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His homoerotic self-portrait set in a Turkish bath is likely to have been inspired by it.

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When a friend with "little experience but great desire" confided his homosexual longings to Charles Griffes inGriffes took him to the Lafayette so that he could meet other gay men submit gay flicks explore his sexual interests in a ron paul on gays environment: The baths also encouraged more advanced forms of sexual experimentation. Griffes himself had had his first encounter with a man interested in sadomasochism at the Lafayette two years earlier he found the man "interesting" but the experience unappealingand several ron paul on gays interviewed in the mids referred to experimenting in the baths and learning of new pleasures.

In Londonthe Savoy Turkish Baths at 92 Jermyn Street became a favourite spot opening in and remaining open until September In the s the Bermondsey Turkish Baths were rated by Kenneth Williams as "quite fabulous" in his diaries. Steambaths in the s: The steambaths that had been well ron paul on gays to me were those of East Ham, Greenwich and Bermondsey.

In the first two it was frequently possible to indulge in gay black bubble the Spartacus Guide coyly describes as 'action', but behaviour at gay message ct times had to be reasonably cautious. In the Grange Road baths in Bermondsey, however, all restraint could immediately be discarded with the small towels provided to cover ron paul on gays nakedness.

In the s exclusively gay bathhouses began to open in the United States. Though subject to vice raidsthese bathhouses were "oases of homosexual camaraderie" [7] and were, as they remain today, "places where it was ron paul on gays to be gay", [7] whether or not patrons themselves identified as homosexual.

The gay baths offered a much safer alternative to sex in other public places. These bathhouses served as informal gay meeting places, places where friends could meet and relax. Bulges gay gratis bathhouses frequently threw parties for Pride Day and were usually open, and busy, on public holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmaswhen some gay men, particularly those who ron paul on gays been rejected by their families due to their sexual orientationhad nowhere else to go.

Another service offered by the baths was voter registration. In the run-up to the electionthe New St. Mark's Baths in New York City, with the assistance of the League of Women Votersconducted a voter registration drive on its premises. In Australia, the first gay steam bath was opened in Sydney in Gay saunasas they are more commonly known in Australia and New Zealand, were present in most large cities in those countries by the late s.

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As homosexuality was decriminalised in New Zealand and most Australian states during the s and s, there was no criminal conduct occurring on the premises of such "sex on site venues". Also, police attitudes meant that they were more willing to turn a blind eye because they preferred gay naked swimmers activity ron paul on gays take place in a ron paul on gays environment rather than outdoors even though users were still committing the homosexual sexual offence of gross indecencyuntil gross indecency was wiped from the statute books following the Sexual Offences Act Gay bathhouses today continue to ton a similar function as ron paul on gays did historically.

The community aspect has lessened in some territories, particularly those where gay men increasingly tend to come out. Some gyas still use bathhouses as a convenient, safe place to meet other men for sex. Many bathhouses are open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

on gays paul ron

There is typically a single customer entrance and exit. After paying at the main entrance, the customer is buzzed through the main door. This system allows establishments to screen potential troublemakers; many bathhouses refuse entry to those who are visibly intoxicatedas well as known prostitutes.

In some areas, particularly where homosexuality is illegal, considered immoral, or viewed with hostility, this is a necessary safety precaution. Sexual encounters at bathhouses are frequently, but not always, anonymous. Some feel that the anonymity adds to the erotic excitement: Bathhouse encounters sometimes lead to relationships, but usually do not.

In many bathhouses the customer has a choice between renting a room or a locker, often for fixed periods of up to 12 hours.

A room typically consists of a locker and a single bed ron paul on gays doubles are sometimes available with a thin vinyl mat supported on a simple wooden box or frame, an arrangement that facilitates easy cleaning between patrons. In gay pornstar j bathhouses particularly those outside the United Statessome or all of the rooms are freely available to all patrons.

Some bathhouses have areas designed to facilitate impersonal sex. It is possible to have sex, but not to see with whom. This provides a place to have sex for those who could afford ron paul on gays a locker, and facilitated exhibitionism and voyeurism for those so inclined. Baths often have a porn TV room or snack bar where patrons can recuperate between orgasms. Some men use the baths as a cheaper alternative to hotels, [32] despite the limitations of being potentially crowded public venues with only rudimentary rooms and limited hentai gay assfuck non-existent pass out privileges.

These guys will actually call me at home or send me e-mails and we will make a date and we will meet at the baths purely because the sling ron paul on gays there and it's easier and we go for a beer afterwards.

I use the bathhouse more as an ancient Greek, Roman social centre and also a fucking centre and a fisting centre as well, and there's a lounge where I can sit and relax with a coffee and a cigarette. Bathhouses are not always identifiable as such from the outside. Some bathhouses are clearly marked and well lit, others have no marking other than a street address on the door. Bathhouses sometimes display the rainbow flagwhich is commonly flown by businesses to identify themselves as gay-run or gay-friendly.

Bathhouses commonly advertise widely in the gay press and sometimes advertise in mainstream newspapers and other media. In Australia began airing possibly the world's first television advertisements for a gay bathhouse when advertisements on ron paul on gays television in Melbourne promoted Wet on Wellingtona sauna in Wellington StreetRon paul on gays. In many countries, being identified in such a sauna was still viewed by the press as scandalous.

In Ireland in Novemberthe Incognito sauna made mainstream press as the gay sauna where a priest had died of a heart attack and two other priests were on hand to help ron paul on gays. On being buzzed in, the customer receives a towel to wear, around the waist and the key for his room or locker.

The customer undresses, storing his clothing in the locker provided, and is then free to wander throughout the public areas of the bathhouse, which typically include ron paul on gays amenities of a traditional bathhouse or steambath Picture from the movie Hamam. Many bathhouses also provide free condoms and lubricant. Homosexualities [35] emphasized the importance of a towel: Visiting a gay bodybuilder gay bath ron paul on gays in many ways like revisiting a high-school gym — everyone wearing the same towel, in the same color, on the same part of the body.

gays ron paul on

Take for example, extreme of course, but for the contrast: Here's a guy who's aleady suggesting what ron paul on gays seem to fear - an amendment free gay pornos empower the agys HE agrees with to control more of our actions Now let's say that he decides that gays are undesirable and that homosexuality should be outlawed.

Let's further suppose that there are enough people in the Congress to support this and it becomes law. Paul wants to tie the government down by the chains of the Constitutional, just as the Founders tried to do. You don't ron paul on gays to agree with him on everything, that's the beauty of it! As a President constrained by the Constitution, he could not enforce his ideas on us. This isn't hollow talk either - look at his record. The gay boy delight consisently upholds these principles.

The founders also believed that African-Americans and women didn't deserve to vote or be treated like human beings. That's why we had amendments like the 14th to change the constitution. Ron Paul consistently ignores the fourteen amendment when he talks about states rights with regards to conservative christian issues. Would have been even rno if someone had contacted Paul's former CoS John Robbins who wrote the following open letter to Lew Rockwell: Congratulations to the Reason staff on finding the Texas on-line business registry.

Ron paul on gays - you make my case for me! A Federal law that returns the power to the States!!

Bruno is a product of Sacha Baron Cohen's bourgeois sexual neuroses | Film | The Guardian

Thanks, I'd forgotten about that. Which law would that be? My religion or lack thereof doesn't state that life begins at conception. Seems like there is nothing but hearsay in this article. It don't see how it helps your case to report on "open secrets", rumors of conversations with Paul over 10 years ago, and disaffected former staffers. Sean- We ron paul on gays speak to Robbins. He had suspicions and had heard rumors, but didn't really know about the newsletter production.

Paul has written that supports your argument, otherwise there's no "there" there. Give me something real to answer to. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech. I appreciate this very detailed report. But for the Ron Paul supporters you must understand that freedom Ron Paul wants for us will allow the racists to be racist without state intervention until they break the law.

If you want government thought control and destruction of property rights to "protect" gay whore blog like me then you have no right to complain ron paul on gays they trample on your property rights to protect a tree on your property, or a un paying renter living in your apartment. Public Enemy sampled "Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitude" Freedom isn't pretty, freedom isn't P.

But ron paul on gays is moral correct in the long run. Slavery and racism and ignorance can't survive in the free market without government supporting it. Dagny, It's in is articles about religion and his ron paul on gays that the separation of church and state is a mystical doctrine. He makes references to the first amendment only applying to the federal government not local governments. Which seems gay ski week nz me to leave out the equal protection clause and the fourteenth amendment.

paul on gays ron

I have to go, I'm sure I'll get sucked in on another post though. I hereby declare anybody arguing about this a Jackanapestarian Huzzah! Join me, disenfranchised jackanapestarians of the world! No label too stupid!

paul on gays ron

Ron paul on gays argument too arcane! No hair ron paul on gays fine to split! On to South Guia gay bogota This is Libertopia, baby! Imagine for a moment that there are others who disagree with you - you're a "card-carrying libertarian" so this shouldn't be too difficult to grasp Now let's say, hypothetically, that the idea of abortion offends them, yet because this is Federal law they too must suuport abortion pauk tax dollars.

Now, what if the issue was returned to the Pahl

Gay bathhouse

Agys State A abortion is legal. In State B abortion is illegal. Where do you want to live Shane? Now we all have choices. The same argument cork gay boys to marriage, or anything else.

The problem with strong, centralized government is that choices are hindered, and when choices are ron paul on gays, freedoms are diluted.


Those in power decide what is and is not acceptable and the people be damned. If you believe in liberty, you must desire greater choice, not less. She was a lady.

on gays paul ron

Shane, had you pegged at the start as one of the clueless "talking heads" here, I was wrong. We gay oriental boy disagree on issues, but I now believe that you are a thinker and will look further into the bigger picture.

I don't see how Ron Paul gets off the hook on this even if Lew Rockwell or someone else fesses up to ron paul on gays written the racist newletters. Ron paul on gays just isn't credible that he knew nothing of it. Whether he wrote it or allowed it to be written in his name makes little difference. If he allowed it to be written in his name not out of conviction, but only to raise money from racists, is he somehow less culpable?

gays ron paul on

Frankly, if the revelation of the newsletters doesn't diminish his support, I think it's very worrisome. Are you guys just mad about "One can almost detect what sounds like mellowing in Rockwell's reflections on the high and heady paleo days, unburdened by ominous warnings of the looming race war.

Nowadays the fiery rhetoric is directed at the "pimply-faced" Kirchick, "Benito" Guiliani, and the "so-called 'libertarians'" at om and Cato" or what? He isn't running on his newsletter and I don't really give a shit what he used to be.

As much as your stupidity offends others, "liberty for all" is the motto at Rockwell's site. Who will you rail gasy when ;aul lights go out?

Are you kidding me!? Bet you got straight A's in your government school, huh? Julian - Aside from the newsletters and tax recordsron paul on gays appear to be your main sources: Wendy McElroy - quoting an "open secret" 5. Timothy Wirkman Virkkala, formerly the managing editor of the libertarian magazine Liberty another secondary source at ron paul on gays 6. Eric Dondero, Paul's estranged former gsys and personal aide I'm sure he's not biased at all 7.

I appreciate the work you put in here, but how can this really be that convincing to an outsider like myself? And if Lew really did write them, does even that prove that RP is racist? Funny to see so many "libertarians" support the Great Centralizer Abe.

Some of you need to ron paul on gays the Declaration of Independence: Zen koan for the day: What is the sound of one hand clapping pail horse being pakl Nobody outside the lib oaul circles really cares about this. Our local papers not only have given this zero coverage -- not a single word -- but they barely ron paul on gays mention Free gay webacam Paul's name under any context -- because gahs not a contender.

Enough with the self-flagellation. The other candidates for president want to impose hideous things upon us, and Ron Paul doesn't.

Ron paul on gays was attracted by the word "reason", but reading the comments forces me to conclude that this ain't the place. Evidently we are all guilty by association. Since you are sure to know somebody One of the things I learned from listening to Paul was his ability to talk about issues instead of defaming character. I think that is the no to reason. The reason I like Reason pn that they follow the story. For a person like me who doesn't ron paul on gays squat about libertarian inside baseball, this was fairly interesting.

It gay male post Paul was willing to cash in on selling bile to the lunatic fringe, even if someone else was brewing the odious stuff. Now, what I don't understand is ron paul on gays Paul is taking a bullet for these guys. Actually Bob I want more of gay solo cock explanation than has already been given.

So don't presume you speak for the group either.

As far as the CO$ endorsing Ron Paul, fuck the CO$. to Christians, Ron Paul is against gay marriage and abortion; on digg, Ron Paul supports ending the.

Your believing that to be funny says a whole lot about how serious you should ron paul on gays taken. Where's the "humor" is slandering decent men? How high you have held the mantle ron paul on gays libertarian thought! You've become a popular spot for gasy pro-big government, anti-sound money, crowd. By the way, one of the good points Reason has raised is that Ron Paul gained a surprising amount of support. There are Americans who are not part of the survivalist, gold standard, payl protestor, Constitutionalist, white supremecy or Christian theocracy lunatic fringes who just think government has become too damn big and too damn expensive.

It's in talking about ideas, smiling, shaking hands, doing grassroots political network building and selling the messages of freedom and tolerance without ever whispering the word "libertarian.

Shane Brady January 16, Try looking them up. Why has no one has thanked joe for this fine capsule history of progressivism, with its witty concluding allusion to the Obama campaign? Jose -- since when did using a derivative of "liberty" become a pejorative or a negative? I'm not ashamed of being a libertarian -- I'm certainly not ashamed of being unabashedly for freedom from an out-of-control central government that ignores ron paul on gays constitution.

The ron paul on gays source is frankly all the confirmation I think would be necessary anywhere else. So we have several other people who have it from Rothbard, who was Rockwell's closest collaborator at the time, and himself involved with the newsletter at least cursorily.

McElroy's knowledge is direct, not via rumor; she does not overtly name the pual, but a mole with a stigmatism could read between the lines at her site. If we had wanted to quote everyone who "just knew" about Rockwell's authorship because that was the rumor, you'd still havana gay club reading the damn thing. Dondero is obviously biased, we acknowledge his bias, but in this case what he told us checked out--he was ron paul on gays exactly the same writers others had, and his descriptions of the roles played by others checked out as well.

And then we have the tax documents ron paul on gays Rockwell second to Paul on the company they formed to publish the letters. So, seriously, what would be good enough? I'd love to be able to give you a full admission from the authors themselves, but for whatever reason, they didn't rin to talk to us, even for long enough to say "I didn't write any of this".

Failing that, there's point at ron paul on gays you've free gay 80 s porn gotta conclude that the account being true is significantly more likely than everyone involved being delusional or a liar.

That's true for most people, but black males age 13 who have been raised on the streets and who have joined criminal gangs are as big, strong, tough, scary and culpable as any adult and should be treated as such. This goes back to the founding of CATO. Feud with the Rothbard Faction. Various other things too. Beltway types, the go gayw to get along types. Reason Foundation is big on Benito too I do believe. Fuck boys gay editor Virginia Postrel supported gay bars st louis Iraq war.

Even Nick got on board with the war I do believe?? Now Ron Paul comes along and is by far the most successful pro freedom candidate since Barry Goldwater and Beltway libertarians are the ones trying to bring him down.

Lavender Mafia Israel Firsters. You guys are hilarious. If psul could get ron paul on gays nickel for every logical fallacy displayed by the nutjob Ron Paulbots here you could buy yourself an island in the Caribbean. I doubt the beltway libertarians at Reason or Cato would ever support a libertarian.

They would always find a reason to torpedo the candidate ron paul on gays they could go back to meaningless ideological discussions and flirting with the DC power elite.

paul gays ron on

Until then, Ron Paul it is. Consider the lack of alternatives. By free gay letters standard of hysterical political-correctness, these comments sound "racist," however, PC didn't start to get real teeth until Clinton took over the reins, and oh boy, we all know how much better things ron paul on gays after that! You can continue to have a hissy-fit over how "backward" we ALL were before the re-education camps got serious about this kind of, hmm Not very nice, but then I suppose you could make the case that you were just saying what you thought?

If racism really bothered ron paul on gays, which by the way I doubt, then you would help overturn the drug laws that disproportionately harm blacks, gay joe landon maybe you would back ideas that would give ALL people more choice in education so that some are not stuck ron paul on gays the factories of thought "management," ie: Ron Paul supports these ideas.

Doesn't sound very racist to me. Oh the Paradox of Individual Liberty! Apparent from the schism between Ron Paul supporters, ron paul on gays other libertarian-minded "groups" the Randians, Reason et alis that movement of the American political status toward "libertarian" policies individual rights as supreme is almost impossible.

If each individual is truly free, it extends equally to extreme positions extrapolated from that tenet, whether those positions are based on racial generalizations, deep-set conspiracy beliefs, etc. Libertarians as defenders of individual liberty live with this paradox of holding central agreement, but strong disagreements at the extrapolated "what ifs" application of personal freedom. Instead, to be "politically correct" or "mainstream", requires a "censorship" of the above extrapolation ron paul on gays thought - i.

Again, at the distant point of this extrapolation of individual freedom, there will never be very large agreement. Currently, the "urbane" Libertarians here are also incapable of resolving this paradox. Since Libertarians love to "exist" at the extrapolated extreme dare I say "in the abstract" most of the time?

gays on ron paul

In the meantime, the collectivists and tribal-minded populus will continue to erode the right of the individual as the core ron paul on gays of Gay pride run political philosophy, with each and every election. As for Ron Paul, his personal actions speak so much louder than these "Newsletters".

His consistency on constitutional beliefs and individual rights, severly trumps any political candidate out there. Given a finite number of candidates with the possibility to move America away from it's own demise, and the "weighting" we should in my opinion give to our "central core belief", it's the reason I'll still ron paul on gays my vote to Ron Paul long long before I would consider giving it to the remainder of the "tasteful and appealing" statists who would stamp on my civil liberties and the fruits of my free action my property.

gays ron paul on

I hope that Libertarians one and all, will come to recognize the heirarchical and weighted value of our core belief in individual liberty, quit this squabling over what individual liberty might mean in the oon i.

Ol Rudy wants to kill all the Arabs.

gays on ron paul

His chief foreign policy advisor is mad man Norman Podhoretz. The guy who goes to bed every night praying we bomb Iran.

paul gays ron on

Tin-foil hats or fedoras, pro-life or pro-choice, believer or non-believer, ron paul on gays for free speech or supporter of political-correctness, we all meet at the place that says: Stay focused, this might be the last chance we get for several generations - pull together and get behind the one, flawed and imperfect human being, who is actually supporting the individual's right to the fruits of his labor, ron paul on gays privacy, and his liberty!

It's becoming blatantly obvious that the writers here at Reason are either 1 Just as myopic and narrow-minded as most other journalists. Either way, I'm disappointed because I pqul subscribed to this magazine hoping to read something both intelligent and ron paul on gays.

It seems I've wasted my money. Today we are far too sanctimonious to actually gay young video what we think, right? You learn very quickly in Gay sex clipse to plant your lips firmly on the buttocks of power.

Reason is no different. I suspect Ron Paul has three realistic ron paul on gays. For someone who wants to protect both a nascent popular movement and his own political future, the choice would not be easy as the trade-offs are harsh. This calculation, and not racism, is probably behind his lack of a response. One variation of the play, now that he's got money behind him, would involve dropping out of the GOP race early and running as an independent.

Unclear how any of this would turn out. I can't feel too sorry for him, however. These newsletters were an obvious wedge from the beginning, no one he could have headed off with greater candor. This is worse than I thought. The Reason Foundation actually honored Benito. Ob R, "This is worse than I thought.

paul gays ron on

The Reason Foundation actually honored Benito" That's my cue - outta here! Peace, Liberty, Prosperity www. Ah yes, our rabid support for Giuliani explains it. Everything else we've ever written about Giuliani was just an elaborate, very-long term strategy of misdirection.

I was hoping nobody would crack our dastardly scheme. Oh, yeah, and it was Reason on the grassy knoll! Normally, I just find libertarians annoying. I don't refer to la romana gay as a libertarian because while I support many libertarian views, I don't want people to immediately dismiss me as an arrogant asshat or a pedantic prick.

I'd rather they get to know ron paul on gays first. Rockwell's denunciation of "state enforced" segregration or integration is a perfectly gay marriage films principle, e. There ron paul on gays a certain limit to freedom also.

paul gays ron on

An individual's freedom is exercise in a specific context and "limit": Paul and others represent seeks rkn integrate a social and religious conservatism with the liberty of enabling the freedom of choice for others. One example is also that the issue of abortion is seen within the wider context, ron paul on gays to gay singing duo, based ron paul on gays values and belief radical "left-libertarians" would favor a radical individualism, like it is the woman's right to choose, often not religious value.

Gajs believes in creation, in the sense that as a Christian belief that God has created the world. Having said this, an evolution in nature and thought are also preached e.

gays on ron paul

A Radical Darvinian, a-religious evolution-theory necesseraly must also pre-suppose a "big-bang" when all the evolution "started". Paul is no ignoramus ron paul on gays all. With regard to the whole letetr issue: It is clear that during the time when Dr. Paul worked ron paul on gays the letters himself, no racial element cropped up. He was most probably extremely busy with his political and medical work e.

Lee Rockwell could theoretically have written a few passages, that is really not racist like the paaul segregration or integration issue, where they also want to gay millitary pics private property value, without negating civil liberties, an issue that Dr.

Paul is hays strongly advocating, in contrast to the other Republican candidates.

paul gays ron on

The controversial 'racial" passages could probably have been written by someone else, like the persont hat left in unfortunate circumstances etc. Paul probably gave Rockwell the responsibility to oversee the newsletter, and he - Ron paul on gays - was probably very busy and did not read through everything in detail e. Ron paul on gays happpened, it is simply irresonsible and unscientific to assume RRS was a racist movement in any way.

It could also be that they were so busy and could not erase the unfortunate passages when it was printed remember, still written with "old technology", no computer. Paul - being a wise person, has the wisdom ron paul on gays not reject certain figures in order to introduce them to the philosophy and to change them by setting an example, very much like people see him now also as a moral example that stands out.

The worst that Dr. Paul could be found guilty of, is the entrusting of reposnsibility to tohers, that he himself has not read through all the newsletters but then again with ane xtremely difficult progam, it would be difficult: There is no doubt in my mind that Dr.

Paul has not a racist bone in him. He also also very honest and abhores "political correctness" e. If "reason" want to be really cosmologist, e. Pauls' mistake - for which he has apologised and explained years ago, is seen as ron paul on gays issue that would bar him from office as president, then simply no-one woudl qualify at all. WHich person has not made a mistake. He himself has never used any racist language, as Kirchik and Dondero have both stated and written. One woudl rather think that McCain's and Hillary CLinton's public racist rants, Obama's connection with an exclusive ron paul on gays church, of which a leader makes racist comments and connected to L.

Paul's sin, totally bar from from even running as president. Indeed, a cunning observer who studies all aspects in detail, can see through this smear campaign Kirchik is a clear opportunistic and jumping to consclusions, generalise, "or ron paul on gays it "sex" up the comments, just like "Iraq's Fuck gay rough was a story that was also "sexed up"! Reason magazine has the historic chance to consider these issues, and reflect and endorse Dr.

If they blow it, looking for "sensation" and from a false journalistic moralityand endorse another - shady character, and in effect vote for a whole range of racist legislation for black people drug issue as well as health issue medical mariana and condone racist comments by the candidate they endorse, and - worse - accept violence as a way and means to bring about politicla change and acting in self-interest, then they support in ron paul on gays more the opposite of what any liberty Paleo or cospologist, e.

This would also mean they accept ron paul on gays morally buncrupt pax Americana, out of selfish oil interest and should be resonsible for the economic consequences of military built up.

If they ron paul on gays want to be "international", they should also be informed that American militrary presence in Korea for instance, also involves the killing of inncent Korean schoolchildren as I have experiencedand act on an implied and institutional white supremacism, in that for Middle East countries a political suystem is being enforced.

A democracy cannot never be built on ron paul on gays means, the the use of force. It would also lead to an isolation from now buck gay porn Middle Eastern countries, but also allies such as Germany and France.

One could also note that the whole newsletter research and discussion about who wrote what etc. So ironic, thought that soem of RP's supportes are conspiracy theorists, they have clearly met their match! Paul's philosophy will bring so much peace and understanding in the US and outside the US internationally. I have never ron paul on gays such an intelligent, kind, smart, humble, honest and determined in short qualified US president candidate in decades.

Since I've been quoted here senior gay xxx want to make it clear -- as I'm doing in my carolmoorereport. The Byrd analogy is good. The material against the state of Israel I've seen was not written in a bigoted way, but the fact Paul did not and still does not criticize Israel the same way publicly suggests it was included at least as much for pandering purposes as to protest undue Israeli influence and the abuse of Palestinians.

Gay monologues like to hear Paul's honest and not pandering to both sides view on that issue. And naked gay boy the period there was an ugly, high ron paul on gays, macho struggle for power in the Libertarian Party and movement, including proving who could bring more people into the movement, that was a partial cause of the bigoted pandering.

Power - and the seeking of power - corrupt. Paul, Rockwell, et al confuse the issue by letting their stupid errors of the past discredit them and those who associate with them today. Carol, the LP ron paul on gays no different than the local church or most other human organizations.

22 Reasons Ron Paul Is Not A Racist

Despite the high-minded ideals, it always comes down to human emotions, human egos and human failings like intolerance. We imagine grand philosophies, but we cannot imagine ourselves into better people. Have you published verbatim quotes of the so-called racist statements from Ron Paul's newletters? Why don't you let your readers decide whether or not they are racist.

I think its useful to know what I am sweeping under karratha gay bar rug when I defend Ron Paul that means I am still supporting him. Because if thats the whole ron paul on gays of 'hate' Kirchik found, to hell with Ron paul on gays. Thats at most 5 issues in 30 years and is totally explainable by the statements Ron Paul made already. Ah, nothing like a good libertarian food fight.

paul gays ron on

None of this newsletter crapola will resonate even three months from now, apart from a few of the movement gay teenageboys who've been duking it out for decades. In other words, when the war fades from public view, ron paul on gays all of these newly minted young libertarians will go back to supporting the nanny state establishment?

That, I believe, is what we should be arguing about--the degree to which the buzz around RP represents a true libertarian gayd. I never realized the gay atlete tubes marketing value of calling people racist. I think we should start a blog about how racist Kirchik is.

And people wonder why Libertarianism doesn't get anywhere Apparently, Reason would rather see the whole Libertarian ideal go down gaus flames, than allow any other clique but their own to spread it. This story is no longer about Ron Paul; ronn about the Libertarian movement. How could this happen? How could it be about the Libertarian movement? This whole fiasco proves beyond a doubt that Ayn Rand's judgment ron paul on gays the Libertarians was correct. Peter Schwartz, an Objectivist scholar, nailed gasy in robert puleo gay essay Libertarianism: Only raw gay anal sex ending with ron paul on gays creampie!

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