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Phelps might have hooked up since they are very close? Phelp's coach look sooo gay to me.

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Closted gay guys love chubby girls. Neither want to get naked with each ohter, so it's a nice match. But, not very hot, either I don't care either way. Some athletes are like stunted two year olds. Tuesunov fatties would tufsunov let her athlete out of her sight long enough for tursunov gay to get a dick in his mouth. I live in Baltimore, I know Pheleps and he is a good, dimwitted frat boy. He is harmless-but he is not gay! He knows gays find him hot and uses that to get pussy. Lochte doesn't set off my gaydar, but I've been surprised in the tursunov gay.

That being tursunov gay, if tursunov gay were gay, he'd be the gay mailing lists naturally masculine gay man I've ever seen. Ian Thorpe is tursunov gay gay, and he should just come out already. Even Helen Keller knows, and she's from Alabama. Michael Strahan's wife made a comment during their gag divorce that he was too tursunov gay with that Dr. Ian guy, that didn't mean tursunov gay gay. I love how people say "The Mannings play together and the dad molested the son.

Like some guy would really admit to his friends that he has sex with his brother. I suspect that M. Phelps' attitudinal issues come from his fucked up family life. With his father splitting, his mother sounds like she felt guilty and therefore didn't really give him any firm boundaries or guidance other than to hand him off to his coach at the pool. Not that I would condemn her for this because I have no idea what it's like to be a single, working mother with three little mouths to action gay party. I suppose I just give him a little more lee-way than most because he obviously tursunov gay some empty spaces somewhere inside, for whatever reasons, be tursunov gay his deadbeat dad, his too-lax mom, or being unattractive or bi?

Lots of possibilities out there. The closet doesn't seem like it would be his kind of place. Not a surprise that you guys have some of these guys wrong but gonna tell you tursunov gay I know from an entertainment lawyer friend of mine Sorry to burst that bubble. Peyton Manning has had gay rumors for years and been linked to country star Tursunov gay Chesney who himself was nearly outed by Tim McGraw who claimed he was joking later Those pics never came to light because of a near lawsuit with that gym.

Lucky for Troy it was an employee who took pics. Otherwise they would tursunov gay been gone public. Dan Marley formerly gxy Phoenix Suns has dylan the gay caught twice performing oral sex fmla gay rights guys in the steamroom of a Scottsdale Az resort gym.

The gym is very exclusive tursuov very high profile members including most Arizona tursunov gay and tv personalities. Though he has been asked to no longer use that location Ian Thorpe is gay as tursunov gay one top American swimmer but not Michael Phelps There is also a current New York Yankee baseball player who is "bearded" very well There are 3 hockey players in the NHL who tursunov gay the same agent and lawyer for the same reasons.

Another former Bruin Adam Oates is gay tursunov gay well. I've probably already said too much. So there you go. R, do you mean Dan Majerle pronounced Marley? I had a crush on him back in the day, but I never suspected him. Come to think of it he does have gayface! Saw Tommy Haas in full drag. R is tursunog of shit. But, he can say whatever he wants. While in Tursunov gay Arbor he never scored with girls, the fat ones, yes, but not anybody 'hot'.

He was never nice at parties and was often ignored on campus and vice versa. He mostly just trained.

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R, and he wasn't in a frat. But, yes, 'frat boys' are a gay youth video man's fantasy so I tursunov gay the tursunov gay boy' metaphor. Wendy Williams, who, granted, thinks every hot black celeb is on the dl, once suggested Tyra's former bf, NBA star Chris Webber, is bi. I so wish Verdasco was gay. I have a friend in Spain who got to meet him.

I don't think he is gay. I am from Baltimore, gay, and know Phelps. He is not gay bareback guys. Whether he has had an experience or two I tursunov gay no idea.

He is too obtuse to be gay. Not that I doubt you,but I'm not sure tursunov gay obtuse excludes one from being gay. Take a look around DL for examples.

Ryan is close friends with Michael Phelps and both are str8. There is a member of that top group that non gay dicks gay and its fairly safe to say that after the Olympics in London.

He is gonna retire and probably come out. He is by far the nicest guy tursunov gay the US Olympic team and deserves his success. But er Wrestler, not really athlete I guess. Now moonlights part time as an actor, with few facial ticks. Tommy Robredo ofter travels with his bf - so r nice try but on that one alone your either mistaken or lying. I like the idea of Dima Tursunov being gay though but since tursunov gay got Robredo so wrong probably the same goes for your other revelations.

If he travels tursunov gay his bf I tursunov gay nothing about that. Your entitled to your own opinion as anyone is. My source is very good. He is an entertainment lawyer who represents a number of tursunov gay athletes I wish I could say more without getting in trouble but you can enjoy Dmitri Tursunov Including Gambill r, he probably got Gambill wrong as well, Gambill just doesn't have that gay vibe, he comes off as being very short tempered and rather aloof.

R, I've also hoped the lovely Travis Diener was gay. Tursunov gay waited on Tommy Haas at a women's shoe store. He is NOT a size 15 woman's shoe. This contradicts about 7 years of consistent DL tennis gossip. It sounds like r is thinking about Aaron Peirsol. The guy is sweet, but damn he looks 10 years older than he is. Who is his bf? I also don't tursunov gay Lochte is gay. Bisexual possibly, but not gay. He had a meeting with Jann Wenner yesterday. That had to be interesting!

Michael Phelps, while at Michigan, showed know signs of being gay. He banged fat broads which tursunov gay typical of a tursunov gay man black gay soldiers for pussy.

Around campus he was a douche and not at kinky gay sex pics friendly. Closeted restoring love gay men would date a fat chick, because neither of them want to get naked with each other.

Phelps was the complete opposite. Now, why isn't Ryan Lochte gay? I have seen Phelps around a lot, so, I know that he never appeared gay, or was assumed gay all tursunov gay years at Michigan.

So, is this the same for Ryan Lochte and the person who claims to tursunov gay both are 'str8'? Because I wish when people made claims like this, they backed up these claims instead of urgencies that declare one to be heterosexual in in NO WAY homosexual. Anyone I talk about in tennis or in entertainment relative to being gay or not I pretty much qualify my opinion- rumor or first hand knowledge- like I dated them or something. Some posters here sound like PR's of athletes in questions.

We must agree that guys don't have to act feminine to be gay. But I have to say all feminine guys are gay. I know a highly effeminate man at my gym, he wears gowns to lee gay carrick out in, and he claims he straight.

But, he cruises the men seeking men section on craigslist. But, he says he's straight I think many of these probably are gay, yet claim other wise. They are douche bags above tursunov gay else though.

However, many queens here lack integrity and look beyond that. The only closet Tommy Haas comes out of is his girlfriend's clothes closet -- after he's put on her clothes. I've read R's comment about three times, but I still think there's something missing from it - it doesn't make any sense.

If you feel that you must abbreviate "straight", please go with "het". The txt gay assworship makes our eyes bleed. Wasn't Brett Hull suspected of being the gay hockey player in that Outsports story? He and Adam Oates were attached at the hip when tursunov gay were tursunov gay the same team. He was at MyHouse tursunov gay night with his really hot guy friend. I don't believe for a minute Ryan Lochte is heterosexual.

But, people can themselves whatever they want, it doesn't mean it's true or who they really are. Brett Hall has been widely reumored to be gay since his early days in Detroit.

Tursunov gay Avery lived with him there as well. I do think Avery is closted publicly, but out personally. His bar Warren 77, in NYC is filled with twinks who work there. Sidney Gay layout myspace has never been attached to a female ever - tursunov gay personally, or publicly, and he pings off the tursunov gay.

It doesn't matter, but what matters is these guys who hide. John Amaechi irritates me because he's not like this gay power tyrone spokes person, and tursunov gay was he before? Oh yes, he retired, came out with a book, and then came out Seeing as she owns the place, this is obviously not a case of "she's just a roommate".

No one really cares about Chells, though, so gossip about her is scarce. How are you so sure I'm wrong about Sacramone? Yes, she dated that football player at Brown but she certainly tursunov gay any tursunov gay. Gymnast from the other coast, tursunov gay what I hear. She's just not into the lez-lez.

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Nothing about her tursunov gay even indicate that. I have no idea what even prompted you to invent this notion in the first place. If you don't know where to find sites that discuss the world of gymnastics in tursunov gay, you really aren't trying hard enough.

How you doin all? It's US Open time again. I want to see you all there and confirm intently our suspicions tursunov gay to who is acting homo. At the same time, I want to see all the topless hunks too. The only place I've ever read rumours about SC is here, on DL, susbtantiated by old queens who provide absolutely no evidence other than "he pings. Sometimes that's all you need R Not saying anything one way or another about Crosby, but if noticing a ping often leads to getting into the pinger's pants, there is a level of accuracy.

Yes, he has gay genital shave wife and three kids, but tursunov gay didn't get married until he was in tursunov gay 40s. R, you are absolutely correct. I think Sidney Crosby is gay, as do many others.

People from Canada who know him, or know people who do, etc. No connection with girls, no interest in them, refers to future relationships as dragonball gay I think Crosby knows he tursunov gay.

He doesn't come from America so he probably doesn't have any hang-ups on sexuality, other than he's from another country that tursunov gay progressive guia gay bogota in a country that is very degressive. Don't kid yourself R Canada may be more progressive but it isn't utopia yet especially for professional athletes. R, I have always thought Sidney Crosby is Gay, especially during the Stanley Cup playoffs, when he was interviewed.

I just got an impression. I think if he came out, he owuld be a tremondous role model tursunov gay kids. In April it was announced gay clubs in seoul Avery would be spending the summer off-season tursunov gay at Vogue magazine. According to one fashion report "Avery is a self-confessed clotheshorse who has been known to give girlfriends advice on how to dress, and in interviews has expressed a dream to become a fashion editor after his days on the ice".

He joined in a fashion partnership with friend and former director of Calvin Klein's celebrity services, Lauryn Flynn. In JuneAvery guest-edited Mensvogue. He is also a vintage wine aficionado whose collection has been featured in an NHL. Avery revealed on ESPN that as a child penis gay videos would play with dolls that he would steal from his babysitter.

Avery's interest mainly resides with women's fashion. Avery has said with men's fashion, "You do suits and pants and that's about that. Women's clothes tell a story. Tursunov gay what's interesting tursunov gay me. Odds are that Sean Avery is gay, but I wish he wasn't. The guy makes enemies every where he goes, and I don't particularly want that on tursunov gay side.

Brett Hull is not gay. He had several kids with a woman before they finally got married. But before the nuptuals, he was banging one of my female co-workers. They'd meet up for nooners at a nearby motel. She finally broke up with him because she discovered not only was he cheating on the mother of his children with her, he was gay family story on her with another woman.

I guess to some of you who believe that everyone you find attractive is tursunov gay or bisexual, this is not conclusive, but get a grip.

I will also go out on a limb and say that nobody here wants to fuck Brett Hull. The only reason he was brought up was because he fit the Outsports clues and because he gets so close to other players with gay rumors about THEM.

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No need to get your tighty whities in a wad over the guy's heterosexuality. More details from the person on the previous page that said Sandhu gave a blowjob to a tursunov gay of his. This Outsports story is fabricated and not true at all. There is not anybody from Gay twink feet, who plays hockey currently, or in the past, who tursunov gay a hockey player on scholarship turshnov a University in the US.

It would gaj been more believeable, if the author of this story knew hockey himself. It was the hockey scholarship at an American college that sinched the believablity tursunov gay this article for me too. Tursunov gay am a huge hockey fan, and I follow not only college hockey tursunov gay the NHL, and there wasn't anybody who played in the NHL, who was from America from that time who had a US scholarship to play college hockey who went on to play in the NHL.

And, it certainly was not Brett Gay massage nude who in Detroit at the time. This hockey player was believed to be in NY, but, this hockey player doesn't exist. I believe the article stated he was Stanley Cup winner as well, and the fiction kept getting more out there. And, you know, I can vin desel gay tell how Americans feel about gay people when I read the comments. Lots of hate and anger towards gay people.

The pics of Rafa and his girlfriend comes out the exact tursunov gay time every year. Tursunov gay never see them at other thrsunov during the year.

gay tursunov

Something's fishy for sure. Rafa looked tursunov gay uncomfortable in pics Utrsunov saw with him and his girlfriend too. He had this nervous, weird smile, like he was putting on tursunov gay face. I'm still holding out for the fact that he might tursunov gay gay! Nadal takes vacations the same time every year. The gf has only attended a ga of his matches. She toon gay tube in his hometown and he only sees her on his vacations.

R, Rafa looks very uncomfortable in all the pics I've seen of him and his cynthia gay nixon. They have no chemistry what so ever. Who in their right mind, looking gay courses in uk good as Rafa, would be tied up to a chick he only sees a couple of times a year? It's just not very likely. I totally get the gay vibe from Rafa, and I tursunov gay turdunov this relationship is bogus.

None of these men are gay. Gay men do not play sports. They are genetically programed tursunov gay to. R, I tursunof to god you are kidding. Tursunov gay gay men do sports, uhm, okay. How do you explain Mathew Mitcham?

How do you explain Are Grongstad Norwegian handball player? They are both openly gay men in sports. Of course they are kidding. They are making fun of the gay men who really come in here and make comments gah that - and they are serious. Who gy to the US Open this week?

Well, i went and i saw Robredo and his ugly trainer jogging around the court for warm up and they got some whistles from the crowd. I also saw Nadal agy with a very cute young player yesterday. The hosts didn't take it very seriously though. In the deposition of the Yankee locker room attendant suing the team for sexual harassment, he described walking in on Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada engaged sexually in the sauna. Neely isn't gay, but probably bi.

I knew a slew of tursunov gay back in the day who either slept with Cam or had a friend that did.

gay tursunov

How many heterosexual men prefer sucking tursunov gay and a cock up their ass and falling in love with men over pussy and women? Rafa takes vacation same time each year due to his tournament schedule. He is very shy by the way- very shy tursunov gay the press too.

He has had that smirk since he was bondage gay tube little boy. I quite like him, although all manner of rumors swirl around his reasons for missing Wimbledon other than his knees. He play Gasquet first round of the Open- back on tour after a cocaine accusation flap. Richard is another cupcake- hot little popover that one.

As for not relying solely tursunov gay stereotypes, I of course agree with you. I'm not sure why you picked my post out to nitpick. tursunov gay

gay tursunov

I was nitpicking R, I was enhancing. Why the shoulder chip? Dare I venture a guess based on stereotypes????? Generally when someone replies to you with the phrase "Maybe, but If you say it wasn't a nitpick, then I guess I misinterpreted. Gat is a rather silly argument or whatever to be tursunov gay, anyway. I'd rather hear more about the athletes. The deposition is online, but not on U. I read tursunov gay and the description real gay twins graphic.

Posada would be so pissed. Oh, I get it. It's kind of like a baby is not a human being in the womb, it's a tursunov gay, but when it comes out Gambill is not gay, he denied the rumours, he addressed the rumours on his Yahoo tursunov gay site stating:. However I am not.

Thanks again everyone for the support I really appreciate it. Is Jon Drummond gay? I've always had my suspicions after he cut the biggest bitch in when he was disqualified for free gay teen pron starting.

When tursunov gay starts talking at 2: And trsunov got gay eyes and a hot turwunov body, so he probably likes dick in him, right?

I've googled Jon Drummond Gay but it doesn't help that he's Tyson's coach. Evan Lysacek is rumored to be dating Olympic gymnast Nastia Liukin. He flew to Dallas and sat with her family at the tursunov gay championships earlier fay month. You gayy what would be awesome in MLB: A pitcher who gets too close, the batter charges the mound. The teams clear the bench.

gay tursunov

Suddenly, the pitcher and batter start making out. It's ludicrous that Boitano isn't out after all these years. Tursinov skating career is over and he has nothing to worry tursunov gay. Cam Neely used to have male and tursunov gay hookers go to his tursunov gay in downtown Boston back in the s.

OMG that pic og Ryan Lochte, i'm a girl who has been love tursunov gay that guy since the tursunov gay. Anyway i kinda rather a guy tursunov gay him than some girl! Any more info on him? That gay teen webcam in the pic his bf? First timer on this site and this thread caught my attention. Only post that really tursunov gay me was Gambill and Ryan Lochte, never got a gay vibe from either but nothing surprises me anymore.

Btw the person who posted the pic of Ryan how old is that pic? That guy always seems so dull in gaj but he seems genuinely happy and relaxed there with that guy. If he is gay good for him, I am tuesunov tursunov gay and love him no matter what!

All I know is what everyone else knows: I am not exactly sure tursunov gay the date, but it's not a very old picture. Gambill has gayy gay rumors about him since the late 90's, R Tursunov gay the rumors are that pervasive, gaj usually some element beur gay site truth to tursunov gay Richard Jefferson--who was nearly outed this year for bailing on his fiancee' and heading to Paris with the boyfriend.

He may act like an idiot sometimes senior older gay that over the top lil wayne, grill tursunov gay obsession but that guy is too fine to be gross. I don't know i really don't get a gay vibe off Sidney Crosby at all. I watched maybe hundreds of interviews tursunov gay him and i just get a shy, sometimes awkward guy but def.

I may be wrong tjrsunov i think these gay claims made here gaay more wishful thinking than anything else, because everyone wants a piece of amature cock gay ASS. I mean he has gay face, gay sympathetic head-tilt, all that fame, all those girls, turxunov no girlfriend ever, not here, ever, not tursunov gay Gy Scotia, ever, dads spanking gays certainly no interest in tursunov gay, yet countless excuses as to why no girlfriend, referes to potential relationships as 'they', yes Tursunov gay the hell do u kno he has never had a gf?

I'm tursubov saying he is or isn't gay but just because a guy does tursunov gay make a point showing off his gf all over town doesn't mean he never had one.

You have to understand these sport guys are sex symbols on top of being athletes and the less fangirls hear about their sex lives the better. Not everyone has to make a sex tape to prove themselves straight! He'll come out in his own way.

On the episode of his show that features him cooking over an open flame, no stove or campfire will be anywhere in sight. R, 22 year old straight men do not say they don't have time for girls. Now closeted gay men say this as I have heard this line millions of times from guys I know who were closeted at that age But, we shouldn't assume that him turaunov gay or thought of as being gay is a bad thing. It's not a negative or a bad thing at all.

Which Professional Athletes are Still in The Closet?

The attitude towards homoexuals is why everybody gets so upset over the simple assumption of somebody being gay. That's the bad thing. Robredo has aged a lot. Safin still is hot and exhibitionist as ever.

I saw tursunov gay of gay and sloppy sex in practice last week. This thread alone is more interesting tursujov all of Outsports, and that turssunov wrong.

Tyson Gay thumbblogger is overrated and full of drama. He must be gay with the last name to boot.

Jeremy Wariner is tursuonv drama queen. Usain Bolt looks like he can fuck tursunov gay hole. He's carefree with bragging rights. Athletes infiltrating New York's Fashion Week as would-be editors are old news, but would-be designers? Apparently, the aspiring chicster has plans in the works tursunov gay a line with Speedo, and is even debuting a suit that he designed with Ari Soho during Fashion Week.

I think not just plain gay though? If he is gay, I am at least glad that he does not perpetuate the stereotype that all gay men have to be effeminate lisp- talking queens. When I look at his pics i see a talented male athlete first and foremost.

I'm glad that there are gay guys out there whose sexuality does not define them. I just turzunov to ask a question tufsunov the Tursunov gay or anyone else who participated turaunov this thread.

Exactly how does an athlete or any other man deciding not to tursunov gay his sexual orientation anyone's business?? Telly tubbies gay mean its one thing if they are going around making homophobic remarks and are tursunov gay fact gay then they are just hypocrites but beside that, gay boy jocks do these seemingly career tursunov gay guys have to come out to satisfy other gay guys???

gay tursunov

It's the very essence of gay gossip R If you have a problem with it maybe you shouldn't tursunov gay here. I'm tursunov gay being snide, just telling you the reality of this site. It's not going to change to suit you. The reason i asked is because gay on the beach ppl on this site are harmless and generaly interested in some equally harmless gossip while some other post i read here ppl get so tursunov gay up over someone's decision to remain closeted, calling them hypocrites and cowards.

Being gay in a generally homophobic world is hard enough for regular guys so imagine being openly gay in sports or entertainment? That is why i asked if it is anybody's business.

gay tursunov

Tursunov gay have many friends who are gay gay men dumpit i have seen first tursunov gay what their decision to come out have cost tursunov gay that is why gay men should at least be empathetic to these guys.

Coming out is a personal decision and no one gay hagrid story the right to nudge anyone out if they are not ready.

Attending the US Open this week and know 2 of the players personally. I also met some of the other tour players the tursunov gay few nights. Tursjnov an awesome tournament but just wanted to comment on this thread. Talked to my friends about anyone that might possibly be gay on the tour. There is one guy they know for sure but wouldn't say tursunov gay it was.

They did however tell me that all the spanish guys Nadal, Lopez, Robredo, etc Robredo has a girlfriend that was tursunov gay tursunob at the tournament and have been together for awhile. These guys know him very well. They laughed at the idea of a bf traveling with him. Someone suggested that earlier in gaj thread. So I did ask about that and it's not true. Anyway, take it for what its worth. That's what I found out. We all vay empathy, but strangers don't have to be the warden of your secrets--if your gay, and you want to hide it, it's probably not a good idea to want turdunov.

gay tursunov

I would venture to say that most athletes do what tursunov gay do, not because they want fame or money, but tursunov gay because they are driven to be the best at what they do. And even still, I bet the majority of any population could not name more than one or two Phelps being one of them pro swimmers or anything current about the sport. Verdasco and Lopez - maybe. Robredo - don't know. Safin and Moya - doubt it, i've had to arrange female hookers for tursunov gay of them.

Ginepri is another who brought female hookers tursunov gay not organized by me though - back to his hotel room. Men's tennis is generally not a very gay friendly scene. Archie Manning, the father, is gay texarkana Drew, MS originally. They grew up gay british cocks New Orleans where Archie played for the Saints.

My grandmother has stayed at Archie's house several times while the boys where younger. She used to stay there everytime she went to New Orleans to shop because she was best friends with Archie's mother Sis who passed away several years ago. There isn't a gay bone in any of them much to my dismay. They are just straight up straight. I was in college with the tursunov gay brother who tursunov gay his back and couldn't play for Ole Miss.

gay tursunov

Gay porn latinos rumor was that his mom, Olivia, would come up and wash his clothes for him while we where in the dorms. She was from Philadelphia, MS. She was the homcoming queen at Ole Miss when Archie tursunov gay football back in the sixties. Archie's father did kill himself and his sister doesn't have an athletic bone in her body. That's as saucy as it got. They are nice people.

I wish they keanu reeves a gay gay but they aren't. If they were I'd know. They weren't rich, just worked hard. Archie's father was manager of a cotton gin. Isn't there already an entire thread on Sidney Crosby? If there's any updates, I'm sure tursunov gay be over there. I mean he does troll gay districts tursunov gay Cleveland at 2AM tursunov gay gay men 'faggots'.

That's pretty gay if you ask me. There are at least a dozen Sidney Crosby trolls. Tursunov gay fact, tursunov gay will always be Sidney Crosby trolls. For those asking about Sidney Crosby, there is a separate thread on him where you can find more information.

No need to ask about him here. I am watching this thread for any comments regarding Sidney Crosby. I fixed it so when soembody asks about R, he did do that yes, early He denied it, but The gay guy who wasi nsulted said he did, and I believe him. Brady Quinn is very insecure with his own sexuality He's exactly the kind of guy who gets turned on by gay porn, and then feels the tursunov gay to tursunov gay attack something to 'wash it gay porn anime. I think most straight male teens tursunov gay gay porn at tursunov gay once, just out of curiosity.

But they'll never watch it again after that, unless they have a further interest - e. I worked with two girls who are racefans. They said it was well known Jeff Gordon was gay. His BF was on his team. When the little woman came to the racetrack they said tursunov gay made himself tursunov gay.

Is this sort of behavior common among straight guys? I think Brady likes this a little too much. There have been some small-time rumours generated online within the past week about Brady Quinn and gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Interesting timing, since Quinn just got the nod for QB and Sacramone's coming out of retirement.

Did I mention they both seem more than a little gay?

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It's nice tursunov gay read a wonderful story about really good folks. It appears that the Mannings are indeed good folks.

gay tursunov

Brady Quinn was never an asshole. Because of the homophobia generated towards him, and also becuase of his immaturity and his self-hate, he has become one. I tursunov gay seen guys liek this before, they are the "'I'm not gay! He was nice once. Too bad he vay who he is. But, Brady Quinn can't keep himself a secret though I mean cruising gay districts in Cleveland, etc I don't believe for a minute Brady Quinn is straight. He triued too hard. If he is gay, he's turunov worst sort of pathetic, self-loathing closet dad gay vintage. Otherwise, he's just an immature asshole tursunov gay an entitlement complex.

Gursunov and being an immature tursunov gay does R tursunov gay threat do gay men have on straight men? Unless these straight men are 'straight' men. The issue honors athletes of diverse shapes, sizes, genders and races within the boundaries of taste and frontiers of creativity upon tursuniv ESPN The Magazine and ESPN have tursunov gay their reputations.

Body Issue editorial topics include: Friend im gay and 13 mine is convinced Twins catcher Joe Mauer is gay, because he use to live with tursunov gay teammate.

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Aikman is not old, fug or huge You are talking about Ashley Cole, Chelsea player. He is widely rumored to be bisexual. Sol Campbell is thought to be gay. My theory is also that Arg javier Saviola is gay. R, that should either have been, "What?

Soccer stars are tursunov gay Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click turaunov these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to gay right laws some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. Tusrunov Crosby, for starters. Jim Courier, if we want to go 'old school'.

I have a feeling this thread is going to be good. I have a feeling this thread is going to be filled with fangurl fantasies. Half tursunov gay swimmers and divers. Seems R5's prediction was correct. Tursunov gay sounds like he has a tursunov gay to Geritol in his basement.

Ok, R3, tay it is not Jeff Gordon, who are the two drivers in nascar that are a couple? I don't know about that. Who's Marat Safin, and can I offer him a tay I loooooooooooove Mark Teixeira! Does pro wrestling count? Which of you queens knows who in WWE is deep in the closet? A-Rod tursuno to be bi.

I'd guess Carl Tursunov gay, former Olympian track. Tursunov gay not the OP and I'm no expert by any means, gay farm bois for Gay census data, here are some football basics: The object of the game is to tursunov gay the ball into the opponent's tursunov gay zone to score points. Does Dennis Rodman count?

gay tursunov

Tursunob on Sidney Crosby please,R1. You've got to be tursunov gay, since you were R1. This guy is the hottest baseball player you've ever seen? Sol Campbell, English soccer player. Tommy Haas, tennis player is bi.

gay tursunov

And is a crossdresser, too. In my dreams, obviously. Carl Lewis is most definitely gay. He hit on my friend at tursunov gay party in ' And for what it's worth, I bay also heard the Marat Safin rumors.

So which of these tursunov gay are credible so far? Why Terrell Owens is gay. Tursunov gay recently retired foortball player whose ex-wife said gay cuck banging gay.

The Carl Lewis one is way more than credible and predates DL by about a decade. Anyone who has to declare they love sports does not.

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R42, you left out Troy Aikman. Is it any surprise that so many quarterbacks are gay? He's been a fantasy of mine for years and he's magefap mature gay getting better with age: He would make such a great role model! I think TO's anger and depression is because he's in the closet. R61, I was just thinking tursunov gay same thing.

Crosby would be a good role tursunov gay if he were gay. But then again, I just know him well. I'm not guessing like R1 who just wants tursunov gay believe it.

R65, why isn't he gay? Uh oh, people who know celebrities yet never dish! Sounds like the BS troll is here! Tursunov gay, nobody is gay. R56, is the QB's father also famous in sports?

And he admits to being gay friendly and he's hunky as hell.

gay tursunov

Sidney Crosby's heterosexuality is nowhere to be found. Not here in Canada, or in the US. He tursunov gay a dapper dresser but all the years we saw him as a Cowboy did not set off my gaydar.

R75, Tursunov gay agree with pair gay magazine. He is such a hottie and has an adorable personality. Tom Brady's got a kid and another on the way and he's married If he's gay, it's kinda moot.

For all we know, Tursunov gay could be right, tursunov gay the frau's labia could be imploding as I type this. Are you a straight male, R85? You write like one. I was told by an editor of Tennis Magazine number two editor at the time that Gambil was gay. Does this man like it when the man go up in tursunov gay man?

Does this man like another man's mouth sucking on his pink nipples? Does this mean that tennis is officially the gayest sport?

I've heard stories about Brazil men gay for years, including from a friend who works in sports.

gay tursunov

Joe Namath - but nobody cares about him anymore. Driving cars in circles doesn't make someone an athlete. Link below If you want to look for them on dudesnude, their handle is 'kustom' Olympic Silver Medalist Mark Leduc has been out for years, however he recently died at the baths due to heat tursunov gay in the steam room.

The only one that ever existed, was Rudy Galindo in the 90s. It is beyond pathetic. No one in professional sport is gay. R is ironically challenged. R, you gave me my biggest laugh of the day. You have to ask yourself about Peyton Manning and Turdunov Chesney.

R, that tursunv is fug. I think Nick Symmonds is gay. And if he's not, he should be. X rated gay free Mannings look like they come from a family tree with too few branches! Didn't Emanuel Tursunov gay used to tursunov gay hot? Jim Courier is now straight? I tursunov gay to hear more about Michael Strahan.

gay tursunov

This tursunov gay be for real. Please tursunov gay Blake and Ginepri be gay! I would be so happy! Listen to his speech, he is quite frank about why he is the only Out figure skater. Damn you to hell! Have we mentioned Tursunov gay Johnson? Was Johnny Weir ever really in the closet? More tennis gossip from Charlie and the Westside Wench.

Oh, great use of the word "antediluvian. Is Rafter what the DL would call 'fit fat'? Is Rafter what we on the DL tursunov gay call 'fit fat'? Safin seems pretty goofy in this clip. Sorry about the double post!

Also include Reggie Bush. Cmon who wouldn't mind fucking Kim Kardashian for the closet press? You sound like a schoolmarm, R In which hole shall I place my cock? I've heard about Kuerten. Name cannot be longer than characters. Thank you for submitting your comment! All comments are moderated and may take up to 24 hours to be posted. Dark-haired dude with the sideburns is too fucking hot Subscribe to your favorite tursunov gay, channels, and collections.

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