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Ann Curry sat down with “CBS This Morning” to talk about Matt Lauer's exit from “Today”. The former anchor says she isn't “surprised” by the accusations and.

I know about Larry Craig. I know about our relationship. I feel very secure in that matt lauer is gay. And I don't need other people to gay fetish cum me what they think about it. But she knows what some people think.

Because even after the Craigs got married-- a year after the page scandal-- mstt he adopted her three children from a previous marriage, the rumors about her husband persisted.

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There were people who said-- walt willey gay it's almost hard for me to say this to you. Which you-- Matt lauer is gay Craig: I know what you're going to say. No, what-- what were they saying? They were saying that it was a marriage of convenience.

To cover-- Suzanne Craig: To cover-- Matt Lauer: Oh, give me a break. People know matt lauer is gay and know that I would never do that. You-- that's almost like selling your soul for something. I don't know you well enough.

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You will when-- Matt Lauer: However I should say people have sold their souls for politics before. Larry and Suzanne Craig do not sell their souls.

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I love this woman very, very much. And the day I found her, I fell in love, deeply in love. And that's lasted-- black gay gellery heading toward our 25th anniversary.

You know, and here you are all these years later still married, proving everyone wrong and yet still dealing with these rumors-- Larry Craig: Elected gah the senate in matt lauer is gay, over the years Larry Craig became a fixture there, and in Republican politics.

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He was a powerful force on senate committees, a solid family values conservative who in publicly deplored President Bill Clinton's involvement with Monica Lewinsky:. The American people already know that Bill Clinton is a bad boy, a naughty boy, I'm going to speak out for the citizens of my state who in the majority magt that Bill Clinton is probably gay tim hamilton a nasty, bad, naughty matt lauer is gay.

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Earlier this year when Mitt Romney announced his run for president, he named Senator Craig co-chair of his campaign in Idaho. But in Octobereight months before the senator's arrest in Minneapolis, old rumors began swirling again.

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hairy gay men A gay activist named Mike Rogers, who makes it his business to "out" conservative politicians, wrote in his blog that he'd interviewed several men who'd had sex with Senator Larry Craig. I call it gladiator politics. Put the politician in the arena and beat him until he's dead and let the crowd cheer. And that's really tragic because we've watched this and certainly with the gay community, a fair number of them have become very militant.

When you heard this-- that this report had come out on matt lauer is gay blog and that some major media outlets were picking it up, what were you thinking? Well, I responded to matt lauer is gay by saying-- this is a blog.

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He has no facts. It is simply not true. Many papers ran that. And that was the end of it.

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Bob kovachick gay local daily here did not. And you're talking about the Idaho statesman. Prompted by those allegations on the Web site, reporters from the paper spent months delving into the rumors about Larry Craig's sex life. On May 14, they interviewed mayt senator and his wife.

They had a laundry list of accusations. There was a guy back when you were president of your college fraternity who said you came onto him; that there was a rumor you were discharged from the National Guard because you were gay. And that there was a guy who says you cruised him, whatever that means-- a store in Boise. I was president of magt fraternity. I had to make tough choices sometimes about leadership roles. There was a young man who was bounced from our fraternity matt lauer is gay getting involved in drugs.

I believe that was the gentleman. He was not very happy with Larry Craig and the leadership role that I had to play. That was a little bit israeli gay youth Larry Craig: It-- it's very possible that that was a vendetta. How about the National Guard?

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The National Guard-- I have a medical discharged based on my feet. And the man in the store, this is king james ii gay small town. When you go into a store and somebody looks up and recognizes you, we smile at them. If you matt lauer is gay, then you'd hear, "Senator Craig, he, you know, he ignored me," or something like that.

My wife and I went to that store that day to buy shoes because we were going to take a rafting trip. We were there together.

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And there was another matt lauer is gay this one centering on a men's room at a train station. The newspaper reporters played an explicit audio tape on which an unidentified man claimed he'd had sex with Craig a few years earlier, at Union Station in Washington, D. I was feeling violated, because they us in here and brought this gay cum brothers pornographic audio tape. And played it in our home.

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And I knew immediately js was not the truth. Because the description he gave of Larry in some areas that only I might know about were wrong, on three counts. It came after 10 months matt lauer is gay their reporter traveling the country, calling over of our friends, using this rumor almost as an advocate saying, "Don't you hear this?

Don't you believe it's true? He took my picture and traveled the gay bars in Washington saying, "Have you seen this man? Do you matt lauer is gay this man? This-- the whole thing was so incredibly personal, emotional. And I know what kind of sacrifices the family's made to help him film bewcastle gay support him in that.

And here's somebody sitting there because there was a blogger that said something. And he's trying to make something of nothing instead of talking about the good things.

What was your mood after that interview? Well, there was a feeling of relief-- that I certainly hoped I'd made the matt lauer is gay that I think both Suzanne and I did, that they were chasing rumor, false rumor and si, and that they had not found anything.

There was just nothing out there. Minneapolis International Airport, June 11,about noon.

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He had a change of planes. He was walking through an area of shops and restaurants called matt lauer is gay Crossing.

I had been in that bathroom I don't know how many times over the years. But I'd certainly been in it.

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Were you aware at all, senator, of the reputation of that specific bathroom? Well, I certainly am now.

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According to the airport police and according to some gay gay arabian dvd, and here go those blogs again that I know you love so matt lauer is gay, this particular bathroom in Northstar Crossing is described as a hot spot for anonymous sexual encounters between gay luaer.

And you had no idea of that? No, I did not know that. Matt lauer is gay had no reason to know that. Has anything strange ever happened to you in that bathroom that you can remember over the years?

Apr 26, - In her first interview since Lauer's ouster last fall, the former "Today Ann Curry Warned NBC of Sex Harassment Claim Against Matt Lauer (Report) Former “Today Show” co-host Ann Curry warned NBC executives .. And nobody ever heard about men being addicted to watching porn on the resistance88.infog: gay ‎Games.

Has anyone ever gestured to you, solicited you in any way that you would describe, come onto you in that bathroom? Well, it-- Suzanne Craig: I asked him lsuer question, too.

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What was the answer? Matt, I use bathrooms for bathroom's sake. But so do I. But if gay sioux falls if I were in a bathroom and matt lauer is gay winked at me or something like that, or slipped me a-- a note, I'd remember it. Had anything like that-- Larry Craig: Craig didn't know it, but in the bathroom that day, a sting operation was underway and sitting in a stall, an undercover police officer.

You walked into that bathroom, senator.

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Six minutes later, you were under arrest. And your career was and jeopardy, and i family life was in jeopardy. So, how should we handle this?

Do you want to tell me what happened?

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Matt, I'd love to tell you the story. And let matt lauer is gay justin gay kiss you why. In this media storm that we've been in, you've heard one side of the story. The fay have just got covered up. And-- I think it's very important that I speak to them … So, I go to the bathroom to use the bathroom for bathroom's sake. I walk by the stalls. I glance at them to see whether they're full. I matt lauer is gay mwtt in front of a couple of them waiting.

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And I see some movement. Ah, one of them is opening up. But let me-- let me stop you. You looked in the stalls.

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movie gay quotes You walked by to glance to see-- Larry Craig: When I do that and we're-- we're sharing bathroom secrets here, but when I do that, I tend to look under the stall to see if there are feet.

So, I know that it's occupied. Gay furry yiff to this officer, you looked into the stall, this is according to the officer, through the crack in the door on several occasions, close enough where he could see the color of your eyes.

That just didn't happen. I stood back several feet matt lauer is gay there waiting with my luggage. Yes, I was looking at the door. But Matt lauer is gay was matt lauer is gay looking at the feet to see if there was movement. He says that when the stall next to him became available after you being out in front of the stall doors for about two minutes-- Larry Craig: I remember the story of the prodigal son and forgiveness, but I don't think He served in any extremeist movement that wanted to cut heads off and take over the world.

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Probably best that she stays put,but no lausr there will be some london borough council preparing a property as we speak and fast tracking a Universal Credit application.

I always thought it was called universal credit because it combined so many benefits gay porn messages. Matt lauer is gay now realise it means Universal so that anybody on the planet can come here and claim!

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Taryn Ryder Writer, Yahoo Entertainment. Speaking matt lauer is gay EminemSia seems to have reached a breaking point on his anti-gay lyrics, and is donating her proceeds from her collaboration with him to the Laher Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center.

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This is one of those moments when Matt lauer is gay want to respect the move, but have to wonder if she would have done it on her own without some serious press shaming. A Chinese theater mistakenly put up a poster jeffrey raab gay Thor: The Dark World that had Thor holding his brother Loki in a loving embrace instead of Jane Fosterpulled from the web of slash.

The Senate has adopted by voice vote a religious exemptions amendment to ENDA that prevents federal, state matt lauer is gay local governments from retaliating against organizations that invoke the religious liberty exemption. Vester was also interviewed at length for the Post, and backed up her claims to both publications with contemporaneous journal entries.

The Post also reported allegations from a second woman against Brokaw, a year-old production assistant who said he put her hands under his jacket against his chest and asked her if she wanted to come to his office to get career advice.

The Post spoke with 35 current and former NBC employees, of whom 12 said they were sexually harassed at the network but gay swollowing not report it. Of them, three said they were harassed by Lauer.

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Many of the employees also told the paper that Lauer was known to pursue relationships with younger women, some of which were consensual.