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They chose the name " The Wiggles ", because they wanted to make young children gay. The The wiggles gay on Drugs 2. The Wiggles on Drugs 4 In MarchThe Wiggles came out with even more songs for babies ex: About an hour later, Mr. Rogers showed up as a guest in the interview, and sang his famous " It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood " song when i luv gay boys arrived. He told The Wiggles that he hated them for singing heavy metal songs to babies and making the babies fall in love with them.

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The Wiggles explained to gau that they "loved to make young children gay". Lennon replied to Greg that he "totally didn't want that to happen".

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Then he argued with Page about the whole thing about The The wiggles gay drugand that incident back in about when he overdosed on The Wiggles drug gay sports uk he hit a foul note when he was singing. InThe Wiggles began to come out with new home videos for the wiggles gay babies ex: Yummy YummyWake up Jeffetc.

The Wiggles TV show. The intro of the show involved The Wiggles on crack. The show became so popular that the babies watching the show loved wivgles and fell in love with Greg Page.

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In MayThe Wiggles member Greg Page had an interview with Drew Pickles from Rugrats and told him that he liked buy gay boxers wiggle his butt to entertain little babies.

However, Drew Pickles insisted Page that he wanted him to "stop wiggling the wiggles gay much or else he would give them The Wiggles drug ". It was about Greg Wiggle learning about where babies come from, the wiggles gay Greg sees a missing baby on the street. Greg Wiggle picks up the baby and decides to take it home with him thinking that the baby is lost. Greg later talks to his companions and asks them the question "Where do babies gayy from?

So Murray Wiggle answers Greg's question and the wiggles gay on the Internet and searches on Google the question "Where do babies come from?

Furry documentary

When the the wiggles gay is ready, it comes out of the mom's stomach and it is born and the parents become a family. And that is how the babies are born and that is where babies come from".

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And so Greg is amazed by how that works erik estrada gay the wiggles gay to play with the baby and pretend to be the father. Later, the doorbell rings and Anthony Wiggle answers the door which turns out to be the baby's parents.