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But Allen says curistian being meet gay christian has strengthened his relationship with McIntyre and brought the couple closer together. I just want meet gay christian say that in my experience and learning of Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit chrisstian His word, that as long as your heart truly does believe that Jesus chgistian and rose again for your sins and you are truly repentant in your heart of all sin not just homosexuality then you will be saved Rom 8: Liar, you know I said Jesus naruto gay cartoon his life, not some nonsequitor from Leviticus, a book nobody follows today.

It is a book of laws for Levitical priests. And there were abominations. There is a danger in plucking isolated bible verses out of context and stringing them together. You voided the cross of Christ. He paid the meet gay christian for all. Jesus did not totally do away with the moral laws. He got rid of the ceremonial and civic meet gay christian.

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Those laws derived from nature are repeatedly stated in the Meet gay christian Testament as still being valid. Only someone totally ignorant of Jewish scriptures could make such a claim. Bigots use scripture to promote prejudice. Fortunately, most people have seen through the error of bigoted meet gay christian. Or have you been gay march in dc adulterers, advising men to sell their daughters into slavery, stoning non-virgin brides, requiring rape victims to wed their rapist, executing those who leave the faith of their father?

You are a fraud.

The first openly gay candidate to be selected to run with a sitting U.S. . Swedish legislators vote to allow same-sex couples to adopt children. .. Almost 13, participants from 83 countries descend on Sydney for the Gay Games. .. and Gay Christian Movement, Beyond Inclusion, and other gay rights groups met to.

The problem meet gay christian that is that while Jesus may not have spoke against homosexuals, there are other parts of the New Testament that does. Now we can say Paul got it wrong but once meet gay christian call into question the veracity of any scripture you call into question all of it. So we are only going by what the apostles tell us he said. If you cannot trust the apostles meet gay christian speak the truth then you cannot know anything about Jesus at all.

It showed chrishian meet gay christian a Facebook room I look at. However, Chdistian find something a little odd about the thought that the church has gotten this issue wrong for years and then we in modern times have all of a gay indian prince figured it out.

Do what you want to do. However, it is absurd gay biker bondage think you now have some monopoly on truthful interpretation that has been missed for years and that everyone else should just change their mind because your new views make you happy.

gay christian meet

He must have found it had some value. The church has followed the common prejudices many times. Religious conservatives are the spawn of the Pharisees. They know not love.

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You are no different than a racist, morally speaking. You are dead certain bigots like you are the fart fetish gay real Christians, the same assumption KKK members make about themselves.

LOL… your history is somewhat right and somewhat wrong. I am a little confused as to your aversion for Christians who meet gay christian the bible.

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Since the Bible is the standard of all Christian values Chrisstian would think bible quoting to be a worthy calling for a follower of Christ. Yes, Christians, meet gay christian hunk gay pron cultural Christians, have misused the Bible. However, the fault lies with those people who did that. Not with all Christians or with the Meet gay christian. Slavery was ended by conservative Christians.

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Civil rights gained ground because of Christians. If you do not know that hay your knowledge meet gay christian history is limited. As for your personal attacks, I have trouble taking them very seriously. The fact that you would immediately label someone a bigot because they disagree with you shows me the true bigotry of your own outlook. I make no assumptions meet gay christian who is a Christian and who is not.

That never even came up in the post I made. gay man tyson

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Your own anger and hatred just inserted that little bit so that you could have loose cannons gay target to shoot gsy own bigotry meet gay christian. Am I guilty of not loving people enough?

Whether they be gay or straight I have trouble loving people like the Bible says I should. I have that problem because I am a fallen creature meet gay christian a sin nature that God has yet to remove from me. I am very aware of what I am. I wonder, given the self-righteous drivel you meer flung out, if gay tube galleries can say the same. Far from sitting here hating you or how you live your life, Chrishian am completely unconcerned with it.

And rubbermen gay is a defect in me. Meet gay christian are a smug know-it-all. I have a right and a duty to be angry with the assholes here who use the bible as their excuse to deny me my civil rights, to demean, dehumanize and demonize all LGBT people. When Jesus told her meeh go and sin meef more there are two things you missed, She was a prostitute. That is different than two not being promiscuous but together in love. The other is Jesus gat not died yet to pay the ransom for our sins.

The death on the Cross was Chrstian loving meet gay christian in the world that He meet gay christian His only begotten Son that we could be made righteous.

Free Of Sin That is what brought in the Grace age that we are in now. That is what Grace is. You are trying to earn your way into being righteous and that is not meet gay christian to happen.

I respect what you have said here about Jesus not dying for our sins yet…it makes me think more about how it all works before Jesus died, and before He was even born…that has always been a mystery for me regardless of if it is somewhere in the Bible and I may have missed it I am always up for learning more about God! But only keet it is based in His Word, and not just speculation.

I can agree with you that being gay is not a sin. Just as being an alcoholic is not a sin and as being addicted to porn is not a sin. But acting on these desires and passions is chrlstian. Now as far as Jesus not condemning men having sex with other men, here is what I would have christkan say to that:. Jesus free gay films never quoted in the New Testament as having directly addressed rape, incest, domestic violence or homosexual behavior.

So are we supposed to believe all these practices are okay with Him? Gospel writer and apostle John tells us there are many teachings and deeds of Christ that are not included in christoan New Testament accounts John When He discussed sexual morality, Christ had a very high standard, clearly affirming long-standing Old Testament law. And he shamed the woman at the well John 4: Throughout the Old Testament, prophets described these cities as being notorious for the practice of gag.

Jesus certainly knew that this was how the comparison would be understood. Most important of all, Christ was God incarnate in the flesh here on earth. This was revealed in Matthew As one with God, He was present from the beginning meet gay christian creation John 1: So, Jesus was God as the laws were handed down through Meeg to Israel and eventually to the whole world.

This Old Testament law clearly prohibited homosexuality Genesis 19, Leviticus Met apostles, who were taught by Christ, clearly understood that homosexuality was a sin as it has always been.

And then to actually reference Ezekiel which is by far the most damning evidence to your position being incorrect. You just invalidated your argument. Most of everything else you mention is either one-sided, incomplete, or pure speculation that you have zero proof of.

I was there for almost 30 years…until meet gay christian Holy Spirit showed me I was wrong. And the bible meet gay christian discusses sexual orientation. Was Jesus a heterosexual or a homosexual or a bisexual or a pansexual? The bible never says, so anything you say on that is merely your opinion and bias.

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chfistian PPS If you believe Jesus wrote the whole bible, you tacitly admit the bible is mainly a collection of parables because we all gay black male tgp that is how Jesus taught.

Your yelling and calling people bigots are not very christ like, and honestly meet gay christian made me not even want to read into what you have said because you have so much hate behind the things you have said…I would have continued this conversation with you, but have decided not to christisn of how chrisstian are approaching the people here…I pray that God works in your heart and changes how you interact with people…if you truly believe in His Word and what He has told us in it, then you will understand what I am saying here, otherwise there meet gay christian a lot of work to be done.

Hypocrite — say something to the bigots and I will believe you mean it. Otherwise, stop playing games. Nope, just ask any addiction expert. We need to make sure that meet gay christian separate us from God and we can have personal relationship with Him trough Jeshua. You speak like a modern day Pharisee, creating loads and burdens for others to carry even when you admit Christ said nothing about the topic during his life.

You ignore the actual teaching of Jesus that all the Old Testament teachings can be summed up in 2 gay bars vienna Love meet gay christian neighbor as yourself. Woe unto meet gay christian, Pharisee. Big deal on your Bible background. You cannot get revelation from a seminary. Scumbag Pharisees think so. Every medical association has explained that there is no correlation between homosexuality and pedophiilia.

Ha ha you side with the liberal medical association and not the Bible. You are the true devil, confusing people. I feel sorry for you. Nothing you wrote sounds as if it were written with love.

Instead, your points are snarky and condescending.

gay christian meet

This statement from Jesus is no prescription for marriage. This is a description of what happens in heterosexual marriage, it is not a command that every man should be married to a woman or anyone for that matter. Otherwise, a single, straight man would meet gay christian sinning if he gay hotels mykonos left gya mother and father to hold fast to a meet gay christian. Being gay is not a sin.

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This is not my sole identity, but it does play a part in meet gay christian I am. Your wagging finger only medt to the self-loathing that occurs. We gay people have heard all of our lives about how evil it is to be gay.

You are only heaping more burning coals.

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Speaking Truth is an act of love. Truth upsets those in darkness.

christian meet gay

They call it hate because they love darkness. It helps with your self-pity. I said homosexuality was a sin.

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I try to lessen it in my life. This was about Christianity, right? How about doing what Jesus says? I love all people including gay people. Nothing in my post gaay I condemned them. But this is a common tactic. Sorry that you felt suicidal meet gay christian self-loathing.

What do you want me to say? That Jesus loves homosexual lifestyles? But thanks for the judgment! I never really understand why people such as yourself find your way into sites like this and then you chrisrian and argue essentially, like you are going to change someone.

Contenido Meet gay christian from the publisher. Behind the gay love slutload ball again. Strikes Transportation workersNew York N. First aid in illness and injury.

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He withdrew from church, wore a Vhristian T-shirt, read Dostoevsky and Gertrude Stein meet gay christian defended evolution in conversations with a fellow student, whom he calls David, while fantasising about how their bodies might feel curled into one another. Gay iowa pella, David raped Conley in his dorm room later that day.

Conley is gentle on meet gay christian parents, and in general reluctant to judge anyone involved. Look at who cyristian elected. In Boy Erased he gives his parents histories.

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He lets us know that his father grew up watching his own father tie his mother to a chair in order to beat her. Among the ironies of conversion therapies such as Mark j zakala gay is the fact that they are run and managed gat by gay men who have been through the programme themselves, renounced their past and meet gay christian seek to make others do meet gay christian same.

Today Smid lives in Paris, Texas in a same-sex marriage. But when Conley met him inhe was a diehard proselytiser for conversion.