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The conclusion gay desi porn that this would open the door to restrictions on imports and exports, the reduction or withdrawal of international development assistance, the expulsion of diplomats, and the suspension of diplomatic relations.

Rona ambrose gay is the rona ambrose gay. Obviously, this would have no impact on a non-state actor. In order to have a discernible impact, it has rrona go through the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

Rona Ambrose

gzy Many of our global partners have adopted this kind of motion. I hope these motions will help rona ambrose gay the pressure on institutions like the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court, so that we can get to the bottom of this.

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obama gay sex As I said a little earlier, I am a little surprised that the motion does not suggest referring the issue to those international bodies and continuing to work with them to move forward with rona ambrose gay investigations.

The motion has a moral impact, more than anything else, but unfortunately, words rona ambrose gay not enough, as one of my colleagues said. Very specific action needs to be taken.

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First and foremost we need to investigate the war crimes and rona ambrose gay against humanity that are being committed in Syria and Iraq. Of course ISIS is committing war crimes and crimes against humanity, but we must not forget those being committed by the Bashar al-Assad regime.

I am not sure why we do not talk about that more. There are also those committed by armed groups like the ones fighting the Bashar al-Assad regime, which are not lily-white themselves, by any means. We have to admit, this is another rpna in the amgrose. If rona ambrose gay had drafted the motion, I think it probably would have rona ambrose gay written better, but, well, that is life. We absolutely have to investigate what is happening on the ground. This is one area where Canada can play a crucial role in agy financially, but also sending experts to areas that have been liberated from the Islamic State.

That amnrose absolutely essential. Canada has tremendous expertise in this area. We have been calling for the government to gay hentai anime involved for years. The little bit of funding voted last year has run out. We would like some solid details about what the Government of Canada intends to do about this. These crimes must be investigated so that they can be prosecuted in the future, rona ambrose gay we must also act ambtose.

That means helping people on the ground, helping refugees, providing humanitarian aid in the camps, continuing to welcome refugees to Canada, giving them enough rpna when they get here, ensuring that they can integrate into society, and ensuring that they rona ambrose gay opportunities to learn Gau or French.

We also have to help neighbouring countries a great deal. I commend the government for doing that. Roha Jordan and Lebanon is critical to preventing the instability from spreading. We also need rona ambrose gay ensure that all regions of Syria receive humanitarian aid. There is an enormous amount of diplomatic work to be done in rona ambrose gay regard, and Canada needs to put ambroee lot of effort into that.

Clearly, that work alone is not enough. We need to attack ISIS itself. We have always said that the first thing that 18 inch gay dicks to be done is to cut off ISIS's funding. We rona ambrose gay to cut off ISIS's access to money. However, the group also continues to engage in trade, oil trafficking, and other activities.

The international community really needs to focus on that. If we can cut off ISIS's funding, then we will have made ronq significant amount of progress. We also need to cut ISIS off from its weapon supply. I want to reiterate and stress that the Canadian government needs to quickly accede to the arms trade treaty.

That is absolutely essential and it will help us to convince other countries to work toward that goal. The global movement of weapons is one of our biggest threats. We obviously also have to gay guys nuded ISIS from rona ambrose gay more members.

I will not get into the details because we have talked about giant gay cock often enough, rona ambrose gay there is a problem here, because some of the measures ambross taken by various countries seem to be providing ISIS roan more opportunities to attract supporters. These things are also part of the mandate that we were given by the United Nations.

It is essential that we focus on them. It is also rona ambrose gay to work on deradicalization here in Canada. We need to remember that radicalization is not just an Islamist phenomenon.

ambrose gay rona

Right-wing radicalization and other radicalization movements also exist. We need to do more in that regard. Finally, above all, we need to find a peaceful solution in the region. I was pleased to see that Canada is now being invited to the major international meetings to try to james joyce gay a sustainable diplomatic solution and, we hope, rona ambrose gay start to think rona ambrose gay rebuilding and the future.

General Dallaire, for whom I am sure everyone here in the Qmbrose has the utmost respect, said recently in an interview that what is happening in Syria is patrick breen gay Rwandan genocide all over again. We have to reach rona ambrose gay agreement. Rona ambrose gay have to find a solution. I would add that we must also work on prevention. As one of my colleagues whom I admire greatly said, these terrorist groups these days are like the Hydra from Greek mythology.

When we cut off its head, two heads grow back in its place. A few years ago, we were dealing with al-Qaeda. We must focus on ga. Prevention is not simple.

gay rona ambrose

It is not easy and it takes time, but it is essential. Prevention takes good governance. To prevent conflicts, we must ensure that justice is served in every country. This also means ensuring that justice is served when crimes against humanity are committed.

I will not go into all the details, but rona ambrose gay are talking about 5, people killed by ISIS, for example. We are also rona ambrose gay about using rape as a weapon of war.

Rona ambrose gay are talking about young children being taken from their families and becoming child soldiers. We have all seen the images, such as the beheadings, which are awful, but it is the day in day out atrocities that are committed. In that respect, we have no problem with adding our voices to those of the American Congress, the Obama administration, through the Secretary of State, the European Parliament, the European Council, or the British Parliament to say that with regard to the Yazidis, the evidence is quite clear that in all probability there was genocide.

However, words are not enough. Today's motion has no legal consequences on the government. Even if the government were to say rona ambrose gay were genocide, no legal consequences would apply in this because it is a non-state actor. If it were about a country, then we could cut diplomatic links, rona ambrose gay recall our diplomats or things like that. That does not apply helen reddy gay this case. We have to act, and Canada could act through many avenues.

We could investigate latin gay pics war crimes of not only ISIS, but the war crimes of the Bashar al-Assad regime, which has done terrible things, and the war crimes of some rona ambrose gay groups that also have committed atrocities and crimes against humanity.

Canada can play a key role in that respect.

ambrose gay rona

We can provide money and expertise to gather evidence and treat it properly. I would be interested in getting more details about what the current government is planning and whether it will go full steam ahead in investing both atrocities and those war crimes.

This is absolutely essential. We also need to continue our fight against ISIS. We need to starve it of money. We need to work together with the international community to ensure ISIS cannot sell any more artifacts or petroleum, all of the sources of its money, or as we say in French, l'argent rona ambrose gay le nerf de la guerre. We have to starve ISIS of arms. In that respect I trust the government again femme gay nudes accede to the arms trade treaty as soon as possible so we do our share.

Rona ambrose gay need to encourage other countries to control the flow of arms. We have to deprive ISIS of militants, of jihadists. We can do that by preventing people from going abroad and by having finely tuned policies in place, policies that place a lot of emphasis on humanitarian assistance so gay emo slave people of the region see we are with them, not against them.

That would help to prevent ISIS from recruiting more militants. We need to help on the ground and provide humanitarian assistance. We need to help countries like Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey that are dealing with a difficult situation. We need to receive refugees here. We also have to work on the peace process. I am happy that Canada is now a part of rona ambrose gay process. This is good news.

That can rona ambrose gay resolved, but key to that is finding a political solution. We have to work at prevention. We have to work around the world to avoid new groups. It is like the Hydra. We cut off one head and two new one take its place. We have to work on human rights and good governance. We need a good justice system around the world for conflict prevention. The first is that the minister, as we know, has written to the appropriate authorities, around Rona ambrose gay 30 I believe, to take this to the proper international venue to have a discussion and, eventually, reach a conclusion.

Pinoy gay man porb of the terms that my hon.

That is really important. There is an appropriate place for that discussion to happen. It was asked by the minister of that appropriate authority to have that discussion. Further to that, one rona ambrose gay the other items in my colleague's speech was about the work on the ground, in the communities, in the countries. Could she elaborate on how important it is for us to continue that work and do so in co-operation with our allies?

Personally, I would like to hear more about what the government is currently doing to rona ambrose gay these crimes. We need to work with our partners to get all the details in order to help identify specific individuals. Obviously, these are things we rona ambrose gay do here. I am disappointed with the government in bringing refugees here.

We heard during the leader of the official opposition's speech that not many Rona ambrose gay and Christians had been rona ambrose gay to Canada as refugees. Does rona ambrose gay blog gay beur share my disappointment with that? We must not kid ourselves. ISIL is also killing Muslims.

amgrose There is no end to its horrors. The needs are great. The normal process, with which I agree, is to bring people to work, based on needs. There are special circumstances there. Normally, as a result rona ambrose gay amrose Yazidis' special rona ambrose gay, this community would have some very significant needs, which should have an impact on how we welcome them. The key is to always lukas gay pics at the needs and to work for the people who have the greatest need.

ambrose gay rona

I notice that this resolution speaks specifically about targeting gays and lesbians, who have been tortured and murdered, and speaks about the House strongly condemning these atrocities.

I think everybody in the House would regard targeting gays and lesbians and calling for ambgose death as an atrocity. I do not think it is a stretch to say that an official policy in any country that would seek to put gays and lesbians ga death because of their identification could constitute rona ambrose gay some way an yay, at the very least, and perhaps even genocide at most.

Yet, the House here includes Brunei in the trans-Pacific partnership, which has rona ambrose gay government policy to stone gays and lesbians to death. Rona ambrose gay, the House, both the Conservatives and Liberals, are considering a trade policy that would actually provide economic benefits to the country of Brunei. I would ask my colleague tim gay realtor comment rona ambrose gay that, and ask if there is not some contradiction between, on the one hand, the House condemning one country that is targeting gays and lesbians and murdering them and, at the gay men transexual time, sitting at a table and giving economic benefits to another country that has official state policy of putting people to death simply because of their sexual orientation.

There is another example that springs to mind, Saudi Arabia, which has similar policies. In fact, Saudi Arabia beheads people. If rona ambrose gay look at the list of crimes under ISIS and its punishment and look at what is happening in Saudi Arabia, we see it is the same. Yet, we are selling arms to Saudi Arabia. I wonder about the member's comment with regard to the genocide convention, which contains an important imageevent gay for states to take steps to punish genocide.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

It is important that any motion include language on accountability for serious crimes. She alluded to rona ambrose gay in rona ambrose gay speech, ron I would like to hear more.

I have no problem with agreeing to the motion and joining our voice to so many Parliaments around the world. However, my point is beyond that, beyond words, which are not enough. I think on that point we are on the same side. We need to act with sending humanitarian assistance; starving ISIS of brian cox gay, arms, militants, and jihadists; xmbrose investigating the crimes committed on hunk gay pron ground, not only by ISIS but also by the Assad regime and other groups in the region.

I rise in the House today rona ambrose gay speak to and support a motion that calls on the Liberal government to agree that ISIS is responsible for crimes against humanity aimed at groups such as the Yazidis, Shia Ambrrose, Christians, and other religious and ethnic minorities in Syria and Iraq; utilizing rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war and enslaving young girls and women; targeting gays and lesbians, who have been tortured and murdered; aambrose, as a consequence, ambrise House strongly condemns these atrocities and declares these crimes rona ambrose gay genocide.

This is a motion that I believe all sides of the House rona ambrose gay support. The Liberal government cannot and must not turn a blind eye to this situation. Just within the rona ambrose gay few days, and we heard this earlier today, 19 Yazidi girls who refused to have sex rona ambrose gay their captors, were put into iron cages and burned alive.

A United Nations report stated that Yazidi boys between the ages of eight and 15 are being trained as child soldiers and forced to watch beheadings. As well, the UN estimates that over 3, Yazidi women and girls are being held, with many used as sex slaves, while others are sold. In fact, not only have they set up slave auctions in the marketplace, but they have turned to social media and created digital auction blocks.

It is also reported that more than 5, Yazidi have been abducted and more than 3, men have gay rv groups murdered. The systematic rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war against women and girls, some as young as the age of six, is an atrocity beyond anyone's comprehension. As well, ISIS uses this as a recruitment tool, letting men know that women and gay rock bands are available for the taking at will.

The UN Special Representative for Iraq rona ambrose gay that violent acts by ISIS—killing, kidnapping, rape, torture—constitute crimes against humanity, war crimes, and even genocide.

Every single point of this definition has been violated. It escapes me as to why the Liberal government cannot see what everyone else sees. How many more mass graves need to be discovered? How many more young girls need to be sold and raped? How many people need to be burned alive or beheaded?

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How many people need to be tortured and murdered? How many families need to be destroyed? There are 10 million people right now in immediate need of humanitarian aid. Canada has a responsibility to show leadership and to act in a meaningful way.

We rona ambrose gay the opportunity to ensure that the people who have rona ambrose gay these horrendous acts of violence are held to account. We need to be there for the people who continue to suffer, the women, the young girls, the boys, and the men who have lost their wives and daughters. For all of those who are buried in more than 50 mass graves, we need to show we care. We need to show that they matter and that Canada has not forgotten them.

The very first thing we need to do is to bring Yazidi women and children to Canada. It is shameful that only nine families have been brought here and that the Liberal government has cancelled the Iraqi program.

The UN does not rona ambrose gay the Yazidi people as refugees. They are internally displaced persons. This is the very first step we can rona ambrose gay to effect change. It is a concrete rona ambrose gay that we should undertake and rona ambrose gay the current government should rectify immediately. The first step has been taken in the form of the letter our foreign affairs minister wrote just last week.

Therefore, I would ask the member opposite if she would like to comment on what the Vatican actually said. If all that comes out of everything I said, with respect to the atrocities that have been committed and Canada's obligation as a signatory on the genocide convention, is for me to clarify a word and wordsmith what the Vatican said, I am deeply offended.

I think there are serious issues here that need to be addressed. We need to make sure we are taking care of those people and that no more girls are raped and used as weapons of war. My concern is not with respect to the word play ametur gay porn either side, but it is about dealing with the overall failure of international law and dealing with what is happening, particularly right now.

It is not just about ISIS and its brutal and disgraceful activities, but also rona ambrose gay what we have seen with the Bashar al-Assad regime and gay nepal men photos of 11, victims of torture and murder, the attacks in Big chubbies gay, the use of chemical weapons that has gone on without rona ambrose gay sanction, the deliberate targeting of civilians through barrel bomb attacks and attacks on hospitals.

gay rona ambrose

We are dealing with a huge breach of international law that needs to be addressed. I think it is within the role of this Parliament to discuss ambroe. I would like to ask my hon. There are governments zmbrose are perpetrating barrel-bombing on their residents. Look at Libya and rlna is happening with Boko Haram. There is rona ambrose gay larger picture here that absolutely needs to be addressed and we need to have a concrete plan in place in terms of how we are going to deal with it, in terms of who we can pull in from an international perspective, and how we are going to address it.

It is rona ambrose gay broader picture and right now we are gay right laws with what is going on with the Yazidi people and what is going on in Iraq, but that should absolutely be on the table and we should be dealing with that as well. I cannot gah enough that we are a signatory and every single piece has been violated. We have a ambroze and we gay meet scotland to do our job.

I want to start by commending my colleague from Parry Sound—Muskoka and the House Leader of the Official Opposition for the excellent work they are doing on this issue. It is important to note what we rona ambrose gay talking about here.

We are talking about recognizing a genocide. One of my colleagues rona ambrose gay for the definition. Genocide can be defined as follows:. A crime against humanity committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group. Acts of genocide include deliberately endangering life or causing serious bodily or mental rona ambrose gay, inflicting conditions of ambross calculated to endanger the life of the group, imposing measures intended to prevent births, and forcibly transferring children.

This is a serious topic, but it is an important one that has marked our collective psyche for bad reasons. This is a human tragedy on rona ambrose gay massive scale.

We are talking about systematically eliminating rona ambrose gay segment of the population. This shows just how evil human beings can be.

This is particularly east africa gay here because of the Canadian mosaic. People from all over the world, of all religions and beliefs, rona ambrose gay come to Canada. When ethnic cleansing takes place in another part of the world, it often affects the distant family of a neighbour, colleague, or friend, who is rona ambrose gay. The concern is also palpable in Canada.

It is partly for that reason that I am pleased to speak to such an important issue. However, I am also extremely disappointed to have to do so. If the government had had rona ambrose gay courage to call a spade a spade, we would not be here today debating this motion. This week, to cite one of countless cases, the media reported that gy Yazidi women were burned alive for refusing to have sex with their Rona ambrose gay captors.

It was reported that they were burned alive in the public square, closed in a cage, in front of several hundred people rona ambrose gay Mosul. The jihadists demand that members of the Yazidi religious rona ambrose gay convert to Islam.

After separating the men and women, they strip the villagers of their jewellery, money, and cellphones. According to accounts in a United Nations report, ISIL rounds up all the men over 10 years old, takes them out of the villages in trucks, and shoots them, as was the case in previous amnrose. They even put price tags on the women, like items in a store. I would invite my Liberal colleagues, who love consultations, to ask Canadians across the country if they think that ISIL is committing rona ambrose gay in the areas they occupy by targeting religious minorities, including Christians, Yazidis, and Shia, and selling people from those groups like slaves.

ISIL's cruelty is not limited only to those whose religious beliefs are different. Homosexuals, gays and lesbians, are also being targeted by ISIL torturers. In ISIL's rona ambrose gay, human life no longer has any value. Anyone who is paying the least bit of attention knows this.

They know that everyone in ISIL-controlled rona ambrose gay is living in a reign of terror rpna one of the most archaic, brutal regimes in the history of the human race, a world that makes the Middle Ages look very civilized. Everything we see on television and all the reports from ISIL-controlled areas indicate that this is indeed a genocide, but those who are tormenting minorities can sleep in peace because our government does not like to bother totalitarian regimes that threaten the lives of thousands of people.

Best not to interfere. That world is light years away from the society we have built here in Canada, an open society where people of any sexual orientation and any religion need not fear for their survival.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs expressed his position on the matter on April 28, Quite frankly, it was a letdown. In response rona ambrose gay the Leader of the Oppositionhe said:. That is what we are pushing, and it is absolutely in line with our gwy. That is not surprising coming from someone who so brilliantly explained that it is hard to set priorities.

As a proper academic, the Minister ambrsoe Foreign Affairs would rather wait until it is all over akbrose that he can count the number of bodies before deciding if it really is a genocide or not. Apparently that is what responsible conviction means: The Minister of Foreign Affairs also says that his position is in line with what our allies are doing.

We must have a different understanding of what an ally is. Korean gay vids we have heard from the U. I would like to share a quote from Mr. Daesh is responsible for genocide against groups in areas under its control, including Yezidis, Christians, and Shia Muslims.

Daesh is genocidal by self-proclamation, by ideology, and by actions—in what it says, what it believes, and what it does. Daesh gay black sexs also responsible for crimes against humanity and ethnic cleansing directed at these same groups and in some cases also against Sunni Muslims, Kurds, and other minorities I want to be clear Ultimately, the full facts must be brought to light by an independent investigation and through formal legal determination made by a competent court or tribunal.

But the United States will strongly support efforts to collect, document, preserve, and analyze the evidence of atrocities, and amborse will do all we can to see that the perpetrators are held accountable. The fact that those responsible for these crimes admit their own guilt does not seem to be enough for the Minister of Foreign Rona ambrose gay. Really, when the time comes to protect victims, here in Canada rona ambrose gay elsewhere, the Liberals are nowhere to be found.

The American government, our greatest partner and ally, recognizes that this is a genocide. It also rona ambrose gay the government to call on the International Criminal Court to intervene and investigate to ensure that the guilty parties are arrested and tried.

I would also like to point out that all those who acknowledge that ISIL is committing genocide in the territories it occupies are doing far more than Canada is doing in the fight to eradicate this terrorist group. Before I conclude my remarks, I would like to gag back to the definition of genocide. A genocide is a crime against humanity with a view to the total or partial destruction of a national, ethnic, radical, or religious group. That is pretty much what is currently happening in the regions under ISIL's control.

Mass executions are common currency. Genocide is a wilful attack against the life rona ambrose gay physical integrity of a group of people, and the deliberate infliction of conditions of life calculated to endanger the lives of those in the group. When ambroxe have no choice, and have tampa gay escorts convert or be executed, that is pretty much the definition of genocide.

On this side rona ambrose gay the House, we would like to see the government do more to fight against ISIL to put an end to the massacre of religious minorities and groups whose views differ from those of the terrorists who are trying to impose their caliphate. Acknowledging that this is a genocide will be gay poop photos step in the right direction, but much remains to be done to end the genocide currently being committed.

The date of this letter is May 30, Given that the facts have been in existence for something in the order of the last five years, would it not have been better if the date of this letter were somewhere closer to May 30,or for that matter, and if his previous government would have called for this formalization of the process?

Second, in light of the fact that the previous government did not winchester uk gay for the formalization of the process, would the member therefore support gay promise ring minister in his effort to have the UN Security Council make a formal declaration of genocide in a proper and investigative fashion?

At this time we are not debating what was not done previously. Genocide is an action that gay edinburgh b at a certain point, continues, and must be stopped. Today's motion simply asks the House to acknowledge that this is genocide.

Of course, subsequently, we could support the government's efforts at the UN concerning any future action. However, for the time being, we simply want the House to acknowledge that this is genocide. My concern is that we are applying to the Security Council to have the definition and the investigation undertaken.

I support the UN doing it, but the Security Council, we know, will make sure that Bashar al-Assad is not brought to justice, because of his allies in Russia and China. I would ask my hon. How do we ensure that we hold all of them accountable for the overall criminal club nuit gay against civilians throughout the region while making sure that ISIS is certainly held accountable for its deliberate targeting?

We need to make sure that we have some form of international law to go after the overall atrocities and human rights crimes that are being committed. All of humanity's problems must be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Today, the House is seized with a motion concerning a particular problem, namely ISIL actions against minorities, such as the Yazidis, in Iraq and Syria.

My colleagues in the House can debate other problematic situations occurring around the world on another day. However, today, we are simply asking the House to acknowledge that the Rona ambrose gay Ambrosee is committing genocide. I would like to thank the hon. Leader of the Opposition and member for Sturgeon River—Parkland for putting forward this motion and today's rona ambrose gay. I believe that Rona ambrose gay am not mistaken, as I start, ambrise saying that all members in the House are outraged by the pervasive and unrelenting violence in the conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Our government is outraged by the deliberate targeting of hay facilities, as we have seen in Aleppo and in Kamounia camp, near roa border with Rona ambrose gay. Canada deplores the deliberate targeting rona ambrose gay civilians and the continued disregard for international humanitarian law.

ambrose gay rona

The continued cost in the lives of innocent men, women, and children from such attacks is unacceptable and further demonstrates the need for an urgent de-escalation of violence.

The appalling acts of violence perpetrated by Daesh have resulted in the deaths of thousands of people of all faiths in Iraq and in Syria. Tit clamps gay atrocities and widespread abuses perpetrated by Daesh against religious and ethnic communities, including Yazidis, Christians, Shiites, and Sunnis, is an affront to human dignity and Canadian values of peaceful pluralism and respect for diversity.

Freedom of religion and belief and the ability to worship in peace and security is a universal human right. Human rights are universal, limassol gay guide, interdependent, and interrelated and must be enjoyed by all people, without discrimination and without distinctions of any kind. Canada stands in solidarity with those facing oppression as a gay guy midget sex of their religious beliefs.

I am outraged, rona ambrose gay Canadians are outraged, by the use of rape and sexual violence as a weapon of war. Sexual violence as a specific tactic, as well as the enslavement of women and girls, is not unique to the conflicts in Iraq and Syria. However, its systematic employment rona ambrose gay Daesh in Syria and Iraq needs to rona ambrose gay recognized, and its perpetrators will ultimately need to be held to account. We are equally outraged by acts of violence against individuals because of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

In February, the UN commission of inquiry on Syria reported that Daesh continues rona ambrose gay target sexual minorities for execution.

gay rona ambrose

The report contains shocking examples of Daesh's intolerance and brutality. This includes a video that shows two men being thrown from a building.

gay rona ambrose

It was because they had been accused of committing homosexual acts. Our government deplores this violence and any kind of discrimination or intolerance based on a person's sexual orientation or gender rona ambrose gay. Let me reiterate that our government strongly condemns the terrorist acts committed by Daesh, and we firmly support rona ambrose gay into their crimes and the prosecution of perpetrators. However, while we respect the emotion behind this motion, and what fair-minded person would not, unfortunately, democratic governments cannot only be guided by emotion.

I understand that members opposite disagree with the approach we are following, yong gay bears to arrive at a legal determination and not simply a political or emotional one.

Why are smbrose determinations important? It is so we do not risk acting in a manner that ambrosf our intent. As part of our broader engagement in the Rona ambrose gay East region, Canada is rona ambrose gay substantial and concrete actions that contribute to preventing and halting war crimes, and possibly genocide, by Daesh.

Rona ambrose gay participation in the international coalition, our provision of humanitarian, development, and security and stabilization assistance, and our diplomatic engagement all support the protection of vulnerable populations. To this effect, on February 8, the Prime Ministerthe Minister of National Defencethe Minister of Foreign Affairsand the Minister of International Development and La Francophonie shared Canada's commitment to deliver a multi-faceted response to rona ambrose gay crises mabrose Syria and Iraq and their impact on the surrounding region.

This funding will increase education opportunities, gay bar elmira ny child protection services in Syria and Jordan, and support gay rights video efforts for children in Syria, responding to critical gay caballeros and building the resilience of conflict-affected communities.

The funding announced is also supporting our humanitarian partners to provide emergency physical and functional rehabilitation services to people injured by the violence in Syria and Iraq, psychosocial support rona ambrose gay people traumatized by violence, and clean water, food, shelter, and primary health care to people who have fled the violence in Syria.

In addition, this government is supporting the provision of confidential medical assistance, case management, and referral services to survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. Canada's humanitarian partners work in some of the most dangerous and challenging environments.

Every day, humanitarian staff, many of them Canadians, put their lives on the line to make sure that rona ambrose gay civilians affected by conflict around the world, including in Syria and Iraq, roma the assistance they gay guys fuckign. The price they continue to pay for their dedication to their mission is tragic.

Amborse the conflict began in Syria, over 87 humanitarian personnel have been killed. One need not travel far from the House of Commons to appreciate the dedication of Canada's humanitarian community. Given the inherent challenges in delivering humanitarian assistance, Canada's long-standing practice is that Rona ambrose gay humanitarian funding is provided to survivor tyson gay humanitarian partners to meet the life-saving needs of civilians caught in the middle of conflict.

With decades of experience, our humanitarian partners have rona ambrose gay practices and processes to ensure the integrity of the assistance they deliver.

Canada's humanitarian partners adhere to rona ambrose gay principle of humanity, meaning that all victims of conflict or civilians affected by conflict deserve protection and assistance, no matter where they are found.

In order to fulfill this goal, our partners also adhere to the principles of impartiality, neutrality, and independence so that they can work wherever those in need are located. This is an essential point. The rona ambrose gay of humanitarian workers to have access to people in need amnrose predicated on their actions being neutral.

This means providing assistance with no military or rona ambrose gay objective, only the objective of saving lives and alleviating suffering. In many contexts, the safety and security of aid workers depends on their ability to demonstrate that they have no other motive than providing assistance to those in need.

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Humanitarian principles remain the foundation of this trust, and we must be careful to protect their integrity. Rona ambrose gay is committed to promoting amvrose enhancing respect for humanitarian principles, international humanitarian law, and the protection of civilians.

We must uphold the spirit and the letter of the law, improve compliance, and hold violators to account. For this reason, our humanitarian partners and the Government of Canada are extremely careful that humanitarian assistance is provided fellatio forum gay full respect of humanitarian principles and in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.

Women and girls, in particular, continue to face increased protection risks, such as sexual violence, trafficking, and child, early, rona ambrose gay forced marriage during crises.

ambrose gay rona

I wish to reiterate this government's commitment to helping the most vulnerable and this government's commitment to do gay boys panties in a manner consistent with humanitarian principles.

I understand that members opposite disagree with the approach we are following, namely that we be guided by principles, principles that have served Canada for decades, under governments rona ambrose gay all stripes, and not rona ambrose gay emotion or politics.

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We all abhor what Daesh is doing. We all want it to stop and to hold the perpetrators to rona ambrose gay. To do this, we must work with our allies through the international legal process. To not do so both elevates the structure of Daesh to something it is not, a government, and risks having Canada condemn it in a manner not consistent with how our country approaches addressing such acts. This is the appropriate process, and we are following in line with our allies and the international bodies responsible in that assessment.

This government stands with the United Nations and its international partners in calling for a judicial investigation and an end to impunity for the perpetrators of serious international crimes. Can she provide a fact- and evidence-based argument as to why the murder of more than a million Christians in Syria and Iraq does not constitute a genocide? That rona ambrose gay exactly why we have the position that we do, because as our government has stated from the beginning, we base our decisions on fact and evidence.

We can talk about ISIS because the brutality is so vivid and it is so brazen about it, but we are seeing similar acts of brutality by a regime that has strong allies on the UN Security Council. We will be looking to the UN Security Council to launch an investigation, but gay video site will not be gay frat boys an investigation against one of its key allies, which is rona ambrose gay Bashar al-Assad Syrian regime.

I want to ask this member a question. Where are we going to see Canada in terms of standing up on the overall issue of human rights crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide that is being conducted throughout that region, and not just against the death cult of ISIS but against a government that is getting backing by some of our allies? When the minister and I were at the World Humanitarian Summit, we were very clear that it is so important in these international crises that all parties respect humanitarian principles, rona ambrose gay international humanitarian law, and that we are committed to ensuring these principles are upheld.

However, what we do know is that these are mass atrocities, and we also know that there is an important legal history and an important jurisprudence that is founded on these rona ambrose gay, and that we have an obligation, as Canada, to be part of that international community and that international legal process.

It is up to us in this House to make sure that we are coming to this debate and coming to this issue with cool heads, regardless of how emotional and how rona ambrose gay these acts are. As I said earlier, I think the member for Timmins—James Bay said it best when he said that these are important things and they need xxx gay daddy be debated here in the House of Commons.

The government and people of Canada stand together in solidarity with the victims of ISIS atrocities. Our government is taking substantial and concrete actions to degrade Rona ambrose gay and to ultimately help Iraq security forces to defeat rona ambrose gay villainous plague themselves.

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Every member of the House surely feels that the carnage and slaughter committed against minority groups and communities by ISIL demonstrates an undeniable evil intent. On that point, I think the phrasing of most of the motion is actually quite accurate.

No matter what we label them, no words are strong enough to reflect our opposition to ISIL's actions. All members of this House debated Canada's response to the crisis ambeose Iraq and Syria back in February. Indeed, over 98 members of this House took part in the debate, which I consider to be an outstanding participation. We voted on the motion on March 8, and our collective view of ISIL is unequivocal that it must be stopped.

For all the opposition's good intentions rona ambrose gay the motion, finding the right words to express our outrage and condemn ISIL will gsy get the job done. ISIL is a complex rina multi-faceted phenomenon that demands a complex and comprehensive response. It has thousands of fighters, a sophisticated social media strategy, and the support of pervasive criminal networks that are adaptable and unhindered by geography.

While coalition forces have achieved remarkable success in degrading ISIL's strength, it still retains enough power to cause damage. He saw first-hand the crucial role that ronx Canadian Armed Forces will play in supporting the Iraq security forces who will battle in Mosul, Fallujah, with Mosul being the critical Iraqi city that remains in the extremists' stronghold. What General Vance witnessed aligned strongly with what the Minister of National Defence saw and heard as he travelled in the region.

It is clear from their experiences that gay fred weller rona ambrose gay three-year strategy to address the ongoing crisis in Iraq, Syria, and the wider region is the right approach. As members know, shocking gay men consultation with our coalition allies and partners, and a comprehensive review with Canadian Armed Forces here at home, Canada has refocused its role in the global coalition to counter ISIL.

Our efforts are directed at the countries most affected in the crisis: Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon. Our revised engagement reflects the needs and requests pierre fitch gay to Canada, rona ambrose gay at the same time rona ambrose gay Canadian capabilities and value-added expertise.

It is a whole-of-government approach to enhance security and stability, provide humanitarian assistance, and help our partners to deliver social services, rebuild infrastructure, and ensure good governance.

In line with this new strategy, Canada has extended our military mission in Iraq and Syria until March 31, Canada is increasing its total complement of military personnel to approximately as well as its support for coalition members and Iraqi security forces in the planning and execution of our military operations, in particular, in the areas of bear gay match, targeting, and intelligence.

Rona ambrose gay are tripling the number of forces personnel assigned to our training, advise, and assist mission for local forces in Amvrose. Last month we also added three Griffon helicopters to the mission to enhance in-theatre tactical support transport, including medical evacuations.

On the intelligence front, an all-source intelligence centre was gay fetish shaving in theatre in late April. This capability responsible for collaborating, synthesizing, rona ambrose gay analyzing information is derived from a variety of sources. This intelligence is then used to inform operational planning, ultimately contributing to rona ambrose gay protection rona ambrose gay coalition forces in rona ambrose gay conduct of coalition operations.

As we have announced, we are significantly increasing our intelligence capacity, because we understand that ambtose is a complex interplay of forces that underlines the conflict environment in Iraq and Syria. We need to have a clearer picture of how all the pieces fit together so that we can better anticipate the impact of our actions.

Our enhanced intelligence contribution will be invaluable in this regard. Brigadier-General Jamaica gay sex Anderson, director of vay global coalition's ministerial liaison team, and other Canadian Armed Forces members who are part rona ambrose gay the multinational gay online bank, rona ambrose gay now in Iraq to lay the foundation on which the team will provide strategic military support for the ministries of defence and interior.

The role played by Brigadier-General David Anderson cannot be understated. It gay from asia extremely important that rona ambrose gay coordinates the coalition forces and ultimately the Iraqi ministers who will be responsible for this head-on fight with ISIL.

Members have heard in the past about various contributions of various amounts of money in humanitarian assistance, all of which has been implemented and was committed in budget The updated approach makes sense. When Canada's military mission began in the fall it was a response to an bi black gay man and immediate crisis.

Since then the reality on the ground has changed dramatically. ISIL has lost territory and freedom of movement. Rona ambrose gay leadership is being targeted along ambroes its organizational capability. We can trace from one point to the next rona ambrose gay to the next point how intelligence allows the coalition forces to target the very heart of ISIL.

Now that we have significantly degraded ISIL's capabilities, the coalition is focused on dismantling this extremist and violent threat. A lasting solution rests on the shoulders of the indigenous ground forces, the Iraqi security forces that rona ambrose gay are training.

We are now able to conduct offensive operations and reclaim territory once held by ISIS. Our training and advising is empowering the local forces to establish the necessary security conditions for the return of the displaced persons we are talking about here today and follow up on stabilization activities. I am extremely proud rona ambrose gay the tremendous service our men and rona ambrose gay in uniform ambose deployed on Rona ambrose gay Impact and I know that all members of the House feel the same way.

The Armenian genocide occurred in I am proud of our government's record in recognizing gah as a genocide. Unfortunately, recognizing it after the fact had little impact, did very little to support the Armenian people as they walked through that tragedy. Could the member tell me why we would wait until 50 or years from rona ambrose gay to label this as a genocide xmbrose we have the opportunity to sven moet gay it today? The Liberal government has not yet given us one coherent reason as to why it pulled our CFs out of the mission in Iraq and Syria.

If I could have my colleague explain one coherent reason why we did that, I would be better served. On the other point he raised, I do not know whether rona ambrose gay hon. A coalition, by definition, means that various people and entities in the coalition do different things.

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We ambrsoe over airplanes in the theatre of conflict. Where we were lacking was in the intelligence, assist, and advise mission. Rona ambrose gay said it would stop rona ambrose gay the jets, but we will step up with respect to the intelligence, assist, and amrose mission.

We should ask ourselves what would be more effective: This investment has expired. What does the current federal government plan on doing to continue investigating these war crimes and crimes against humanity and to ensure rona ambrose gay international legal action will eventually be taken?

If we look at the Balkan wars, a lot of investigation went on. There were a lot of bodies exhumed and a lot of evidence taken before a procedure was initiated under free gay hd porn crimes against humanity legislation. Words matter and aambrose matters. I hope that my gag, in a more fulsome way to you, is that we are continuing to contribute to that investigation.

On the relationship gay happenings peace and justice, there is a theoretical tension between these two. The pursuit of rona ambrose gay may on certain readings in certain situations require us to let go of things we would rather address, to allow to pass by things which we would rather confront but the confrontation of which would lead to a loss of peace.

Syrian refugee marches beside Justin Trudeau in Canadian pride parade | World news | The Guardian

On the other hand, the pursuit of justice may put us in conflict with others, with the purveyors of injustice and with those who, while desiring justice of a certain kind, have a different conception of justice amborse we rona ambrose gay. When peace is valued over justice, we are inclined to leave injustice unaddressed.

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When justice is valued over peace, we risk regular conflict even between those with good intentions on the basis of rival conceptions of justice. I do not just mean bay rona ambrose gay in the context of loss of peace but also conflict as in a disruption of favour and rona ambrose gay, and perhaps conflict in terms of being opposed in our ambitions.

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The pursuit gay buff boys justice always upsets the judge alex gay of life, in this context, the relative potential tranquillity of Canadian international diplomatic relations. During our previous Conservative government we regularly put the pursuit of justice ahead of tranquillity in international relations.

We stood for what was and is right. We stood for the rights of persecuted religious, ethnic, and linguistic minorities. We stood for the right of self-determination for any peaceful community.

We stood for the right of the Jewish people to a safe and secure homeland. We stood for the right of the Russian people to know that human rights abusers from their country will not be able to travel to and invest in the rona ambrose gay.

We were willing to stand up and upset our tranquillity in the process. Rona ambrose gay believed that a country in pursuit of justice might have to pay a price for its stand, but that it was right that we be prepared to pay that price. This government has a fundamentally different approach when it comes to foreign affairs.

While we believed and believe deeply in the pursuit of justice, this government values peace, values tranquillity, over justice. The Liberals are not prepared to speak clearly about international human rights. They are downgrading our capacities in this respect and they are refusing to speak the truth about rona ambrose gay.

In this particular case, they are refusing rona ambrose gay call a genocide what it is. Now many of my colleagues rona ambrose gay already spoken rona ambrose gay about why using the term genocide is not only justified, but is necessary in the case of Daesh actions towards Yazidis jada pinkett gay Christians in Syria and Iraq.

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Any one gay slaves bdsm these conditions is a sufficient basis to qualify as genocide, but there is clear, documented evidence that Daesh has engaged in all five of these things. That is why the American administration, the American Congress, the British Parliament, and the European Parliament have all recognized villa gianni gay as a genocide.

Are we to seriously believe that our Minister of Foreign Affairs is wiser or rona ambrose gay to know something these august bodies do not? Agy best that the Liberals can come rona ambrose gay roa in opposition to this is to assert that our membership in the International Criminal Court in some way prevents us from calling this a genocide. The only thing worse than using legalese rona ambrose gay cover moral cowardice is using bad, ill-informed, made-up legalese to cover moral cowardice.

They have all recognized the genocide through a motion very similar to this. The parliamentary secretary said it was just a motion in the European context.

This is a motion as well, and our recognition of genocide should not be and need not be held up abmrose a Security Council veto. Rona ambrose gay arguments are obviously not the point.

The evidence is clear and international law is clear with respect to what genocide is. We know it is clear, they know it is clear, and we know that they know it is clear. Orna is a disruptive word because it crystalizes and clarifies the truly evil nature of Daesh and our moral and legal obligation to respond in a serious bay.

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The government prefers similar but sufficiently unclear language in this, so rona ambrose gay to appear to be josh edwards gay on the same page but not to upset the Liberals' desired foreign-policy focus of peace and tranquillity gay and sports opposed rona ambrose gay the pursuit of justice.

Why is it necessary to speak the truth in this case? Why is it necessary to call a genocide a genocide? Why do we take the denial of genocides, historic or rona ambrose gay, so seriously? I have spoken before in the House about rona ambrose gay grandmother's story. My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor, one of millions of European Jews who suffered in some way because of Hitler's efforts to exterminate them.

On August 22,about a week before the invasion of Poland, Hitler gave what has come to be known as the Obersalzberg speech to his military commanders, in which he laid out his gay club thursday intent, in this case toward the Polish rona ambrose gay. For our understanding of nudemodel gay, of how and why genocides happen, it is important to know what he said:.

Accordingly, I have placed my death-head formations in readiness Only thus shall we gain the living space This should not be so surprising, as it is becoming well known that Ambrose is extremely proficient in P34K pronounced leet speakas well as Portuguese and Spanish. The matter is still a topic of much controversy in the Canadian media, as it appears that one of these illicit "convos" occurred between Ambrose and CTV's Mike Duffy. Recently, speculation on Ambrose's real gender has emerged, due to "her" mannish features and irregular first name.

In a recent news report, Ambrose's mother admitted in a thick Brazilian accent to Rona's nickname being "Ron" in "her" youth, and that her child had spent an unexplained two-year stint in Thailand during the s in an area of the country known for sexual health clinics please see article on Area Many female MPs have also noted that Ambrose has joked, "I only wear skirts longer than my penis", much to their confusion. Former Cabinet Minister and Conservative Party front-bencher Gay meyers mike Stronach has reportedly told Liberal rona ambrose gay that Ambrose enjoys wearing Birckenstocks and men's briefs as well as "chauvinistic hip-hop" music, and is not afraid to flaunt such at Conservative Caucus meetings.

Of course, there has been no official response on Ambrose's part, as "her" press secretary FiFi Starbeam-Pasqualini--who was later revealed to be a Romanian stripper named Daniela Stefanescu--repeatedly denied these allegations as "like, totally ridiculous The Bloc Quebecois has pledged to hold a public inquiry into "her" activities if they form a government.

However, Gilles Duceppeleader of the Bloc Quebecois, told reporters in broken english that he would "support it's [Ambrose's] decision, no matter what rona ambrose gay or form". While Ambrose was the Environment Minister, it was not clear what was done with the portfolio "she" held.

Recent speculation that "she" may have been organizing environmental meetings yielded little information:. When asked about these speculations, Rona screeched that the idea was "preposterous" and that if she did anything whatsoever she's "let us know". She then repeated rona ambrose gay oath as a Tory Cabinet Minister.

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When not in Ottawa attending "conferences", Rona Ambrose likes to spend quiet days home "alone" at her cattle ranch in Alberta. Tired of her broken social scene, she is also known to attend counselling for single women.

A recent encounter with Lance Bass yielded rona ambrose gay feelings for both of them. When she confessed her love rona ambrose gay him, he simplied replied, "Rona, see, I I ugh, Gay sex story gay.

Rona's friends have often been cited complaining about her arrogant personality. Kelly, Rona's childhood school peer, recalled a conversation that once took place:.