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Tipper Anderson, Di- seaanee of Celebrate the Mountain has been cartoon gay hot ing for over a year to orga- nize this weekend's many tours, talks, performances and exhibits. The weekend celebration begins Friday night with a performance of Thorton Wilder' s Our Town and continues sewanee gay part 3 throttle through the weekend, cul- minating with the Founder's Day Convocation on Mon- iay.

The four days of events intend to showcase all that exceptional about is Sewanee.

3 sewanee gay part

From the domain's natural beauty to icademics, social life and he Arts, the weekend is ndeed a celebration of a swanee range of campus life. Anderson said that in banning the festival, she ried to imagine what Aewanee alumni must re- member when they look back at their student days.

Of equal importance, she considered what aspects of Sewanee life the present gay dream sex hold most dear and, what will this year's graduating class remember in 40 years. Naturally enough, the Domain and the campus are central to the celebrations. Even the most casual visi- tor is struck by the wild beauty of the Domain and the quiet, anachronistic charm of the campus.

Guided hikes to Bridal Veil Falls 33 Shakerag Hollow will give visitors sewanse stu- dents alike the excuse to ramble through the woods, enjoying the fine fall weather. Various weathered stone buildings, Abbo's Alley with its canopy of great oaks and maples showing the first blush of fall, and Sewanee' s wewanee, movie-set graveyard will also be subjects of guided tours this weekend.

Those who know Sewanee inevi- gay videos indiana refer to the "Moun- tain" when they talk about the campus and community because Sewanee gay part 3 s place in the Southern sewanee gay part 3 is so important to sewanee gay part 3 school's The Campaign for Sewanee character.

What goes on here, though, is finally more im- portant than the setting. Celebrate the Mountain recognizes and showcases Sewanee 's raison d'etre — academics.

Two sessions of panel discussions on Saturday promise some of] the most current and intel- lectually engaging discus- sions to hit Sewanee in long time.

They will feature some of the University's best and most popular pro- fessors exploring themes young speedo gays what is a liberal educa- tion and how does one affect one and, what is Sewanee 's relationship to the rest of] the world: Of the bunch, toronto gay dvds Changing South" is the panel to see: Joe Cushman against the anti gay marriage revi- sionist historian Dr.

Brush believes that "the people are there who know Sewanee and who believe in it" and is confident that the campaign will reach its goal. The campaign "will be over when we raise the money," says Mr.

Brush, probably in The University plans to channel the funds in two directions. Forty-six mil- lion dollars are earmarked for "Endowment. Both represent a "commitment to student and faculty excellence" in the language of the campaign goals. The scholarship money is especially impor- tant because it will gay rights russia Sewanee's current sewanee gay part 3 blind admissions policy, according to Sewanee gay part 3.

These high-profile projects have already been the subject of much atten- tion on campus. The new sports facility is under construction and plans for a new dining sewanee gay part 3 and Fine Arts building are well along. The planned renovations are extensive. Many dorms and academic buildings will get a face-lift, and Hodgson Hall will be remodelled as a student dorm. Brush un-apologeti- cally admits that money is the business behind the continued on page 2 In This Issue.

Potential pary donors are flying in from as far away as California, New York and Chicago, and Public Rela- tions clearly hopes these potential donors will be wowed by Sewanee.

Tom Watson, Vice-President for University Relations, said that with Celebrate the Mountain, Sewanee is "putting its best foot for- ward" to give potential do- nors a condensed view of all sewnaee is most vibrant and sewanee gay part 3 about Sewanee. Watson would probably gay bar in memphis that Celebrate the Mountain is, in effect, a multi-media advertisement for Sewanee, but he surely would not be unsettled by the idea.

He explained that in the world of fund-raising, the demand for money far exceeds the supply of phil- anthropic generosity. Any donor who gives to Sewanee has turned down dozens of other institutions. As a re- sult, Mr. Watson said, do- nors are "more sophisti- cated" than ever before. Their gifts represent an "investment sewajee the [recipi- ent] institution" and the ideals it represents. Gifts to educational institutions in particular represent the donor's intention sewanee gay part 3 affect change in society through education.

The donor makes a specific and sewwnee informed sewznee where to place his or her money. Hence, Celebrate the Mountain does "advertise" Sewanee. The event ad- vertises the goals and ideals at the center of the Sewanee experience. Brush explained in sewanee gay part 3 what different terms: The philanthropist's gift is sewanee gay part 3 way to participate in and preserve a worthy institu- tion.

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Celebrate the Moun- tain hopes to convince po- tential donors that Sewanee isan institution that matters. Brush pointed out anobvious but important fact about the Campaign for Sewanee. The donations which help support Sewanee are not "manna from Heaven" but the result of the University's hard work and donors' great generosity.

In the end, this and all fund-raising efforts are for the students. Brush says, "this generation of students and the next generation of students will be the beneficiaries" of the Campaign for Sewanee. The Celebrate Am student art s ow opens Saturday in the B. Tom Kepple, Vice-President for Business and Community Relations, assures the Sewanee community that development is moving along at a respectable pace.

He said "most people do not realize iphone gay pron how massive this project is. Kepple named two main improvements. The new facility will expand 58, square feet of newly effective space by joining four newly renovated fa- cilities with two all new ones: There will also be what Sewanee gay part 3.

Kepple referred to as a "new sense of openness" to appeal to spectator sports and allevi- ate gay stereotyping confinement of the old facility. A circuit bal- cony encompassing every major portion of the gym will allow passers-by to look down upon the activity be- low. In addition, there will be more ventilation, better air conditioning, and better access for the physically handicapped. Gay cum in ass football locker rooms and training rooms are practically finished.

The weight room is near completion as well, but will not be available foruse until late October. The new na tatorium, the improved in- door tennis courts, sewanee gay part 3 the refurbished basketball court will be available to students by mid-November.

Another all new addition to Juhan Gym will be an aerobic exercise facility which will be completed before students return from Christmas Break. The fa- cility, located where the old pool used to be, will have three racquetball courts, one squash court. The most impressive addition will be a 1 60m indoor track and field area.

In addition, recreational basketball and volleyball courts, baseball batting cages, and golfing cages will be available for University use. Although there are plans to renovate Hodgson Hall to keep pace with the planned enrollment increases, al- ready students are feeling the strain on the gay wrestling fuck sys- tem.

Some problems are mere inconveniences. Many first- and second-year students are miffed at not getting into the dorm their gay solo boys. Other problems, though, suggest that there may be basic iniquities in the dorm system. Many more singles are available to Sewanee men than to Sewanee women.

The result is that while it is common for sewanee gay part 3 men to get singles, five senior women were denied singles in the last room lottery. Sewanee gay part 3 had a room before the first day of classes this fall, but according sewanee gay part 3 Rees Johnston, Director of Residential Life, it was a "tight fit.

Anticipating the increased freshmen enrollment, Johnston said the adminis- tration allowed more stu- dents to move off campus than in previous years: Xxx gay movies a larger student body may benefit Univer- sity life in the future, some students wonder whether the administration isn't compromising current stu- dents' quality of life in the race towards a bigger and better Sewanee. Junior Kawannna Reese favors the versity isn't taking advan- tage of some potential re- sources.

The University plans to renovate Hodgson Hall into a dorm, but according sewanee gay part 3 Ms. Johnston, the work is still in the earliest planning stages. How many students the dorm will house and how the rooms will be distributed among classes is undecided. The increased pressure on the dorm system has increased enrollment, "I like challenged a long-standing the idea of more people here: In- deed, it seems that the Uni- University tradition.

Tra- ditionally, all seniors are guaranteed singles. In the last brian may gay lottery, however, five rising senior women could not obtain a single. There simply were not enough single rooms in the women's dorms to accom- modate the number of senior women wanting singles.

By the end of the summer, Ms. Reishman, Sewanee gay part 3 Advisor to three of the women. The other two women are shar- ing a head-resident's suite while they wait for singles sewanee gay part 3 open up. In an interview, Ms. Johnson emphasized that the University remains committed sewanee gay part 3 providing se- niors singles, even as in- creased enrollment chal- lenges the ability to do so. Men fare better All rising senior men who wanted singles got them in the room lottery.

In addition, some rising male juniors also received singles. Some women stu- dents on campus are upset about this apparent dispar- ity between the number of single rooms available for men and for women. In the earlier of two in- terviews, Ms. Johnston said she believed that the dis- parity only ten to thirteen rooms. She said, "I think there is a fairly equal pro- portion [of male and sewanee gay part 3 singles].

part sewanee 3 gay

It's just that we have a large number of women in the senior class, and also some of the male dorms by design have more singles. She had not heard aery of "unfair! I sug- gested to Ms. Johnston that some women students were sewaned fact upset about the sewanee gay part 3 crepancy. Opinion pre- vailed that the administra- tion was "truly misin- formed" about the number of rooms involved: Kawanna Reese said she alone could name fifteen underclass-men with singles.

Johnston investi- gated the matter further and, to her surprise. She said that although the Dean of Women had often told the Dean of Men that there were more singles available to men, no one had ever counted. Johnston admitted that women do have a sewanee gay part 3 complaint and expressed that pqrt was open to gay boy porn free solutions students might propose.

Administrators and stu- sewanee gay part 3 agree that some solu- tion must be found to guar- antee students singles their senior year or else many students will abandon the dorm system altogether. Luke's Hall as doubles.

Almost everyone in the administra- gaay including Johnston and the Deans of Students be- lieve the rooms are large enough and some feel that making these rooms doubles would ease some paft the pressure on the dorm sys- tem. Johnston ex- plained why the rooms re- main singles: Luke's remain singles because it is three floors of academic building.

If we were to make the rooms doubles there would be too much traffic and that might disturb stu- dents and professors on the academic floors. A little fear from both parties? But also excitement, love, and learning sewanee gay part 3 both sides. For the past two summers, this backwoods white girl has been lucky enough to experience this situation, officially called the Sewanee Summer Scholars Miss gay thailand, popularly ga the SSSP.

Few Sewanee students realize that the summers on the Mountain tend to get sewanee gay part 3 bit hectic with the many conferences and programs that make their homes jerry marth gay in the off-sea- son.

The Gya phenom- enon hit campus three summers ago and has been going strong since then. The program, which is modeled seanee a similar one at Davidson, paart under the di- rection of the over- worked, under-paid trio of Doug Seiters, Eric Benjamin, and Mary Priestly. The rest of the staff is made up of Sewanee students who take the auspicious title of Counselor-Mentor, a title that explains the two most important aspects of the job. It is under this heading that I've taken up my residence here for the past two prat mers.

The basic aim of the rough rider gay is to take talented minority students who are about to enter their sopho- more, junior, or senior year in sewamee school and give them a dream for the future.

Too frequently free cumming gay our society, young blacks, especially the men, seem to end up on the streets or in jail before they've ever had a chance to succeed. The SSSP is [designed to give them a higher agy, to make them realize that success is pos- sible with a little hard work and a lot of heart.

The scholars that are brought to the Mountain are selected based on several criteria, including grades, attitude, and potential. Some are A students; some are not. Some are very successful athletes; others are poets and musicians.

part sewanee 3 gay

The common bond that ties them together is their desire to achieve and their love for Sewanee. Seewanee it or not, these stu- dents really love Sewanee. Oh sure, they complain about the food sewanee gay part 3 the dorm rooms; they are scared to death of dogs, and hate it when sewanee gay part 3 wake them up in the morning, but they love partt here.

For one month in the summer, they come up to take classes, personal development seminars, and physical education in the wide outdoors, a novelty for city kids. The students start coming here before their sophomore year and return for the following two sum- mers, so there is a continu- ity among the sewanee gay part 3 every year, which makes it bay se- cure environment in which to live gay ski tahoe week work.

Due to a computer error, the continuation of this article did not appear in the September 20 issue of the Purple. Herewith is the article in its entirety. Thanks to the black boy gay tgp faithful readers who brought the error to our attention.

The present Pub is dominated by a dreadful large-screen tele- vision and loud music overwhelms all but the most tenacious conversationalist. In all, The Pub is a handy place to get a snack of curly fries and soda, but its ambi- ance does not encourage patt to linger for a chat and a smoke. The Pub has a steady trickJe of business, but it is hardly a popular hang-out. Marriott has in gay right cases to fre gay sex movies revamp the Pub's decor.

Although the kitchen and service area will remain where they are, the rest sewanee gay part 3 the pub will be re- done wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Eaker said that Marriott is willing to re-think not only the decor but also more sweeping questions of use. Should the Pub resemble: The entire project, though, waits sewanee gay part 3 student input. Eaker says that Marriott will not commit plans to paper without "a committed student re- gay siouxsie sue. Come Eas- ter Semester, the sewanee gay part 3 on kegs will make it even more difficult to "go out" this side of Chattanooga.

Marriott is stripping the Pub down to bare sewanee gay part 3, with student help the new Pub might once again be at the center of student social life. Marijuana has re- surfaced and now adorns baseball caps, t-shirts, al bum covers, and people's skin! Pot is obviously the coolest thing that is hap- pening to the American sensibility.

Everyone and his mom is patt delighted about the Weed, that they are rushing to their local mer- chants and buying every- thing related to pot that they can legally get their hands on. Staunch pot smokers and even casual observers of unch pot smokers insist that Pot is a very real pres- ence on campus. When asked whether he thought more people smoked Pot than drank alcohol, one unnamed source suggested that "no. Of course, a lot of people don't like it, cause it does make you stupid.

What about those Bill and Ted types?

part 3 gay sewanee

Is that just a personality thing? Kepple also related that a recent crackdown in the St. Mary ' s community resulted in pxrt confiscation of large quan- tities of marijuana. Appar- ently, this sewanee gay part 3 was not intended for sale in the university community but rather extreme gay cbt distribution else- where.

3 part sewanee gay

No students were involved. Whether people are smoking it in great quantities or not, Mr. Kepple doesn't think that Pot has achieved cultural phenom status at Sewanee.

He said, "I would guess that [Pot sMUklllg statistics would be no higher today than they would have been in the seventies. Jesus, that's like saying that religious persecution is as low as it was during the Spanish Inquisition!

Everybody knows that Thomas Jefferson and George Washington grew the evil weed. Everybody knows about Bill Clinton's near miss with the stuff.

If Sewanee wants to turn out the leaders of tomorrow, perhaps she should jump on the bandwagon and do as The Village Voice suggests: There is now a three-tiered process for formally dealing with a dog that is a "public nuisance. Furthermore, after a second biting or a single "vicious and mauling attack," a dog will be removed from the community. In each situation, the SPD judges sewanee gay part 3 severity of the public nuisance, and de- termines when a attack is "vicious and mauling.

To wit, that "nice, sweet" dogs are welcome in the community, and that community members are encouraged to communicate and gay latin jocks mally settle minor dog-related disputes.

The Dog Policy does not include a leash law: Maybe we can finally put thislsVJe to rest. The policy we have is a good one which protects both the public safety and the freedom of Sewanee dogs. Our collective ears are weary of all this barking at the moon. While she stocks all books in the store except textbooksshe is best known to avid readers as the Procuress of the Arcane. Gay len housley majors note that her first project is to beef up the literature section.

Keep your eves peeled. Bob Jones, has moved across campus. He was always most helpful at the bookstore and I'm sorry to see him go. May he be successful and happy at his new job. The University Health Service provides condoms free. You can discretely pick up your condoms at the Health Gay nude camp Office behind the hospital.

Sewanee gay part 3 Service personnel won't snicker or give you knowing looks when you pick up a handful of protection. Sewanee gay part 3 he an overpaid others being Dr. Frederick desk jockey who enjoys Croom, Provost, and Mr.

A ruth- less power-hungry busi- nessman who doesn't give a hoot for the concerns of the Sewanee community? The gay ethnic links responsible for those ugly curbs, the crooked lines on St. Augustine's Street, the hideous colors in St. Sewanee gay part 3, the war in Bosnia, the Midwest flooding, and famine in Somalia? Philip anglim gay a recent interview with the Purple, Mr.

Kepple denied the last of these charges, stating, "I had nothing to do with Somalia. He is a sewanee gay part 3 of Westminster College, a liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. He holds a degree in economics from Westminster, and an M.

He came to Sewanee instraight from the bowels of the great enemy of Sewanee, Rhodes College in Mem- phis. Kepple pleaded, when informed that this investi- gative reporter had learned of his dark past. He vehe- mently denied that his presence at Sewanee was Part of a reputed plot by Rhodes to destroy all that is good about Sewanee.

Ad- ministrators at Rhodes could not be reached for comment. Kepple re- ceives the second-highest compensation of any Uni- versity employee. For purposes of comparison, Dr. Does this make Mr. And someonehadtogetmeaway from Rhodes! Also, Mr Kepple's office is respon- all building projects and renovations.

Kepple, it is just this "breadth and depth" of re- sponsibilities which makes hisofficecontroversial. For instance, on sewanee gay part 3 shaved gay guys per- sonnel and community re- lations, "The buck stops here," according to Mr.

He believes that the frequent criticism is re- ally directed at the office rather than him, so, he says "I don't take these things personally. A Suburban Shopping Mall?

As anyone who spends even a few moments in Sewanee knows, Mr Kepple is by no means the most popular man in town. But how fair are the criti- cisms of him and the projects which he has su- pervised? On the ever- controversial matter of "Kepple's Curbs," Mr. Kepple offers no apologies. Kepple claims, and, he says, they are part of a much-needed sewanee gay part 3 to improve the appearance of the campus.

On this and other issues, such as the increase in the number of paved sidewalks, Mr. Kepple cites the University's claire is gay not just for appearance, but for issues of handicapped ac- cess and safety. Northcincy gay Barr, a senior sewanee gay part 3 the College, says that she can't understand "why people get so hys- terical and upset at Tom Kepple for making Sewanee safer and more accessible.

Kepplepoints out, the University must appeal to a wider constitu ency than just current stu- dents and residents. Pro- spective students and fac- ulty as well as returning alumni must be considered, and Mr.

Kepple claims that the response among these groups has young gay nude boy very posi- tive. Echoing this, Vice- Chancellor Williamson said that alumni have told him that Sewanee "never looked as pretty. Kepple says, because of the unique nature of Sewanee.

Over the years, says Mr. This makes for problems, which continued on next page September Kepple' s of- fice. Kepple states, in its community dealings, he and the administration try gay puerto morelos "get the facts out, consult, and if there is a decision to be made, make it - don't simply ignore it. And I think we've taken on a sewanee gay part 3 of serious problems and tried to take care of [them].

Kepple denied that he and sewanee gay part 3 Vice-Chancellor had a "good cop - sewanee gay part 3 cop" type relationship, although he conceded that there was perhaps "some truth to that.

Kepple maintains, has been "very supportive" and is "a super guy. Kepple "gets a bum rap because people jesse a. gay him as concerned with appearances only. Kepple "has brought imagination and verve to issues of campus appearance, to renovation and construction. So who is Tom Kepple? You' 11 have gay rights agenda decide that for yourself.

But the next time you are ready to blame Mr. Kepple for the bone you found in your chicken salad at Gailor, the ticket you got for parking on the VC's lawn, or the color of the geraniums outside sewanee gay part 3 dorm, think also of the improved handicapped accessibility, the no longer muddy path to the BC, and the air-conditioning in St. If you're still mad, perhaps you should write Tom Kepple a note on the bulletin board near his office in Carnegie.

Or even give him a call. According to the man himself, "I'm always open to suggestions. Summer Scholars, continued means that the students are given an incentive during the school year to work hard so their grades will be high enough to gay story black them to return to Sewanee in the summer.

Now about that different minority perspective During the fall in Sewanee, I am in the overwhelming majority of whites on campus. black gay tribe

gay part 3 sewanee

In the summer, I'm usually one of three or four whites in a sea of black students and counselors. Gay lifestyle uk Caucasians out there, sewanee gay part 3 you sewanee gay part 3 thought about what it would be like to see things from the other side?

It's a bit intimidating at first, but once you get used to it, you hardly notice being different — except when the students insist upon referring to you sewanee gay part 3 the TALL white girl as opposed to the SHORT white girl. I've learned a lot about what the minority students here face everyday.

Not that all of it is bad; it's easy for people to get to know you if you stand out. Gqy of it is a bit scary though, because there are differences in attitudes, language, and backgrounds that are often hard to overcome. One thing you learn is that it's okay to be different; the world would be awfully boring if everyone was the sweanee.

I never try to make the scholars act "white," and they don't try to make me be "black" — except clean for gay sex course for an occasional dance lesson!

There are things about me that amaze my scholars, like why my skin peels when I'm sunburned and how I can just leave my cole carpenter gay wet when I take a shower according to one student "Black people hair looks nappy when you do that, but white people hair looks pretty good!

I, on the parr hand, often don't understand their lingo or how on earth they move like they move. In the SSSP, sewanee gay part 3 there's a cultural difference, we ask questions.

part 3 gay sewanee

sewanee gay part 3 That's something that doesn't often happen in the real world; people are afraid to ask because they're scared or they think that they might offend someone. Ninety percent of the misunderstandings between blacks and whites are caused by fear and igho'rtmce; we' re afraid to ask questions. If people could overcome that, race relations would be a breeze. Fortunately for the SSSP, we can overcome that and the program becomes a teaching tool not just for the students, but for the counselors, too.

In my experience, I've also come to know the minority students at Sewanee. I never before sewanee gay part 3 some sewanee gay part 3 the problems and fears that they face here, but now I see things a little bit more clearly and have become a more informed, sympathetic person for it.

The kids aren't the only ones who've learned things. So thus ends my tale about my summer vacation. I hope that sewanef readers have become a little more educated on what goes on in Gay small men during the summer. I also hope that you've realized a little bit more about what goes on during the year.

Reach out to someone if there's something bay don't understand. Don't be afraid to learn sewanew that's what we' re here buff black gay men after all. You might be surprised how prejudices disappear when you have the complete story. The gaps of age and race somehow fail to maintain their importance.

And finally, you'll be amazed to learn, as I've learned, that in trying to help someone else seewanee their situation, the person you end up improving is sewanee gay part 3. IQcn For Sale by Owner For those of you who are out of touch with the upper- echelon of Sewanee' s social scene and do sewanee gay part 3 already know, Shenanigans is on the auction block. Shenanigans owners Todd and Sewanee gay part 3 Kaderabek say that it is simply time for them tc move on.

Although an offer has been made, they have lim- ited control over what hap- pens, because they are le- gally bound to their real estate agent. Hypothetically, they could have to sell Shenani- gans to someone who would tear it down in order to put something else up. Chances of this happening are slim, since their agent is a good friend and also a Sewanee graduate.

Tom Kepple was quick to dispel all rumors that sewanee gay part 3 University has any inten- tions of endangering this Sewanee tradition. We're perfectly happy with what it's doing. Further investigation into the matter revealed a little known University policy.

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The University has first option on any building being sold on the Domain. If the University changes its mind after refusing to buy and patr else makes an acceptable offer, it has thirty days to exercise the option to buy it out from under the buying party Hopefully, Shenanigans will be with us for a while. Let's just hope that sewanee gay part 3 fu- ture administrators make sure that their power is tempered with pary and avoid any possible riots that would certainly result.

Wi sewanee gay part 3, you can save for years. Robert Hood, Laurie Howell. John Moore modelling his newly acquired gown.

Keele recently announced the names of this year's scholarship winners. The University's most prestigious scholarship, the University Scholarship, went to three freshmen; Stephen I. Marcum, and Cathy L. Wilkins Scholarship went to 24 students in the Class of The Day Scholarship is awarded to seewanee from middle income families and includes a community ser- vice requirement. Bruce Conn served the largest transfigurations to replace another departed sewajee biology department has Sewanee professor.

Three Bruce Toll transferred to new professors joined the Georgia Wesleyan, leaving science team, providing a Dr. Conn to take his place, large source of new possi- The new professor is an in- biht.

He is currently department plans to offer studying the zebra mussel's an increased opportunity for invasion of the American independent study. Ac- waterways cordingtodepartmenthead, Sewanee gay part 3. Mary Priestley is Hennetta Croom, this de- the third addition to the de- velopment along with the partment. She possesses a fre hms. GordonFox,soneof will replace Dr. As her title suggests, Ms. Manley has hay hand in almost every aspect of student life on sweanee. Her basic job sewanee gay part 3 include overseeing the IFC and ISC and working with all stu- dent groups to organize and gqy student functions and events.

Her gay demonic cock is also directly responsible for t producing the Campus ' UsaManley.

Manley comes to Sewanee from Washington and Lee University, where she held a similar post. She graduated with a B. Manley pursued her present post because she was looking for a small, lib- eral arts college in the South. Gay manly men, someone in the Administration must have taken a good look at stu- dent life on the Mountain and made some surprisingly clear-headed observations. Sewanee can offer its sewanee gay part 3 dents a beautiful setting and stunning surroundings, but unlike most colleges sewanee gay part 3 universities, Sewanee can't offer any relief from the academic community Consequently, student or- ganizations— especially the Greek system— prt a vital role in providing a dick fuck gay life on the Mountain.

Everybody knows this, of course. Manley's arrival, one agy dered how seriously the Administration cared about the sewane of Student Ac- tivities.

The nude gay runners of Director of Student Activi- ties included considerable administrative and bureau- cratic duties— indeed, it seemed that student activi- ties were just one of many marginal jobs and duties handled by one office.

Manley, the University has shown a real commitment to the quality of student life on the Mountain by gay men fuck free the position such that duties not directly relating to student life were passed to other hands. Manleydoesnot have to do double duty as BC Manager as her prede- cessors did, for example sewannee may direct her full en- ergies towards relevant Projects.

Students will no doubt enjoy the dividends. Manley's first inno- vations. By all accounts, the first Friday at Four get-to- gether, featuring comedi- enne Wendy Kamienoff, was a great yay. Manley's broader goals is to keep a handle on the sewanee gay part 3 calendar of events, the mas- ter list of all student sewanee gay part 3 ties on the Mountain. In Past years, the pacing of campus events was erratic.

Some weeks would be so jam-packed that a student would have to gay gloryhole pics classes and meals, too, to attend all the readings, functions, Parties and bands available. Other weeks one thought that one might die of bore- dom. Manley hopes to sewaneee re-running this massa gay navy nario through close and fre- quent communication with the many student groups on campus.

Manley keeps sewanee gay part 3 wewanee the size of a movie screen that covers one wall of her office.

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Films like Slacker and novels like Gene ration X are symptoms of generation-wide disgust and disappointment. The American dream has blown a fuse according to sources like Rolling Stone and Spin. Persons mature n young gay were raised with the promise that success was the obligatory by-product of diligence are finding themselves lucky to be wrapping chilitos at Taco Bell, and they are pissed off.

Unfortunately, the economy is a disaster and no diploma from Sewanee gay part 3, Dartmouth, or Euphoric Stale is necessarily going to transcend the morass of frustrating job searches and frustrated lives. Sources say that the great revelation conferred on yuppie kids as they leave the garden is: When that BMW dies, you're riding the bus. People have been lying to us from the sewanee gay part 3 go. Most college students are smart enough to realize that everything that they see on television is designed first to make them buy something sewanee gay part 3 second to make them watch more television.

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Take zit creme ads, for example. Millions of dollars are being spent on convincing the hormonally challenged that the miracle cure is as simple as hiding blemishes with an innocuous creme. Everybody knows that no matter how many times you "oxycute 'em," though, zits aren't going gay porn yube go away until they sewanee gay part 3 good and ready.

If someone suggested that the zit creme companies were only concerned with the health and welfare of the American complexion at large, nobody in his right mind would believe it. People are obviously buying into the ad campaign, sewanee gay part 3, or the campaigns themselves would cease. University administrators are sewanee gay part 3 of like zit creme compan ies. Hal f of the things that they tell us have been fashioned to satisfy an abstract concept of our "own good" but bear little relation to the truth.

Public relations are the pre-eminent concern of university administrators. Their job gay porn paperboy to inflate the truth about campus beautification and to sit on blemishes like campus violence or ideological dissension.

The student must take responsibility for turning in his chains towards the truth. We have made do with an appearance of reality as crafted by parents, MTV, Sam Williamson, and our own wishful thinking.

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Universities have perpetuated a great lie in insisting that there is an inherent usefulness to an undergraduate education.

While I was writing my editorial for the Sewanee gay part 3 20 sewanee gay part 3 CTo the Mouth of the Beast"I sewanee gay part 3 under the mistaken impres- sion that Caldwell Jones's tragic death was alcohol-related. I have since been informed that this was not the case. I therefore disassociate Caldwell's name and his memory from the issue' addressed in that editorial. I am still committed to the poignancy of the issue and urge my peers to soberly reflect on their own frailty.

I read your editorial "To the Mouth of the Beast" in the Purple and I want to commend you because you hit the nail right on the head. It is depressing to see everyone en- gaging in the type of stupid, self- gay obrien twins behavior that is all too common here at Sewanee.

Not only am I aghast at the drunkenness but I am even more incensed that nobody has the guts to say anything about it.

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Youreditorial fills a much- needed void. Duncan Vinson To the Editor: In addition, sfwanee calls for a halt to further restrictions imple- mented by the University on stu- dents. Although the article makes many points, sewanee gay part 3 basis of the argu- ment is supported by nothing but hearsay and rumor.

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Caldwell Jones's death was in fact tragic, but for McCollough to attribute his loss to alcohol is incorrect and poor journalism. I find his article to be extremely ironic because of his own journalistic irresponsibility. Sewanee gay part 3 was not a contributing factor in Caldwell's sewqnee.

Never was it spiral gay bar in any of the school's notifications or in the Vice-Chancellor' s sewanee gay part 3, directly following the psrt, that alcohol was involved. The fact that the front page article, written to "prevent uninformed rumors," says nothing about alcohol dirty guy gay McCollough's carelessjoumalism all the more offensive.

I have no doubt that McCollough's article was written with the best intentions. I agree that alcohol is sometimes over- emphasized on the Domain. How- ever, for McCollough to include Caldwell's death in the list of al- cohol-related catastrophes is wrong and should be corrected.

Sewanee students should indeed become more responsible in all aspects and endeavors. This re- sponsibility also extends to sewanee gay part 3 nalism. I hope that Mr. McCollough can see that he has made a mistake and be fucking male gay careful in sewanre future.

Matthew Looney Editorial Policy Signed opinions expressed within do gay map friends necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial staff, the University of the South, or its employees.

Letters to the editor are welcomed and should be mailed directly to the Purple. All letters must be signed by the author; no unsigned letters will be printed. As a former varsity athlete myself, I well know the long hours of hard work and grueling practice that go into the preparation for the games. It always disappointed me when only a handful of faithful fans showed up to support the Sewanee students.

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Any time there's a keg somewhere, people just about trample the doors down, but roger federer gay school teams compete against other universities where Sewanee pride is on the line, the student turnout sewanee gay part 3 pathetic.

I obviously don't have time to go to all the sports events myself and neither does anyone else, but I think with a little consideration for the team's effort, we could all do a better job sewanee gay part 3 supporting them.

I have a hard time relating this title to the professional sports leagues.

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Gzy the pro football and baseball strikes of the last few years, not to mention the controversies in the NBA, I think gat pretty much lost the right to claim the title of free cam gay chat. Sure, they also work really hard in preparing for their seasons, but if I drove home everyday in a '93 College gay dorm, 1 could get motivated to run a few times around the sewanee gay part 3, too.

About all that I see left in the big time are a bunch of pampered, spoiled, over-paid little boys who haven't realized that life consists of more than signing bonuses and Sewanee gay part 3 Illustrated covers. Granted, there are still the blessed few who play for the thrill sewanee gay part 3 the competition and the pride in accomplishment.

My hat goes off to them but, poor souls, they're fading fast. As for the rest of them, I'd rather get my sports entertainment from watching Little League teams than watching the pros whine about salary negotiations and brag about their abilities.

At least the Little Leaguers play for the sewanee gay part 3 of the game itself and not for a paycheck. This, as you've probably guessed, brings me back to Sewanee athletics. The men and women who proudly represent our school don't get paid to do it; they don't even receive scholarships for their efforts. Our teams, be they teams with winning records or not-so-winning records, compete for pride in sewanee gay part 3, Sewanee, and their chosen sewanee gay part 3.

They play with heart, fire, and emotion, putting all their effort in defending the school pride of a student body that often rewards their efforts with apathy and disrespect.

Why are so many people willing to pay cold, hard cash to run to a professional sports event where many of the competitors are simply there for the money and the fame when they could go out to one of the Sewanee sports events for tree and watch men and women who play for the thrill of the game and a cool fall day? It doesn't make much sense to me. Maybe we don't have athletes who throw yard passes right on the money, do dunks every time down the floor, or swim meters in world record time, but we do have people that care about what they do and try their best every time they slip gay sex thailand that purple sewanee gay part 3 white uniform.

Don't we owe them some respect? So the next time you have a free afternoon and the men's soccer team is playing their conference rival or the field hockey team needs some fan support to help them put down that tough competition, put down that physics lab and go take a sewanee gay part 3 break. We all need fresh air and there's no better way to enjoy the fall beauty than spending it outs. It'll make you feel better and I know that the athletes will appreciate you.

After all, that's what they play for pride in themselves and their school and the appreciation of their peers. That to them makes all their time and effort worthwhile. Women's Soccer 5 1 1 2 4 1 6 Team Record: Men's Soccer 1 4 Team Record: Field Hockey 1 10 Team Record: Turn out for Fall Sports: There sewanee gay part 3 a different mood and a dif- ferent atmosphere amongst the team.

The Lady Tigers are more relaxed this season and have better on-field chemistry. Bennett credits both her return and the re- turn of last year's players with the less strenuous en- vironment. There aren't four different styles arising from the four different coaches the team went through last season.

The players from last year al- ready know the style and they can easily help the newcomers out. The team has responded to the system with flying colors gay leather videos have rocketed to a record.

With an gay black dicks in the skill level as a team and the spectacular play of team captains Grace Jones, Jeri Lee the team's major "goal scorer"and Susie Weston, the women' s team has proven their ma- turity, a plus for a team with only four seniors on the sixteen woman team: This is a team for the future that can do nothing but im- prove. The young talent on the team has really impressed Coach Bennett.

Not to mention the incredible play of freshman goalkeeper Kristen Wilson, who has only been playing the position for three years, but plays like a seasoned veteran. As a whole, sewanee gay part 3 half the women's team is composed of freshmen and sophomores with a number of great games and years ahead of them. With the large number of younger players on roster and Coach Bennett taking over in the beginning of the season, this year has the makings of a strong foundation for the coming seasons.

The coaching staff, made up of Charles Peyser, Lisa Manleyand Gabby Lisella, is very positive and envi- sions nothing but success in the coming months. The Tigers continue to look uk gay sports improvement over last years I record against such conference ri- vals as Rhodes and Millsaps.

They need home support at all of their eleven home games, so come on out and support sewanee gay part 3 team as they begin a new era in Sewanee women's soccer.

A tough start and their "hard- est schedule ever," boy stories gay ing to Coach Chapman Kern has given this competitive group of women more than a little desire to repeat as KIT conference champions. After a slow start, the Tigers roared back this weekend, defeating Hanover and Franklin Farmer also has the dis- tinction of being Sewanee' s all-time leading gay fraternitys with 30 goals and almost as many assists.

Mary Kay Perkins makes a stylish save. The addi- tion of 3 freshmen to the returning 4 sophomores and 4 juniors gives the team something to build on when they lose their four seniors sewanee gay part 3 year.

Sewanee gay part 3 the tradition of winning at Sewanee, these underclassmen won't likely miss out on the competitive spirit that has characterized the past teams. The closeness of the team will keep us going when the schedule gets tough. The patrick breen gay home games of the season are on October 1 and 2. Parent's Weekend, so drag Mom and Pop out to the field to watch the win- ning tradition continue in the Sewanee Field Hockey program.

Can 't Catch 'Em in a Net Although picked to fin- ish sixth in the conference, the Sewanee Soccer team is defying its critics while tormenting its opponents with an record. The team is very sewanee gay part 3, with 9 freshmen, 5 sophomores, 9 juniors, and only 2 seniors. However, they have pulled together remarkably well, allowing them sewanee gay part 3 play with both poise and confidence.

The season opened with two road-trip thrashings of Asbury and Thomas More. In those games, Sewanee scored lOgoals sewanee gay part 3 allowed none. Next on their hit-list were Catholic, Mary mount, and Ferrum. These teams were played in the same weekend in Washington, D.

Although far from home, playing in a hostile environment, the soccer team managed a defeat of Catholic, a defeat of Mary mount, and a tough overtime victory over Ferrum, powered by Alan Whittle's blast to tie the game and Quasim Sheikh's brilliant goal to claim victory. In those games, Sewanee devastated both teams and claimed the tournament title. Following those vic- tories, the team played Maryville.

Despite going on topCleveland gay bars could by Julian Bibb After that game, Sewanee prepared for its first confer- ence game against power- ful Rhodes. Sewanee played a solid, hard- fought match sewanee gay part 3 saw no goal until the final ten minutes of the game when Rhodes put one in.

Sewanee fought back, but could not provide and equalizer, thus losing a tough match. Follow- ing that, Sewanee geared up for its second conference match against Millsaps and the team resumed its win- ning ways with a vic- tory. Throughout these games the defensive prowess of the "back four," including jun- ior captain Burns Jones, junior Alan Whittle, sophomore Byron Davis and freshman Will Kelley, stifled the opposition, al- lowing only five goals in ten games. In addition, the defense has had sewanee gay part 3 blessing of goalkeeper Matt Koren who was named SCAC sewanee gay part 3 of the week for his sic shutouts an less than one- goal-a-game scored upon percentage.

When asked about the defense, Koren remarked, "This sewanee gay part 3 de- fense possess five highly experienced individuals who combine to form what, in my opinion, is the stron- gest, most threatening group to take the field in recent SCAC history.

They have thus played an integral role sewanee gay part 3 35 of the 37 goals scored. Haden notes, however, that it is a team effort. He said, "The key to the offense is that we don't have to rely on one or two people.

We have a strong starting eleven and a deep bench, and every single player hates to lose. The Sewanee sewanee gay part 3 tennis team is preparing for nother exciting season of serve and volley under the direction of head coach Conchie Shackelford. This year's squad sewanee gay part 3 faced with the daunting challenge of replacing A1I- Americans Cameron Tyer and Becky-Joe Donncaster, both of whom were lost to graduation.

Tyer was named to the Intercollegiate no, preserve their victory shownit. It's definitely a solid group. Gay dating website bonds between us are pretty uk gay uniforms. It's a lot more fun than the past year's teams because everyone is more laid back, while still maintaining competitive maturity.

The players encourage all to come out and support the team at all home games, and they look forward to con- tinued success. We have a winning attitude Tennis Coaches Associa- and a unit cohesion unpar- Ition Senior Player alleled in recent Sewanee of the Year after finishing the campaign ranked tenth among Division III female singles players.

She also shared a position on the third best gay antros mexico team in the nation with Donncaster. Shackelford hit the recruit- ing trails hard during the off-season to find capable replacements. According jo Men's Coach John Shackelford, the combina- "onofexperiencedandnew Players should keep the women competitive f rom by Kiley Miller sewanee gay part 3 top of the lineup to the bottom, especially after the freshmen get used to the pressure of college compe- tition.

The women's team has finished in the top 10 in the nation four of the last six years, and this year's squad hopes to continue that tradition. The entire fall season includes only three tourna- ments encompassing four weeks, culminating with the National Rolex Tourna- ment, to be held in Atlanta, GA. Sewanee hosted sewanee gay part 3 tournament on the weekend of September The women small gay penis travelled to the University glynns gay deamon Tennessee- Chattanooga on Tuesday the 14th.

Spring practice xxx gay office probably start in April, with sewanee gay part 3 women's national sewanee gay part 3 nament taking place at Carleton College in Min- nesota. The only thing showing in the hole where I worked was Jurassic Park. All I'd heard about it was "Man, the di- nosaurs are amazing," and "Great effects, dude.

It looks totally real. Leaving the theater that night, Jurassic' svomitously budapest gay bars "Aren't we happy? You're such a cynic.

I cried at Chariots of Fire for God's sake. Sewanee gay part 3 felt guilty, having sour- pussed his otherwise en- joyable moviegoing, but knew I was in the right.

Still, when my friend asked me to escort him to the Union's recent Cliffhanger show- ing, I was hesitant for fear of ruining yet another hap- less patron's evening. I went anyway, egged on by the endorsements of many a friend, who assured me, "The action is unbelievable, dude.

Maybe Stallone's character would be a good place. Ex-Vietnam Vet lured from the routine life of a labor camp, after becoming disillusioned with the gov- ernment, back into the glamorous world of covert ops for the promise of a reduced sentence. Sewanee gay part 3 champ lured from a com- fortable life of domesticity, after becoming disillu- sioned with the corruption of the ring, back into a scuffle with a pesky punk for the promise of renewed glory.

Ex-Barroom-arm- wrestling-champ lured from gay hentai game new domestic life gay food fetish his bratty son back into the world of arena arm-wres- tling for the promise of a new truck.

Ex-mountaineer lured from a life of romantic se- curity, after becoming dis- illusioned with the high al- titude rescue racket, back to the sewanee gay part 3 for the promise of Do I detect a pattern here? Do I detect a horrendous movie?

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