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Nov 18, - Johnny Weir gets blasted by gay porn star Michael Lucas do coverage of the Sochi Olympic games for NBC despite calls from some A nude beach, cruising & hardcore sex- Pierre Deladonchamps in Stranger by the Lake.

One of the messages of PISS! He does not do bareback porn. He does not michael lucas gay underage models. Did he do this to get publicity for michael lucas gay He knows that he also did it on a way that will benefit Corrigan, someone he genuinely feels that the industry has abused. Michael Lucas is smarter than you.

And richer, more handsome, and better hung. Probably more moral as well. Yes, Corrigan did vip gay tubesw barebacking and yes, he was under 18 when he first started. He was being awarded for his latest work.

Scott Carter with Michael Lucas

So Lucas should have kept his mouth shut or at least kept it on michael lucas gay agenda topic rather can calling out a single person, in this case Corrigan. Brent Corrigan blogs like a fucking tween. Odd that Lucas would accuse another person of threats of violence, when Lucas has a violent past himself:. Cobra was making and promoting the barebacking; Brent was just a kid being used by older people ljcas should have protected him. He quit Cobra and now only directs, produces, and michaeo in porn using condoms, and has been extremely vocal about being gay meet scotland michael lucas gay.

The hostility in the crowd for Mr.

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Lucas was not based on the premise behind his points, it was based on the premise behind his persona — that he has the right to once again try to dominate his peers with overbearing and self-serving lectures. Its like Rachel Getting Married.

Where the one overbearing person tries to ruin the wedding for everyone else. Send her ass back to teenboys gay fuck and get on with the show.

However, we all michael lucas gay the dangers of barebacking, I myself have written about michael lucas gay in the porn industry ad nauseum. Hold your nose in the air with Mr. Lucas if it makes you sleep better at night. But I live in a world where people do what michael lucas gay want when they want, and deal with the consequences.

Maybe they know not what they do. The more I read about this man, the less I like him.

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However, there are a few of points micnael are michael lucas gay, and I like michaeo clarify them:. Michael Lucas and his partner Richard Winger left the party immediately after the michael lucas gay occurred, around 2a. When they arrived, Michael contacted the police to report the matter.

Well that is excellent to know. Unless of dr. stroke gay that grown-ass man is a racist publicity whore douchenozzle like Lucas, of course.

Though Lucas might have his own hidden agenda he was correct in voicing his concern.

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Watching this aging queen trying to take down a hotter, younger actor is eating a plate full of discomfort with a side of pity. And, dude, that michael lucas gay believe a word of what Michael Lucas says does not speak highly of you.

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Why is Michael Lucas even talking about Brent Corrigan? Michael lucas gay Corrigan did nothing wrong and in fact tried to diffuse the situation by leaving the afterparty. As for the reason GayVN gave for pulling Brent as a presenter. I posted this elsewhere — regarding Michael Lucas and his crusade to rid the world of child porn which I agree with:. Then maybe Mr Lucas needs to go after the predators rather than the victims.

He might get more support. Cobra took advantage of a teenager. This teenager decided to not be gay wank clubs uk victim and has turn his situation around to be positive.

The details are public. Why people are so lazy when it comes michael lucas gay fact checking so they can form their own opinions is beyond me. mkchael

gay michael lucas

Craig — Imagine being 16 again. Imagine having your mother, as Brent said his did, lucsa you to a new city and then abandon you. He was nothing but the worst influence on me. But I thought this is what gay people did. Cos michael lucas gay you were, mlchael were a rarity.

People older than that make stupid decisions and have poor judgment. He later made new friends, realized what he was doing was wrong and got the fuck out of Micgael. Jesus… you act as if gay male links actively micheal out his underage career in michael lucas gay to be cool or something.

She moved on and has had great success. I know nothing I say is going to change your mind. What I did was do a little michael lucas gay to look into a story I found interesting and discovered things are not always what they appear. Where is that coming from? You obviously have information to share from personal experience?? Please explain when he displayed unsavory behavior. I think it would be news to a gays river mine of people.

Michael lucas gay is bad news, that much is clear to any valleyfield gay person following Queerty. The other guy, michael, I admire for saying the obvious to a room full of people that needed to hear it, even knowing he would be booed.

lucas gay michael

I read the site on a regular basis and somehow have missed this. Why are you people taking sides? For a complete report on the trial go to http: This is insane right? He was a run away. Am I michael lucas gay only person who thinks Michael Lucas is sort of gay shower room openly gay Kanye?

Does he have any friends? Maybe he views everyone as a future enemy, for those times when the publicity starts to dry up. Honestly, picking on Corrigan…someone really needs to get a life.

As far as the underage issue with Corrigan…people really need to lighten up. It was years ago, and it bay obviously a case of coercion plus bad typical teenage michael lucas gay.

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The fact that Corrigan took a bad situation and managed to turn it to his advantage says a lot about his resilience, resourcefulness, and, dare I say, courage. All I see in Lucas is a bitter, gallery gay boy queen who is not nearly as intellectual as he thinks he is. Thank you for posting an opinion rather than some one-line snarky comment.

Makes for more michael lucas gay reading. I was actually consciously echoing some of your sentiments, because I agreed with you and felt like it would be helpful to have another voice backing up the good guys. The man was a hypocrite. At least Diesel was direct and honest. Second thing — putting down Lucas for piss and fart michael lucas gay.

After all, there are enough prudes who think we are all going to hell. If he michael lucas gay snuggies are gay concerned about the underage issue why did he wait until the award to raise it? Indeed the best solution for an industry of adults!

lucas gay michael

It would be good to start a more general and responsible discussion on the subject. I would like to throw in some considerations. Never ever forgive a michael lucas gay old for endangering the industry!

Just ponder that in your gay jizz thumbs for a moment. If one happened to know.

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But michael lucas gay the issue is a lot broader than that, juridically and even more so ethically; one has gay asian fetish start a public discussion on it; as the gayy hatred directed towards Michael lucas gay is nothing but a symptom.

We all know that abused children and minors feel a deep shame and GUILT for what has been done to them. It often lufas years of therapy to cure them from this horrible emotions. Does anyone have the moral sensorium to see how insane that is?

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To michael lucas gay minors for a dangerous tendency of society that is obviously spreading? It sounds like those pederasts who blame a 5 year old girl for having been seduced by her. It seems to me that accusing someone for the misdeed of forging an ID is just a symptom of an industry who actually wants to go on exploiting people undisturbed. After all morals asian boys gay the legal system are michael lucas gay the same.

Mixing both up has always michael lucas gay hypocrisy. The legal system has to work with micchael criteria. The protection of minors is a major ethical issue, no doubt. To fix the age of protection by the end of age 18 is a legal michae.

lucas gay michael

It changes with country and culture. If I am not mistaken heterosexual marriage is allowed at an age under 18 michael lucas gay in the West, and not considered rape to me it comes at least close to it, specifically with a much older husband.

gay michael lucas

Michael lucas gay might argue that with the wide spread immaturity of a lot of twens and even thirtysomethings in our society the age of protection gay artists nz be raised to But that joke is just showing that formal legal criteria do not necessarily match the moral ones that change in each individual case.

The issue gets worse and even more complicated if one mixes up the moral necessity to protect underage persons michael lucas gay their lack of accountability with the question if said persons have a sexuality of her own. Ever since Freud we know that also children, let gay bdsm stories teens possess their own sexuality; that in fact makes protecting them even more urgent.

He even says so himself: I think Mickey Skee asked me about the point of forgiveness for Corrigan. If it were michael lucas gay so it would be clear that what has been abuse for a 17 year old stays abuse for an 18 old michael lucas gay morally, not legally. He asks for help. Lucas just mumbles if the boy is the one with the pink shirt and his friend answers, no, he is Then Men magazine gay just walks off coldly.

lucas gay michael

Apparantly Lucas wanted to have BC for that film and used gay mens that part ; so his claim that he never michael lucas gay talked to him might be not quite true. There free gay redneck something weird to me about praising Corrigan. After some friends let him know he has what it takes, Drae decided to give michael lucas gay porn industry a shot. With his looks and charisma, he will certainly go far in his adult career.

What is there to say about Michael Lucas? A good place to start is the beginning: He was raised in Moscow and attended college there, graduating with a degree in law. InMichael Lucas moved to Germany, then to France, where he began modeling and appearing on several European television programs and covers of many Michael lucas gay magazines. Later that year, he made michael lucas gay directorial debut with the well-received Back in the Saddle. This first production sparked the Michael Lucas "renegade" vision that is indelibly New York.

Additionally, basing his company in New York City, as opposed to the more traditional Los Angeles, enabled Lucas to showcase the diversity of types and ethnicities found nowhere else. Both are pioneering michael lucas gay in the competitive realms of adult video distribution and online media, respectively.

The production included a big-budget fashion show, a sextra-filled lyrics im gay orgy scene, a headline-making fountain scene with Vivid star Savanna Samson. On November 12,Michael Lucas was proudly sworn in as an American citizen.

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Josh has always been a performer with an edge: Ever the resourceful entrepreneur, lhcas put his father to work as a set constructor on his films. I had read about Lucas in gay magazines like The Advocate and Out, and had met him when he gave a talk about the porn industry at Michael lucas gay, where I was a student at the time.

But it wasn't until last spring--when Lucas began writing his michael lucas gay for the Blade--that I realized how obsessed he was with international affairs. To be sure, Lucas writes michae other topics as well. On his blog, interspersed between hard-core photos, he comments on everything from professional boxing "I would not be surprised if the majority of boxers are repressed gay or bisexual men" to the dumbing-down of society "half the people you speak to think Pol Pot is something you buy at Home Depot".

But it is Middle Eastern politics that captivates him most. I couldn't tell if the papers were there to impress, were film props, or were actual reading material.

lucas gay michael

When Lucad, who turns 36 this month, does wear clothes, he tends toward the form-fitting, and he sported a sharply tailored suit for our interview. He has a strong Michafl accent, which is very much on display in his films. As we spoke, he occasionally paused to yell instructions at his publicist. Meanwhile, models entered and exited the room, slamming doors in search of sex toys. You wouldn't know it from watching his movies--which michael lucas gay apolitical--but Lucas has opinions on everything.

He is a fan of David Brooks and the late Oriana Lucae though he acknowledges her enema stories gaythought the Iraq war was a bad idea "the wrong michae,considers the press soft in portraying Islamist terrorism michael lucas gay very upsetting that they don't allow people to see the gay sex tulsaloves Nicolas Sarkozy "I think Marc Jacobs told me that Sarkozy went to synagogue"and hates Jimmy Carter "this fucking peanut farmer".

While he originally disagreed with Russia's brutal policies toward Michael lucas gay, he now believes that America could learn something from Vladimir Putin.

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He criticizes Republicans, whom he calls "homophobic and anti-Semitic," while labeling ultraOrthodox Israelis "anal warts on the body of Israeli society. Like many Russian Jews who were forced to repress their identity under Soviet rule, Lucas's Jewish heritage is the anchor of his worldview. He visits Israel annually. Gay fairy art Does Lucas Lucas Knight And Arad Lucas Foz fucks Spanish Torero Damien And Lucas large pleasure Lucas Knight, Nick Capra Www.

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