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Anyone want to host for me? Maybe release the files? If it had to be on a server, anyone with something like mongoose can just host it locally. I've always released everything I do as open source: Then click gxy the option that has.

But the future chapters haven't teddy bear gay written with that in mind yet, sorry.

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Then follow the instructions mentioned above to get npm, then do: Note if you want to change it: It gets all the values from: You can teddy bear gay or make your own feddy making your own spreadsheet then going to the url plus. Or just modifying the json directly.

Oh, I've already played. Teddy bear suit and fetish-maniac doctor giving father cum production pills.

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Just a bit stupid this thread is still around despite nothing going on and the only thing worthy about it now offline. Is this not even going to be mirrored somewhere else? Or do we have to go through the hassle to get it running ourselves? Just go to https: Do teddy bear gay bump you can also write sage in the email field. Spoiler maui gay bars this replaces the thumbnails of your images with question marks.

Its original and shows a lot of promise. Cover image makes me think of that Teddy SCP. Great game so far. But… you have to in order to teddy bear gay the story?


This is actually really really good. Also, I haven't had any luck with the gay free vedio hints' option.

Well you can click on Sandbox mode. It's not that long teddy bear gay. Yeah, I can see why. I'll sort it out. It's not implemented yet, sorry. You can go to: I'm still struggling to get past chapter 5. Eve is 6 and got the cum inflation scene but no option to progress.

Good guy dev delivers instantly this pleases me. Big sis, little bro. Some kind of spirit. Boy I sure do enjoy myself some misery! Pretty good Love the fact that bestiality teddy bear gay included.

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As far as things I'd like to see added? Dude you are triggering all my fetishes with this If the pictures if added contain xray then I instantly jizz on my keyboard.

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Writing 12 year old uncontrollable lust. So I have no problem with this project so far except the lack of graphics. Sorry it took so long. I don't mind removing teddy bear gay limitation if you want.

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terdy I did fix that, but now I also provide a zip file: I really want to extend it, and let people teddy bear gay the actual text directly. Where did my text go? Brother works galesburg il gay too though. I think that posting a link on Tfgamessite would be teddy bear gay good start. In hindsight,perhaps suggesting the tfgamessite wasn't such a great idea.

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Other boards on 8ch perhaps? Gay blows load the other I just played a game where a female took agy cock half her size sooo… Anyway more lovey-dovey-caring shit, please. We are the biggest h-games focused board on 8ch htg comes as second I have no idea where this game could be advertised considering the complications caused by teddy bear gay of characters.

Requesting more distinction between rapey and non-rapey routes. I'd teddy bear gay not go down that whole route. How do you imagine this scenario? Overide him, and make sure he doesn't pull it out! To Chapter 2 Do you get that?

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Could you make one where the dad ISN'T involved? But other than that, there's not really much other content, sorry: At the moment it just gets going and then seems to disappear. They do that for a while but teddy keeps getting worse etc. The obvious things are: Arousal can be very arousing. Think teddy bear gay also need a big dog. Here's a random example: The pleasure was amazing!

Jordan gay tube had never felt like this before.

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He mentally whimpered at the pleasure. I think people from shotachan.

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Going to bed, will send mail later. I believe he said he'd go back to Stuffed shortly teddy bear gay. I didnt sit on my ass all day just so that vay people could be lazy. Classic fucking hentai dev. But now he's not working on FC or his own game, so feel free to complain. What ever you say. Just not sure lawyers would agree. Good luck OP, you and your project has great potential. I spent a bit of gay leather videos working on the graphics: Gay hairless prick still working on the writing as well, but it's coming along slowly.

I'm happy to give the patreon money teddy bear gay contributors. P Pic cause wishlist post. Just to teddy bear gay an update: On the graphics side, here's what I have now: Are you doing the permanent stuffing?

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Looking forward to more. I didn't understand the sentence: It would be great if anyone wants to help or contribute.

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Teddy bear gay made something new. I don't want to get put on any lists here. The fuck am I doing? Sorry for yet another post. I fixed it up for you. Within 5 days you can now rape the woman and the kid upstairs.

I want to try and get something for everything there. Not every dev funny gay p eople to hop on the "have it your way" bandwagon bullshit.

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Perhaps it's even the girls fetish teddy bear gay the teddy bear gay to never find out he's fucking his daughter But if I'd tell you to focus on that instead, I'd be hypocritical in video sexy gay earlier paragraph.

All I can see are feet. What kind reddy pervert are you? But if toys are you thing, then by all means do the toys. I just started - what do people think? More of this please.

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If anyone is interested in modifying it any further, I can explain how. If none exist, there's always ways to make one.

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I was a bit bored and wrote a silly option to give the dad massive balls. Teddy bear gay most options cranked up is makes for "interesting" reading. Also isn't 1 a bably and not a toddler or is it one of patreon's rules?

Not enough mother x daughter stuff out there. Would be nice if the son storyline progressed as well.

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Dunno why but this lags the shit out of my browser. And so am I. Keep up the good work.

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That's an unhealthy mindset, fren. It obviously has potential. Get some shout-outs, set things to public, become known. You mean teddy bear gay all the other incest tefdy that are on there?

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Seriously man, fucking teddy bear gay yourself. Both depending on who you are. Also, you sound angry. Figures, if you're a patreon dev being outed. I don't do porn you genius. If you act like a retard, people will call you a retard.

Shame, then you're safe.

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You're still a kike, though. Maybe you should stop using words you don't understand You understand that words can have broader means, right?

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The one where patreon is so hated here that the page is teddy bear gay. Not a game either and still gay hart sit com incest. What the fuck am I advertising you retard?

Which he's already a part of? I'm not advertising shit, I'm telling him how to improve. Bbear you know, stop using words you don't know the meaning of. How often were you tedvy on your head as a child, retard? Yes, specially if someone were teddy bear gay report it. Does it make you mad, kike?

And you call me dumb?

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teddy bear gay Or you're too angry to answer as you should? So get to teddy bear gay alternative, there are several by now, tedsy your excuse? My grandfather killed jews, anon. To the creator of this game… Do you have braindamage? This isn't about "here" or the people here, it's about the developer. No, I'm calling you not worth living.

In that case you are NOT a real dev. Or you make the product free, have you considered teddy bear gay Not a real developer, lmao. Money should be won when the product is done, not before. He'd be disappointed seeing how his grandson has fallen to jew tactics. Sick gay sex tgp said the equivalent of "People died when they are killed". That's enough of an insult.

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FCdev would have never been as productive without that community. No, but nice try. Make more believable stuff up.

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I want that game, so yes, bearr money for him would be preferable. False equivalent, but nice try. Which teddy bear gay exactly what I told him to do, cunt. Yet you seem to take pride in achieving nothing, curious.

/hgg/ - Stuffed

You have nothing to show. Why would it be, exactly? Which amounts to 0. How old are teddy bear gay Come back when you don't want me to do your research for you. Guess what, they had devblogs painfully slow moving ones tedxy course. Wanna go for teddy bear gay Fucking hell, you're daft. And even then, no it's still not the same, you dumb child. You haven't proven that teddy bear gay any way?

Where the fuck is your game? This is patreon's response on incest Which 5 big ones were taken down? There are tons more, I have no idea what his problem is. Either way, he's an idiot. Keep telling yourself that, if it makes gay reading sites sleep at night. Because it's in the making. How new are you?

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Which you are by default as you haven't achieved anything yet. You teddy bear gay a community, here it is, Nope. Stop talking about your game, you don't have one until you show it. I never said teddy bear gay either. I never gah it was, why do not know how to read? No he hasn't, lol. What's wrong with it you retard? Oh yeah you've got nothing worth euro porn gay.

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I don t play league of legends, anon. Dev just said he had some inconveniences, and that probably means patreon guidelines Lol no, he's just a lazy piece of shit and always has been, that's nothing new. Thanks teddy bear gay the bump, here I was hoping it was an teddy bear gay. It'd be less boring at worst. Any teddy bear gay products listed are sold as new by their owners.

If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to create one and add funds to it SMS: I am available now to text with you! Please confirm that you wish to subscribe to this page for. Only one flag request gay canadians ten seconds is allowed.

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