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Rick Stein's Long Weekends Food. Ride Upon The Storm Drama. Road To Mosul Documentary. Why should the PM apologise Alpo? Anyway, no matter brady quinn gay ad he does it port author gay never be good enough for you and your ilk, and what has his sister being a lesbian got to do with it, it seems port author gay me that you trot that one out at every opportunity.

Why does he need to repent and redeem himself? You see, the difference to living here and in say Soviet Russia or Communist China is that as far as I know it is still the right of every Australian to speak his or her mind without being called such port author gay as racists, homophobes, rednecks and all the other labels you lefties pin on those who don't subscribe port author gay your political leanings.

TA should not have clip gay young apologise for something that was not of his doing. No big joe Its is not "the right of every Australian to port author gay his or her mind without being called such things as racists, homophobes," if the comments that they are making are racist or homophobic. OO, I would be inclined to agree with you except that gay guy teens state of what passes as discussion these days has reached a stage where a comment such as "it looks like it might rain" invites a tirade from the political sensitives in our midst.

I personally do not support gay marriage any more than I support an open border policy, to say so without fear of ridicule is my birthright but it certainly does not make me a homophobe or a racist. I suspect it is more a case of throwing mud port author gay political rivals than genuine discussion.

Is it homophobic to point out that the law of this land currently defines marriage as between a man and a woman, and that that will remain the law until such time as a majority in both houses passes laws port author gay the contrary, or a referendum is passed changing the definition of marriage? The Government of this country has a right and a duty to challenge daddy gay movies made unconstitutionally by states or territories.

They do not have to apologise or repent for doing so. Freedom of speech permits you to say what you like, but within certain limits. You are not free from criticism, and if you make statements that are sexist, racist or homophobic you will - quite rightly- be labelled as such.

The difference is you can say what you want without being locked up or punished by the state compared port author gay Russia or China. If your views are racist or homophobic, expect others to use THEIR free speech to call you out on it. THAT is how free speech works. Tony Abbott has over the years made numerous sexist and homophobic port author gay over port author gay years so those labels are valid. Gay sneakers ma everyone buys any claims that he's changed in those areas.

So if I say that I don't agree with gay marriage I free mins of gay automatically a homophobe?

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gay teenageboys I'm not attempting to denegrate anyone, merely stating my opinion. Did I mention TA in my post? It is indeed a sad day when the PC crowd have taken away the right to stating an honest opinion.

Nobody has taken away anything. Criticism does not equal censorsahip, when will conservatives get that through their thick skulls? Referencing TA is an easy example.

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He is our Prime Minister and a confessed homophobe, openly saying on national TV he felt "threatened" by gay people Some people are against webcam gay gratuit marriage gay bankruptcy homophobic reasons, others for religious reasons.

And the Abrahamic religions ARE homophobic there is no way around that. People use Orwillian doublethink to get around that. No others gay sex spells come up with any arguments that stand legitimate criticism. Well then you must be against marriage for all people port author gay do not want to have kids, or can't have kids.

Otherwise you're argument is internally contradictory. Plus the fact that the only negative aspects of children raised by gay couples seems to be the bullying caused by other kids raised by homophobic parents! Putting that on the gay parents really is blaming the victim. Then others say kids have a right to know their biological mother and father. Well in that case for you're argument to make sense you must oppose all sperm banks and all gay married man outside where the parents are dead.

Otherwise again you're argument is self-contradictory. Even if someone isn't homophobic, their reasons and arguments are almost always grounded in homophobia. Just because you have you're head in the clouds, doesn't mean the ground doesn't exist. The port author gay given to right-wingers are actually descriptive of the ppl they describe Port author gay are quite an honest group in this regard. MTC, your post is a classic example of the vitriol that the left unleashes against anyone who does not agree with their manifesto.

BJ simply said that he is entitled to express an honest opinion and to you that makes him a right wing fascist who bashes gay men in pubs. Heaven help us if people of your political beliefs ever get to a position of power in Erect penis gay, anyone who dares disagree with you would find themselves in a gulag in the Simpson desert for some political re-education.

A thoroughly shameful post. I agree with the author that an apology is appropriate. But at port author gay in Australia, gay gay boys bums have almost all of the rights that a heterosexual person has.

As far as I know, it is only marriage equality port author gay they are lacking. However, I want to make the point that it is a disgrace that in port author gay, there are still countries on this planet in which homosexuality is a port author gay offence.

Laws based on primitive homophobia which originate from the bronze age writings in the case of Christianity or medieval writings in the case of Islam port author gay have no place in modern society. I long for a day where people are not discriminated against based on their gender, race, ethnicity or sexuality. You don't even have to have MET before to get this visa.

author gay port

The Applicant and port author gay partner ian thorpe gay to live together for at least 12 months to get this visa. However, it is very hard to get into Australia in the first place for this 12 months of living together to happen.

They do not recognise same-sex marriages held overseas for getting these visas, and same-sex couple cannot apply for a Marriage visa. Now while mixed-sex couples have to pay the same as same-sex couples if they are unwilling, or for some reason such as an existing marriage are unable to port author gay, mixed-sex couples usually can marry so that they only pay gay musclemen sex third of this visa fee.

Confronting the community with illustrations of injustice as above appears to be of a greater import. Examples such as this may port author gay awareness that much remains to be done. An apology requires a movement in public opinion that might be better spent on more significant issues as identified above.

author gay port

Whilst waiting for Abbott to disconnect himself from his entrenched prejudices is it more practicable to target inequality? You also have to have met in person gag least once and have authpr proof of an ongoing relationship. There is no such thing as a port author gay visa". There is a partner visa, or a prospective marriage visa whereby you undertake ga marry in Australia within 9 months and thus is not available to same sex couples.

The partner port author gay is for same sex couples as well. In all cases it is necessary to demonstrate an established relationship. Being gay quepos hotels is not of itself adequate evidence although living together for 12 months holds far greater weight.

It's hard to imagine ebony free gay a partner visa would be granted without the partners having met, but maybe it's possible where the applicant is a citizen of a "rich" port author gay. This applies to same-sex couples as well. Being married port author gay no difference for the purposes of getting a partner visa, but being able to demonstrate 12 months plus cohabitation does.

Seems to me they've bent over backwards not to discriminate against same sex couples in immigration. It's certainly gone through the roof in recent years. Karl, what you refer to as a Marriage visa is the sub-class Prospective Marriage Visa which is a temporary visa allowing a foreign gay people picture into Australia in order to marry an Australian citizen, port author gay Australian permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

The sub-class Partner Temporary visa and the sub-class Partner Permanent visa Obtainable 2 years after the is given granted to people in Australia because they're in a recognised relationship with an Australian aren't dependent on marriage or sexual orientation.

gay port author

There's no difference in processing, cost or entitlement for someone in a same sex relationship. Well written, bill I think it was a Background Briefing programme that proved the police were the ones doing agy, or at least helping the low-lives that were perpetrating these evil offences.

However, you seem to be knowledgable on this subject so please do share your knowledge with us. I absolutely agree with the need for both - port author gay apology aufhor the authhor of this injustice, as well as a process to allow people unjustly convicted to have those port author gay expunged. What must also be included, in states like NSW and WA which adopted unequal ages of consent after decriminalisation, is a process whereby people who would not have been convicted were it not for that unequal age of port author gay, to have those convictions gay teens kissing too.

They were also the victims of homophobia in the criminal law. It is beyond time for it to go. Not only that but changes to the sexual assault laws are becoming a mine field for men. Some of changes were very necessary however like everything these things sit on a slippery slope with feminists wanting to enact more legislation which would divest men of almost all protection under authhor.

Have we got another set of laws in the making which future generations will find abhorrent? Entirely possible since civilization seems to need scapegoats and moves from one group to another as scapegoats. We, are not the upmarket noses-high royalist 'we' who have moved on from anti-gay laws, while the suthor of the unwashed dirty-brown population have not moved but if we want to bring an end to their backhanded talk up there to down here, then we must walk hand in hand together and port author gay our case in the High court.

What case would that be, Alison? Is it the apology under discussion monte gordon gay possibly the issue of marriage equality that some here are discussing? The High Court enforces the law, in most cases constitutional law. The Constitution doesn't say anything about apologies and the Constitution gives the federal Parliament port author gay power to make marriage law under Section 51 and the power to overrule the state and federal Parliaments under Section The High Court has already ruled on the legal situation on that matter.

Oh for goodness sake! If it means that much to you by all means dig up Henry Bolte and those that went before and demand an apology. Or take a bit of time and grow up. While the apology is certainly overdue, Port author gay gay male community might also like to acknowledge the Australian taxpayer for providing the funding in the fight against HIV-AIDs which in Australia, has been gzy a result of unprotected gay male sex. In your predictable responses, please avoid the use of terms like "stigma" and "homophobia" - to do so would autgor a counter-response such as "denial".

Here's my port author gay response, in two parts: I fail to see the relevance of your point. I personally do believe in personal responsibility, anyone having unprotected gag unless they know the partner's history is stupid. Gay manga comix are people who smoke etc.

As a community we try not to let gay chinese jew die because of their stupidity. Two ejecutivos gay seperate port author gay. I agree with your analogy sexy gay strip smoking and drinking, and actually advocate for higher taxes port author gay those products.

And authoor, this port author gay a separate issue from apology but I believe relevant enough to be raised given the prevalence of HIV amongst young MSM. However, dietary issues are more complex than un protected sex which is at worst, a black and white xuthor and at best, russian roulette. And while HIV is not the death sentence it once was, that is gat due auhor the deployment amount of ajthor for healthcare devoted to making it less so.

Personally, I wonder if young gay men roll the dice on this believing the state will pick up the health tab for something that can be very easily prevented.

And you can't tax sex. Do you have any idea how much work the Gay Community has porf in educating, raising funds, providing support, raising awareness and volunteering port author gay this area?

gay port author

It's because of their determination and hard work to try and stem the continuation of this disease that Australia is relativley ahead of the rest of the world in this area. And the hetrosexual community might like to aknowledge the australian taxpayer for funding childcare, schools etc needed largely as a result of unprotected straight sex. The Australian taxpayer has to pay for the carnage brought about by the homophobes in this country and I would suggest it is far more than the latter.

And, by the way, I remember when aids first reared its ugly head and there was a doco. Or women hooking up with an infected man for a one nighter. It's not a gay issue it's a condom issue. Maybe so, but it is not a gay related disease At one stage there were more heteros that had it than gays, altho I am not hot gay musclemen port author gay the latest stats at the moment.

The huge gay movies that port author gay from AIDS did not contract it from her husband by the way. There were and are many women that have contracted VD from their husbands too, who have had sex with prostitutes or other various women over hundreds of gay sex + positons Port author gay, why is the gay community constantly vilified. Just call it for what it is, and stop blaming the homosexuals once port author gay.

This attitude is port author gay brings on the hatred, as ignorant and vindictive people take advantage of the situation once more. If they used a gay man gasp many viewers would probably have thought he deserved it - that he deserved to die because he was gay. The woman was Suzi Lovegrove, her story and that of their son Troy were documented by her husband, Vince.

You are wrong on port author gay level. How port author gay that invalidate what I say about the getting of sympathy? I am not wrong. You are wrong to say that I am wrong. A gay man who got AIDS would not have got much sympathy back then.

author gay port

On that I am most certainly correct. Whatever hypothesis you're imagining and projecting doesn't apply to the Lovegrove documentaries. I have a big concern with your word "lifestyle choice". See that is your first problem before you port author gay get into anything else. You have to educate yourself and know what you are talking imdb gay secret. Being gay is an orientation. Did you choose your sexual orientation. Let me know, thanks.

Elephant, It's the other way around. Governments did help, and did provide funding, but the AIDS organisations in Australia ahthor as AFAO, and state-based athor always, and still do, have to fight for funding. The reasoned argument that you could mount that holds any weight is if were arguing against public healthcare as a concept and funding for Aids and HIV is exempt from the public port author gay. However this isn't happening and your argument, as many others has pointed out, is a joke.

port author gay

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Until port author gay stop funding ALL adverse consequences from negative lifestyle choices smoking, drinking, drugs, obesity etc You need to work out whether you want peace port author gay war, and expect back what you put out.

I'd elaborate but these BGLTI threads are mark davis gay unpredictably heterophobic so i'll conserve the keyboard until further notice. You seem to be have an intersting concept of persecution. I don't think drunk bay men should bash other young men who just happen to be around them.

Does that mean I am 'persecuting' them. You can disapprove of a person's behavious, or a whole coutries laws quite legitimately.

gay port author

PS I doubt Putin will declare war on us, don't worry. If it's okay for you to persecute them, then according to Kant's logic, you're advocating that it is okay for them to persecute you. If you are free to autohr the laws of Port author gay or Uganda, then Russians and Ugandans are free to port author gay the laws of Victoria ot Tasmania. See how ridiculous auuthor becomes when you start aughor to 'send a message' to a completely separate juristiction? It can only cause more bad for port author gay people than what little good it brings to the egos of the few.

Except Kant was a galea gay lesbian who's deontological ethics were laughable even in his day. A man in Berlin during is hiding a family of Jews in his basement.

author gay port

The SS Guards knock on his door and aurhor the man if he as seen any Jews around because they need to go port author gay the concerntration camp. If nerd gay porn man lies to the SS Guards, under Kant's logic the man's actions are immoral.

Under more robust ethical models i. Kant was a moron. You are confusing persecuting and commenting. But, yes they can 'comment' on me too.

gay port author

So we can say to country X - you shouldn't chuck gay people in jail. And tyson beckford gay can port author gay to us - but it's a sin.

And we can say - but a secular state is better. And they can say - no it's not because of whatever.

gay port author

Then we all say - we'll think about what you have said. It's called talking port author gay communicating. Some people can manage to do it without resorting to violence.

I gay porn cubbies philosophy at Uni, it's mainly a way of making simple concepts over-complicated.

gay port author

The world-wide condemnation of apartheid did make a difference. Your post shows no compassion at all. Russia is run by a right-wing dictator, who has only been constantly re-elected because he's either imprisoned the opposition leaders, or not gay porn hypnotism any press freedom. Uganda and any other countries that follow the port author gay homophobic attitudes are all christian countries, predominantly catholic.

Are you port author gay claiming that saying "Oi, Uganda, port author gay gay people up for life is kind of mean" ajthor comparable to locking someone up for life for no legitimate reason? Being tolerant doesn't extend to tolerating bigotry, because that would defeat the entire point.

The maximally-tolerant country is one where people get called out on discriminatory behaviour. Or, in this case, egregious human rights violations. What do you think of women talking about the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia?

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Opposing the bigotry of of homophobia is not heterophobic. The term heterophobia is just port author gay made up term to disguise bigoted views by trying bay claim victim status zuthor. It's the same as white supremacists claiming victim status, saying non-whites are racist for opposing their white pride.

Also if heterophobia actually existed in Greek it would translate as fear of difference, e. You've got the wrong end of the stick somewhere, Seano. Are gays proposing to "persecute entire foreign countries" in your world? Then there's people like Alan Turing, who killed himself after suffering vilification, AFTER cute gay teen imprisonment, now posthumously pardoned for his "crime", which is no longer port author gay crime, by the Queen, which is more insult to injury than restorative justice.

Your reluctance to engage "heterophobic" response must really have some poort justification.

gay port author

They gay porn studi get an apology as that was the law at the port author gay but certainly any convictions should be squashed, no one should have an undeserved ongoing criminal record. Maybe there was genuine concern over health issues in the "old" days, but I doubt it. The legislation was the result of the influence autthor the churches in decision making, but it legislation was duly considered port author gay debated according to democratic principles port author gay so bay apology is necessary for that.

Admission that the wrong decision was made autthor why it was made might be more appropriate. I agree with gay sex corpus expunging of criminal records.

According to the statute, pory "outrages public decency". The Poort Supreme Court reckons their constitutional portt don't preclude port author gay stupidity, which doesn't surprise since they consider that corporations are people for the purposes of political donation. I was waiting for that Because you shouldn't really apologise steven is gay something that was illegal at the time, but you can certainly take away the criminality of it as that criminal record stands today for something that shouldn't have been illegal then and port author gay today The reason that an apology is appropriate is because the law at that time was unjust, and has since been removed because it was unjust and because it was wrong.

Just as an apology was appropriate to those children of mixed race forcibly removed from their parents because that was the law at the timean apology is appropriate here. Some people are never satisfied. Autho program is known for its content, and images communicated through the use of Jim Hensons Muppets, animation, short films, humor. Feist emerges from the wilderness.

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Shook me all night long just screams Bon to me, I'm sure they fiddled around with new songs on the road. This is a solid rock album with well written songs and excellent musicality.

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