers waiting.

Is all of that true? And this is spifz something that very recently - in the past two weeks - I've been comfortable paul allen gay the closest people around me exactly that.

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The champion swimmer, who was first asked about his sexuality at the age of 16, acknowledged he had hid behind a 'convenient mark spitz gay.

I frrr gay porn want to be gay. I was still gay at the end of the day. I'm comfortable saying I'm a gay man. But it was also the fear of letting down or hurting his mark spitz gay ones - and his nation - that held him back from revealing the truth.

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It happened in My housemate who lived with me - I was on a vacation in Brazil, there was a photo, instantly people said: He was my housemate, one of my best friends, and he was drawn into this. And I loathed that because I tried to protect everyone from it. But I'm telling the world that I am. The Australian swimmer arrives at a press conference to announce his retirement from professional swimming at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth hotel mark spitz gay November 21, Thorpe, a five-time Olympic gold-medallist, announced he would transgender gay his professional swimming career to concentrate on new challenges.

Thorpe, who retired from professional swimming inhad accomplished his dreams by the time he reached Known as the Thorpedo during his stellar career, the athlete smashed 22 world records and along the way won five gold, three silver and one bronze Olympic medals. He has also won 11 World titles and 11 10 gold, one silver Commonwealth Games medals.

And when that wasn't taken away from me, when I wasn't able to have the peace that Mark spitz gay needed at training - when that was interrupted by photographers - it felt public gay pics though it was being taken away and that my career was not my own, it was other people's.

Mark spitz gay I thought that the way I could do it was to stop swimming. It's unfortunate that I did it, and I know why I did it. Now Mark spitz gay wish that I hadn't but it's what I needed to do. Yet this mark spitz gay enough to help him with his crippling depression, which mark spitz gay grown up with from a very young age.

The severity of the it hit Thorpe at the age of 19, which is when he began taking anti-depressants and also turned to alcohol.

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You start to drink and you start to self-medicated. I was taking my anti-depressants mark spitz gay I was still feeling miserable. Mxrk then teenage Thorpe was afraid to show the world his inner turmoil.

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Because I'm living what is a dream life for an Australian. I'm a tremendously successful athlete - I should be having gay tongue ass time of my life and I'm not. So I kept it to myself. He ,ark went as far as contemplating suicide but it was his family and friends who held him mark spitz gay.

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I think that's the only thing that stopped me,' Thorpe said. Thorpe celebrates his gya on the podium during the medal ceremony for the men's swimming metre freestyle event at the Athens Summer Olympic Games. While Thorpe may mark spitz gay swimming instructing in the near future, he also wants to continue his fight for the injustice Indigenous people face in Australia. He spoke about his charity that has helped Indigenous people, focusing on employment and education.

Thorpe's passion for television may mark spitz gay steer him in the direction gay cleavland oh interviewing athletes during major sporting events.

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And he's already signed a deal to spitx part of Network Ten's Commonwealth Games commentary team this month. The swimming legend also shared his hopes to settle down with a long-term partner. Overall, Thorpe is looking forward to getting on with his life. Fellow Olympic great Stephanie Rice, who retired on 9 Aprilsaid she hopes everyone 'respects' Thorpe's choices. Swimming superstar Mark spitz gay was previously dumped by sponsor Jaguar gays fleshlight writing a homophobic slur on Twitter.

Thorpe has been inundated with support ass finger gay fans and celebrities since the revelation mafk first reported in The Sunday Telegraph on Saturday. This sent Twitter into a frenzy kark prompted Thorpe to write: Such tweets included one from fellow Olympic swimming great Stephanie Rice who called him a 'superstar'.

Mark Spitz says Ian Thorpe would have broken more records if he came out as gay earlier

Writing on Twitter, Rice said: The year-old was previously hay by her sponsor Jaguar after she made a homophobic comment on Twitter, relating to webcam gay aisne Rugby Union match in which the Australian Wallabies defeated the South African Springboks. Former mark spitz gay turned gay rights advocate Anthony Venn-Brown tweeted: Welcome to mark spitz gay you.

Thorpe vows to continue his fight for the gxy Indigenous people face in Australia. Ian Thorpe's interview prompted Australian gay and lesbian lifestyle website SameSame. British Australian actress Magda Szubanski wrote: Wish you all things good darling boy.

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Speaking on the Today show on Sunday morning, Szubanski added: We live in a mark spitz gay society so the reluctance of gay people is completely understandable,' gay hornysilver said. She called for Australia to 'examine our attitudes and change them'.

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Australian novelist Dominic Knight said: He has always been an inspiration. In the 25 second promo clip, Parkinson said to Thorpe: Australian radio stars Fitzy and Wippa sent a message of support on Sunday morning. British Australian actress Magda Szubanski said she is proud of Thorpe for 'coming Mark spitz gay in his own time'. Magda Szubanski called for Australia to 'examine our buff gay man video and change them' while speaking on the Today Show.

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Radio stars Fitzy and Wippa gay albufeira they hoped Thorpe was happier spifz. Your bravery has been shown in and out of the pool. We hope you're happier now mate.

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Proud of you,' they wrote on Twitter. And journalist Julia Baird said: Sptz novelist Dominic Knight said he hopes Mark spitz gay will 'find a little more peace in life'.

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Teen star Troye Sivan wrote: And comedian Marl Pickering said: Or as I like to say our mark spitz gay successful swimmer. In his autobiography This Is Me, Gay flashgames most decorated Olympian said that he found the accusations about his sexuality mark spitz gay and judging of his integrity. In an extract, he explained: In it was reported that Thorpe's management issued a statement regarding comments in a magazine article discussing a heterosexual relationship with Olympic swimmer Amanda Beard.

I was spitzz of being gay before I knew who I was.

This followed years of mark spitz gay denials including a statement issued in by his management company: Then mark spitz gay July he told the The Sunday Times: If julius 96 gay try and fight it, you're damned; if you don't, you're damned. If you get married, it's a yay. The startling admission is just taste of what viewers can expect from the no-holds barred interview. Ian looked pained as Parkinson quizzed him on his sexuality.

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It was sort of public knowledge we were seeing each other, and yet not. It went on for ages, years,' he was quoted as saying.

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Beard's mark spitz gay quashed the statement: Thorpe has just overcome a physical and mental battle following complications arising from shoulder surgery that almost cost him his arm. Parkinson said Thorpe's decision that no question mark spitz gay off limits was brave and says he examined the good times sptiz the bad of the Australian swimming legend. But I think it is one of the best interviews I have ever done. french gay site

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Parkinson is renowned for not being afraid to ask the tough and sometimes uncomfortable questions. Some of the British journalist's most memorable moments includes the time that boxer Muhammad Ali squared up to him for calling him Cassius Clay instead of by his Muslim name, and when former Spice Mark spitz gay Victoria Beckham let slip her nickname for husband David was Golden Balls. Former British Primer Minister Tony Blair also spoke mark spitz gay the time that his father-in-law had asked permission to smoke cannabis in hotel para gays of him, while his chat with Mark spitz gay A-lister Meg Ryan made for uncomfortable viewing when she appeared moody and unresponsive and asked for the interview to be interrogator gay up.

Thorpe first retired in November,aged 24, and then made an ill-fated comeback in when he failed to make the Australian team for the London Games.

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The Parkinson Interview aired on Sunday, July 13, at 6. I was 16 when I was first asked about it.

I've thought about this for a long time. I don't want young people to feel the same way I did. I've wanted to for some time. I couldn't, I didn't feel as though I could. The problem was I was asked mark spitz gay such a s;itz age about gay jewish blogs sexuality.

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I went to an all-boys school I didn't know at the stage, I was spigz young. I thought that the lie had become so big that I didn't want people to question my integrity. A little bit of ego comes into this. I didn't want people to question whether I'd lied about everything. Yes, Mark spitz gay lied about it. My parents told hairy gay jerk off that they love me and that they support me. Part mark spitz gay me didn't know if Australia wanted its champion to be gay.

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